Great Pyrenees Couple

Everything You Should Know About The Great Pyrenees Lab Mix

The Great Pyrenees Labrador mix, also very commonly referred to by the name Pyrador, is a dog that comes to life when one Great...
Red Nose Pitbulls

Red Nose Pitbulls – Just A Myth? Or Do They Really Exist?

In a very in-depth and detailed article we wrote a while ago, we discussed everything there is to know about a variation of the...
American Bully (A.K.A Bully Pitbull)

The American Bully (AKA Bully Pitbulls) – Your Complete Guide

If you're considering adding American Bully puppies to the family, or are looking to learn more about them such as their history, personality traits...
Mastiff Lab Mix (A.K.A Mastador)

Lab Mastiff Mix – What To Expect In This Giant Dog Mix

The Mastiff Lab Mix dog, also known as the Mastador dog, is a giant cross-breed dog that results from cross-breeding a Mastiff and...
Boxer Lab Mix (A.K.A The Boxador)

Lab Boxer Mix [Appearance, Temperament, & More!]

The Boxer Lab mix, also known as the Boxador, is a very large cross breed between a purebred Boxer and a purebred Labrador Retriever.The Boxador is...
German Shepherd with stick in mouth trotting with pup

German Shepherds: The Complete Guide

German shepherds dogs, also known as Deutscher Schäferhund are extraordinarily loyal, well-built dogs. Possessor of exceptional intelligence and an intrinsic will to learn and...
Labrador Retriever Hound Mix (A.K.A Lab Hound Mix)

Bloodhound Lab Mix (Looks, Temperament, Health, & More)

The Labrador Retriever Hound mix, also very commonly referred to as the Labloodhound, is a designer dog breed that comes to life when one Labrador Retriever...
Border Collie Lab Mix

Border Collie Lab Mix (A.K.A Borador) – An Overview

The Border Collie Lab Mix, also known as the Borador, is a large sized designer dog cross breed that results from cross-breeding a Border...
german shepherd laying outside

German Shepherd Wolf Mix – (The Hybrid Explained)

Wolves have been bred with a few different dog breeds, but one of the most popular wolf hybrids is the German Shepherd Wolf Mix....
American Alsatian

What Is An American Alsatian – Your Ultimate Guide

Learn everything there is to know about the American Alsatian and see why this wild-looking giant is going to make the best companion and greatest lap dog.