Can Dogs Have Tums? Or Are Tums For Dogs Bad?

If you’re thinking about giving your dog tums, it’s probably because your dog has an upset stomach and you’re trying to see how to help them. Tums is an antacid most popular for being given to people suffering from heartburn, but it’s not always necessarily the case that medicine designed for humans can go down well with dogs.

Antacids like tums work on reducing the acidity in your (or your dog’s) digestive tracts, and are very commonly given to dogs which suffer from kidney failure.

But what about normal dogs suffering from more simple stuff like some stomach aches? Should they be given tums?

Can You Give A Dog Tums?

Many dog owners have previously given their dogs tums before with no reported problems, and many dog owners still do so completely fine till this day, sticking with the recommended dosages stated on the bottle.

However, veterinary practice has come a very long way and veterinarians now don’t advise people to give tums to their dogs as much as they used to, so you should explore other options first (more on this later in the article) before going down this route.

Dogs which are given tums without their dog owners really knowing what they’re doing often times suffer from things like loose stools, constipation and decreased appetite.

Most of the times, your dog’s stomach problems do not need something like tums to go away, and tums should be given in more serious circumstances.

However, if you’re persistent about giving your dog tums and there’s no turning back on that decision for you, there’s two things you should do:

– Tell your veterinarian about it so you’re absolutely sure that there’s nothing in your dog’s current lifestyle that could contradict with the tums you’re about to give your dog and possibly cause a bad reaction (sometimes even fatal)

– Make sure to only give your dog unsweetened tums.

Sweetened tums contain ingredients and chemicals which are deadly to dogs (such as Xylitol), so make sure to only choose tums which haven’t had sweeteners added to them.

What Should I Do Instead Of Giving My Dog Tums?

Usually, your dog’s upset stomach is caused by something they ate, which is more often than not something they shouldn’t have eaten, such as one of the many foods we talk about in this section.

So, you want to try to back-track any recent dietary changes your dog had and do some research about whether these foods are bad for your dog or not.

Also ensuring that your dog has a high quality diet made up of excellent dog food and a proper feeding schedule goes a very long way in keeping stomach aches away.

If you don’t recall any significant dietary changes your dog has recently had, and are sure that your dog’s diet is completely in check, consider talking to your veterinarian about the issue, because your dog may be suffering from a sickness or disease that’s causing all this trouble.

And, who knows, your veterinarian may even advise you to give tums to your dog in the end if the need be so and if they’re sure that it won’t harm your dog and they will be receptive to it as a course of treatment.

Tums For Dogs As A Calcium Supplement

One other reasons dog owners give their dogs tums is thinking that tums act as good calcium supplements for their dogs. However, this is plain out WRONG.

Your dog should be getting all the calcium they need in their day to day diet from the high quality dog food they’re eating, and not from a medicine that’s usually given to people for a whole other reason.

If you give your dog tums thinking you’re boosting your dog’s calcium intake, then bad news. You’re actually causing more harm, MUCH more harm, than good to your dog’s body.

My Dog Ate Tums, What Should I Do?

Many times, people panic and fear for their dog’s life after they find out that their dog has swallowed a bunch of tums without their permission.

If that’s happened to you, relax, as it’s unlikely that your dog will suffer from any toxicity or poisoning from swallowing tums.

The worst that could happen if your dog swallows a bunch of tums all at once is some digestive problems such as constipation.

However, do monitor your dog for any weird symptoms they might show and contact your veterinarian about them if you notice any.

If you don’t notice any weird symptoms, then don’t worry, all is probably fine.

Just try to keep tums far away from your dog’s reach for next time :).


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