Beagle Pitbull Mix (A.K.A Pitbull Beagle Mix) – An Overview

The Beagle Pitbull Mix dog , also widely known as the Beagle Bull dog, is a medium sized cross-breed that results from mix-breeding a Beagle dog with an American Pit Bull Terrier dog.

This cross-breed is probably one of the hardest ones to come by, as they’re not out there as much as some other more popular mixed-breed dogs.

Whoever first cross-bred this dog had in mind breeding for a dog that’s as sweet and friendly as the Beagle, yet as physically strong and protective of its owners in nature as the Pitbull.

The Beagle Pitbull Mix is recognized by the Dog Registry of America (DRA) as being an official mixed-breed dog.

Beagle Pitbull Mix Appearance

Size, Height & Weight

The Beagle Pitbull Mix has a fairly strong, muscular and athletic body just like its Pitbull parent, and will tend to weigh around 30-40 lbs and stand anywhere between 18-20 inches tall.


The coat of the Beagle Pitbull Mix is a fairly short one that’s available in a wide variety of solid colors, most common of which are white, gray, brown, black, brindle, red and blue.

The most common coat this dog comes in is a light brown coat with white covering the entirety of its stomach area.

If you see any skin wrinkles on your Beagle Pitbull Mix puppy or adult dog, you shouldn’t worry as that’s a trademark that these dogs are very well known to have as part of their coat.

Pitbull Beagle Mix Temperament

Exercise & Physical Activity

The Beagle Pitbull Mix requires a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity on a daily basis.

Whether you choose to take them out on walks, jogs, runs, or whatever other popular form of exercise you choose, make sure you give them at least 60 minutes a day, and preferably closer to the 90 minutes mark.

Also, one important thing to take note of when taking this dog out in the public is that you should not have them go out without a leash if they’re not 100% trained to follow your commands when you tell them to, because of the fact that they can easily see other animals they come by as targets for attack.

Besides giving them the necessary physical activity energetic dogs like them desperately need day in, day out, you should also supply them with all the chew toys they need, since most Beagle Pitbull Mix dogs are like their Pitbull parents when it comes to their love of chewing on stuff to feel good.


The Beagle Pitbull Mix is one of the best companion pets anyone can wish for, on condition that you have them properly trained and socialized beforehand.

When training and socializing this dog, you’ll notice right from the get go just how courageous and brave this dog is, yet not to the level that may pose any danger to themselves or others.

This means that unlike other dog breeds, this dog will rarely be shy and submissive to new people and animals (dogs mostly) it meets, and will clearly show that they have their own strong personality that must be respected.

As long as the Beagle Pitbull Mix isn’t intimidated or treated in a wrong way, they will be friendly with other people and animals alike.

One of the reasons why you have to make sure that you properly socialize this dog from a young age is because if they take most of their traits from their Pitbull parent, they can be a little hostile with new animals they meet and are not quite used to, especially dogs they think are trying to impose on their “territory”.

Don’t worry too much about this though, as this (along with any other similar behavioral problems) can be solved with proper socialization practices.

The longer you take to socialize them, however, the tougher it will be for positive results to come by.

Sometimes, this dog can be a little stubborn and will want to show you that they are the dominating force in the relationship between you and them (which is a trademark of its Pitbull parent).

And this is certainly no easy walk in the park for everyone to deal with, especially if this cross-breed takes its body strength from its Pitbull parent as well.

In this case and to properly deal with this problem, it’s best that you talk to a professional trainer that’s able to properly explain and teach you how to establish yourself as the leader in the relationship between you and your dog, without harmful practices and outdated methods that will actually lead to a backlash from your Beagle Pitbull Mix dog.

You also have to keep in mind that this specific dog will need its memory refreshed about commands and tricks you teach it every now and then, as they will tend to forget them with time if not brushed on from time to time.

While this dog is of average intelligence levels, it certainly isn’t up there with the most intelligent dog breeds, and there are much more smarter dogs out there that don’t need as much memory refreshing when it comes to what they learn and are taught during training.


The Beagle Pitbull Mix isn’t exactly the greatest watchdog or guard dog out there, because of how friendly they are and how fast any stranger can get on their good side.

However, when this dog takes more from its Pitbull parent than it does from their Beagle parent, it can be a very protective dog that’s not as easy to make friends with if you’re a stranger, and one that will attempt to defend its family from any sort of danger no matter what it takes from them.


Just like both of their parents, the Pitbull and the Beagle, this dog holds a whole lot of affection to its owner and other family members and will hold nothing back when it comes to showing how much it loves them.

This affection and love will most often translate to the need to be next to their owner and other family members for a lot of time throughout the day and spend enough quality time with them.

Being isolated from other family members is definitely not healthy for this dog.


Besides barking when they need to alert you of something fishy going on, the Beagle Pitbull Mix isn’t known for excessive barking for no reason.

One thing that sets the Beagle Pitbull Mix apart from other dogs is its very unique voice when barking that almost sounds like howling, which it takes from its Beagle parent.

Beagle Pit Mix Health

– Dental problems (plaque and tartar buildup)

– Hip dysplasia

– Elbow dysplasia

– Allergies

– Parvo virus – which is a very important reason why you should always make sure that your dog is getting the necessary vaccinations and veterinary care they need in due time to prevent this issue from becoming a problem.

Your veterinarian will tell you all you need to know about preventing parvo virus from affecting your Beagle Pitbull Mix dog.

One thing you also have to be aware of is that this dog, being an offspring of a Beagle dog, has one of the biggest drives for food among all dog breeds.

This is why you should have this dog follow a well-planned out diet, and not over-do it with things like fattening foods and treats.

Supposing that they go on to live a healthy lifestyle and aren’t affected by any major health problems that may have a negative effect in all of this, the Beagle Pitbull Mix will generally go on to live for around 10-12 years.

Pit Bull Beagle Mix Living Conditions

If you’re planning to get one of these dogs home for your kids, this could be a great option given the fact that they are moderately sized dogs and not gigantic dogs that can easily knock your kids over during playing time.

With that being said, always make sure that any dog you bring home has been socialized and has previously learned how to safely play around with kids, or else they might be of danger without necessarily meaning to.

Beagle Bull Care

The coat of the Beagle Pitbull Mix dog doesn’t really require all that much brushing in order to keep it in good shape and maintain its shiny look, with brushing its coat 1-2 times a week being more than enough.

Just make sure that you gently brush its fur with a high quality brush so that you don’t damage it.

With that being said, not all Beagle Pitbull Mix dogs are the same, and some will prove to be the exception to the rule by being a bit more heavy shedders.

In this case, you should up your brushing their coat to around 3-4 times a week, or more if there’s a need for that.

As far as giving this dog a bath is concerned, you won’t have to worry about extremely limited bathing schedules because of sensitive skin like you would with other dogs, but at the same time you shouldn’t overdo it because there’s no real need to.

Giving the Beagle Pitbull Mix a bath once to twice every month is the sweet spot you seek to achieve.

One very important area of grooming when it comes to the Beagle Pitbull Mix dog is making sure its ears are always clean and that there’s no water left in them after bathing, because of the fact that this dog easily develops ear infections if the circumstances needed are there.

You also have to brush this dog’s teeth around 2-3 times per week in order to keep their dental health in check, because they are known to be more prone than other dog breeds to suffering from certain oral problems.


  1. I am crazy about this mix. love beagles and pits r fantastic overall dogs. I looking for puppies. I want to have him trained to b my service dog. where can I stay looking. I won’t need a pup for about 3 months


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