Gator Pitbull (A.K.A Gator Mouth Pitbull) – All You Need To Know

Have you ever heard someone use the term “Gator Pitbull” when they were talking about a Pitbull they have or one they want to get?

Unfortunately, the term “Gator Pitbull” is nowadays being tossed around and used haphazardly with the people who are using this term not knowing exactly what it means or what exactly a Gator Pitbull is.

Today’s article serves to clear all of that up, set the record straight and help you learn all you need to learn about Gator Pitbulls.

The Problem With Gator Pitbulls Being Sold Today

Many backyard breeders are nowadays using the term “Gator Pitbull” to hype up a Pitbull and hope that a person would be gullible enough to fall into the trap of buying them, while the Pitbull itself is not related at all to the Gator Pitbull bloodline.

We’re seeing an upward trend nowadays where some unethical dog breeders are selling Pitbulls (both online and offline) being labeled as “Gator Pitbulls”, while in reality they have no Gator bloodline traits at all.

Introduction To The Gator Pitbull Bloodline

Originally, it’s thought that Gator Pitbulls were mainly bred in order to be used in dog fights, because of their substantial ability to withstand a very large amount of physical pain and keep on fighting despite this fact.

Eventually and as time passed by, dog fights started to get banned faster than wildfire, which lead to a big decrease in the breeding process for this dog.

With no ability to use them in dog fights anymore, people started shifting the way they think of Gator Pitbulls and started to consider them as house pets, just like any other dog.

Please note that we are completely against dog fights and deem this to be a sick-minded concept started by sick-minded people.

We’re just stating the facts here and most certainly aren’t taking a stance that backs up dog fighting.

We really hope you’re not actively searching for a Gator Pitbull to have them participate in dog fights! That’s just disgusting and plain out wrong.

With that being said, dog breeders as of late are no longer actively breeding this dog for its fighting abilities.

Instead, most dog breeders that are still actively breeding for this dog are doing so for its social abilities and affection it shows its owners.

If you’re just actively searching for a Gator Pitbull because of the unique traits it possesses and the fact that a real one is not that easy to come by, then that’s fine to do by all means.

Just be careful of the fact that many breeders will claim that they have a real Gator Pitbull when you approach them to buy one, but in fact that they have is not a Gator Pitbull at all.

Where Can I Buy A Gator Pitbull?

If you know a highly reputable dog breeder that sticks to ethical practices and knows what they’re doing, then by all means feel free to do business with them when you’re looking to buy a Gator Pitbull.

However, if we had a say in any of this, we would prefer that you have a look in one of your local shelters before you go ahead and do business with a dog breeder.

Why exactly is that, you may ask?

First off, a dog breeder (and no matter how reputable they are or how much you trust them) will most often charge you way more than you would be paying if you got a Gator Pitbull (or any other dog) from a rescue shelter.

Second of all, don’t we owe anything to these rescue shelters that are spending resources, time and effort to rescue dogs from abuse and from the streets?

Chances are, if you talk to a few local shelters next to you right now, you should be able to find one that has a Gator Pitbull ready for you to adopt.

Isn’t helping out a rescue shelter a better choice than doing business with a breeder that will charge you more money and, as a result, lead to the euthanization of a dog in a shelter just because they had to make space for a new rescue?

If you do decide to buy a Gator Pitbull online, be wary of websites and breeders that advertise their dogs as Gator Pitbulls, while in fact these dogs are not Gator Pitbulls at all.

Just do a quick search for the term “Gator Pitbull” and look at how many websites have dogs for sale listed with this description.

If you think all of them are selling true Gator Pitbulls, then you’re mistaken!

When buying a Gator Pitbull from a dog breeder, be sure to ask them for proper bloodline certification and guarantees for the characteristics, traits and qualities that a Gator Pitbull has.

Any reputable dog breeder should be able to supply you with the aforementioned as a bare minimum.

If they aren’t able to meet these requirements, then you’re better off not wasting your hard earned money with them.



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