Lab Boxer Mix [Appearance, Temperament, & More!]

boxer looking in distanceyellow labrador

The Boxer Lab mix, also known as the Boxador, is a very large cross breed between a purebred Boxer and a purebred Labrador Retriever.

The Boxador is recognized as a designer mixed dog breed (and not as a purebred) by the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), the Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC), the Dog Registry of America (DRA) and the International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR).

At first, a Labrador Boxer Mix might look intimidating to many people given its gigantic size.

However, with this breed, you’ll be getting the same exact love, care and affection that both its parents, the Boxer [1] and the Labrador Retreiver, are notorious for showering their owners and family members with.


Size, Height & Weight: The Boxador usually gets its large size from its Labrador parent, weighing somewhere between a very heavy 50-110 pounds (with males tending to be on the higher end of the scale and females tending to be on the lower end) and standing somewhere between 23-25 inches tall.

Now that’s one gigantic canine!

Coat: Their coat can usually be found in the colors of black, brindle, brown, tan and white.

Many Boxer Labs can have a mix between any of the two colors, such as black & white, black & tan and brown & white.

Their coat is usually like that of its Boxer parent, short, sleek and very shiny.

Temperament & Character

To be able to best determine the temperament and character that Boxador puppies are most likely to have, it’s best that you research those of its parents, the Boxer and the Labrador Retriever, as they are very likely to get a random mix of both worlds.

Socialization: This breed loves other animals, love to be around them and love to play with them. So, if you’ve already got a pet at home, the Lab Boxer can make a new best friend fairly quickly!

With that being said, they do sometimes like to chase other animals [2].

However, you can fairly easily teach it that this behavior is wrong, and it will listen to what you have to say about this.

chocolate labrador

While Boxers can sometimes be on the rougher side and not as affectionate, the Boxador gets this character from its Labrador parent.

As for its owner or other family members, this canine loves to be around them and can easily develop separation anxiety if left alone for too long at once.

While a Boxer Labrador Mix dog won’t necessarily behave in a destructive manner when left alone, they will start to howl, whine and cry to make themselves heard.

This also means that they are a very good dog around children, despite that you might think otherwise due to its gigantic size.

Don’t forget that both the Boxador’s parents, the Boxer and the Labrador Retriever, are two of the most friendliest breeds [3] when it comes to being around children.

With all that said, it’s best that you get your Lab Boxer socialized and trained from an early age to ensure that they grow up to behave well in all of these situations.

Training: They are a very clever dog that has the special potential to learn a whole lot of tricks fairly fast and without much effort from your part.

Some owners even report that their Labrador Boxer Mix properly completed potty training in as little as 2-3 weeks, while others say that theirs learned a command or trick from start to finish in as little as 2-3 attempts.

Both are awesome achievements that aren’t seen everyday, so that means that you can expect a lot less repeating when it comes to training them!

Positive reinforcement methods like using treats and praising your Boxer Lab Mix work really well with this dog and get the best out of it, while practices like scolding, spanking and yelling will only lead to negative results.

Exercise: With an animal as large as this, you have to know that they LOVE to keep on the move.

Some owners even take their Lab Boxers out for walks up to 3 times a day!

If you lead an active lifestyle, you two can become best buddies in no time!

However, if you’re looking for a “chill” canine that will spend the majority of its day relaxing on its own and sparing you having to do any activities with it, then this breed isn’t for you at all!

The Boxador puppies and adults love to play games like Fetch, Frisbe, catch and tug of war, as well as engage in activities like long walks, jogging and hiking.

Given its needs to remain active, they won’t be happy in small, closed spaces like apartments. Boxadors will thrive somewhere spacious like on a farm or in home with a large backyard.

Barking: They are very well mannered and rarely bark, unlike other breeds or designer mixes that bark at anything and everything.

boxer playing outside

You will, however, notice that just like any other dog, they will sometimes bark when its overly excited, which is just its way to let the world know it’s happy.

Watchdogs: This part of your  Boxer Lab Mix can be either hit or miss, it all depends on which parent they take this part of its character from.

You see, Boxers are excellent watchdogs that will watch over its family members and protect them from any danger they are at risk of.

Labradors, however, are one of the worst breeds when it comes to being guard dogs, as they are very loving creatures that can rarely get themselves to attack anyone, even if they see a family member in danger, they’re just that sweet.

So, it all depends on which of the two parents your Labrador Boxer gets this part from!

What is a Boxador’s Life Span?

The average life expectancy of the Lab Boxer Mix is anywhere from 12-15 years, which is normal for a giant dog its size.

Boxadors are healthy in general, but there are a few health problems they could inherit from their Boxer and Labrador parents:

– Bloat, which is why you have to be careful not to feed it a whole lot of food all at once, but to equally divide its food throughout the day in moderate portions.

– Allergies. They are widely known to be allergic to grains in food, so you should make extra sure that any food you feed this dog is grain-free.

Check out this video to see if your dog is experiencing signs and symptoms of food allergies:

When your Boxer Lab eats something that contains grains and the allergy kicks in, you’ll notice it will start to do things like lick its foot, lick its stomach, have very loose stools and develop skin irritations.

– Joint and hip dysplasia

– Eye problems and blindness

– Hypothyroidism [4]

– Heart problems

– Digestive problems

Keep in mind though, that these health problems are found in the Boxador’s parents and that the chances of them passing through to their puppy itself is actually quite low.


When it comes to grooming them, you’ll find that it only needs brushing and bathing around one time every week to keep their coat debris-free because they aren’t excessive shedders (thanks to their short, natural-oil-rich coats).

boxer in field

But, come shedding season (summertime), you might want to exceptionally increase that frequency to brushing (and maybe bathing) once every day to make sure you’re on top of the situation.

Besides that, you can either do the other grooming tasks (ear cleaning, nail trimming, teeth brushing) yourself or hire a professional groomer for those.

Other Names

The Boxador is also known by these names:

  • Boxer/Labrador Retriever Hybrid Dog
  • Boxer Labrador hybrid mix


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  1. I just got my boxador about 3-4 months ago and I love that dog so much,he is very loving,pottie trained at the very first attemp, he is very smart and learns a sceduled day,as far as his walks and eating. I,m so glad I have him in my life he is my best friend and my pal. P.S. look out for any small animals besides another dog.

  2. Black Boxador female 6 months old.Spayed’ all shots loves people kids house broke,chipped.very playful 40 plus lbs.Her coat is short,sleek,very shiny

  3. You suggest giving a dog a bath EVERYDAY OR EVEN ONCE A WEEK?! Why is that even necessary? Bad for the skin, it will dry out from lack of natural oils in skin.

  4. I got my Boxador, Lavi, around 3 weeks ago and gosh…he’s literally such a little ham. Can’t wait till he grows and gets BIIIIIG. 😀

  5. I’m looking for a brindle, male, puppy boxador. I’m in Westfield, Indiana.

    Have been looking for months, and haven’t had luck.

  6. Looking for a spayed. healthy Boxador female puppy to train ourselves.. Self-employed and work from home so attention affection and exercise is abundant Live in Northglenn, CO 12 Mi. North of downtown Denver, Have large backyard and quiet neighborhood for her peace and enjoyment. Would like her to be under 50lbs. Any suggestions for reputable adoption of breeder?

  7. Looking for another boxer mix. Had to euthanize my best friend 11/2017. Miss him terribly, he was almost 10. Would love another that size, temperament (boxer dominant). Willing to pick up Atlanta and north GA.

  8. Please everyone, check out your local shelter/rescue for Boxadors! We got our Boxador at the Atlanta Humane Society. Nothing against reputable breeders, but there are so many dogs waiting for owners in shelters and rescues!

    • We got our Lyle from the SPCA in Parma Ohio and he is absolutely WONDERFUL. He has stolen our hearts for sure! He has the SWEETEST disposition

  9. We got our Boxador in a shelter when she was about 8 weeks old. They had 3 girls and a boy from the litter. She and her sisters were all brindle with cream on their chests. She will turn 2 Year’s old this summer. Wonderful smart amazing dog who needed a good home. We are so blessed to have her! Include shelters in your search. We weren’t looking for a boxador, we just got lucky!

  10. We recently adopted a 5 year old boxador in early December, 2017. He’s 110 pounds and the term gentle giant describes him perfectly. He’s so loving and good and hasn’t been one bit of trouble in any way. He will give one bark if he hears people over the fence when he’s outside, but if anyone comes into the yard he’s friendly and happy to meet them. He’s certainly no guard dog but that’s not what I was looking for. In his past life he spent all day outside, so he loves being an indoor dog now.

    Ive had dogs my entire life and loved them all, but I’ve never had one as sweet, loyal and loving as this guy. He has all of our hearts.

    We had all of our windows replaced in the house last month and had a crew of workers in and out for 4 days and it was hectic, very loud and crazy. He sniffed them as they came in each morning, and then let them be all day each day, but was happy when they approached him with attention.
    They all loved him!

    He has settled in, loves his toys and his two beds, his walks and his new family.
    I love him so much!

  11. Got our first Boxador as a rescue. The family couldn’t keep her and was going to put her in a pond she was 9 at the time. We had her for 5 years she was a great dog. Waited a few years and got a new Boxador from a breeder. She is now just over 2 years old. She is very smart, loves when the grand children are around They are both under 3 years old and she allows them to climb all over her. She is a very loving dog and very energetic. Have loved both Boxadors I have had.

  12. we rescued a female boxador when she was 2 months old she got the hang of potty training in the first two weeks we had her she it the best and loves everyone, we adoped her. she was in a litter of ten brothers and sisters, mom was a lab and dad was a boxer

  13. I have had my boxador for 11 1/2 years. We got him when is was 4 weeks old and had to bottle feed him. He love all kids and other animals. Now he is having a hard time walking. and jumping up on the couch. I don’t know what is going on with him. But I hope they find out soon. I hate to see him in pain.

  14. I have had my boxador for 11 1/2 years. We got him when is was 4 weeks old and had to bottle feed him. He love all kids and other animals. Now he is having a hard time walking. and jumping up on the couch. I don’t know what is going on with him. But I hope they find out soon. I hate to see him in pain.

  15. My boxador passed away this past October. He was almost 10, 100+ lbs, reddish brown. Beautiful & smart. I miss you Grunt.


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