German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix – A.K.A Australian German Shepherd

The German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix dog, also known as the Australian German Shepherd dog, is a medium to large sized mixed-breed dog that results from cross breeding one Australian Shepherd parent with one German Shepherd parent.

The Australian German Shepherd is not a purebred dog, it’s rather a designer dog breed that’s officially recognized by the following organizations.

  • American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC)
  • Dog Registry of America (DRA)

Australian German Shepherd Appearance

Size, Height & Weight

On average, the Australian German Shepherd male dog will weigh anywhere from 60 to 80 lbs and will stand anywhere from 20 to 25 inches tall.

Hence, it’s safe to say that this dog’s size is a little bit above average when compared to other dog breeds that fall under the “large sized dogs” category, also having a very apparent muscular body which can be clearly seen at first glance.

Meanwhile, the female Australian German Shepherd dog will weigh anywhere from 40 to 70 lbs and will stand anywhere from 20 to 23 inches tall, this being a little bit smaller in size than its male counterpart.


The Australian German Shepherd’s coat is a relatively short one when compared to other dog breeds, although some Australian German Shepherd dogs can be born with a medium length coat to them.

The coat of the Australian German Shepherd is most commonly available in the colors of black, blue, tan, gray, silver and white.

German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix Temperament

In order to best be able to determine what the temperament of the Australian German Shepherd is like, we should have a look at the temperaments of both its parents and keep in mind the fact that two different Australian German Shepherd dogs can get different mixtures of personality traits and characteristics from either or both parents.

With that being said, there are a whole lot of common characteristics that are alike among all Australian German Shepherd dogs, and those are the ones we will be talking about and focusing on in the following sections below.

Exercise & Physical Activity

The Australian German Shepherd is a dog that needs to get enough exercise on a regular basis in order to remain happy and lead a healthy life.

For a dog as energetic as the Australian German Shepherd dog, you should give them at least 60 minutes of exercise on a daily basis for them to remain healthy and happy.

The activities you have them participate in for exercise are up to you (and your choice should be based on their personal preference, of course), with the Australian German Shepherd dog usually enjoying activities such as walking, jogging, running and especially agility training.

Besides giving them the exercise they need for their bodies, you should also give them the exercise they need for their minds, which they will usually be getting from interactive toys you buy for them to play with.

Watchdog & Guard Dog Ability

Given the fact that this dog is a herding dog in origin, you can safely assume that the Australian German Shepherd is a very good watchdog that will almost never immediately get along with strangers they don’t know and haven’t had the necessary time to get used to.

This dog is a very protective dog that will do very well when designated with the task of watching over and guarding the house and making sure no danger is nearby.


As we’ve talked about numerous times in many different articles before on this website, the German Shepherd dog isn’t exactly the easiest dog to train, and is most certainly not a dog that would be advisable for a first time dog owner to bring home and try to train.

And, just like their German Shepherd parent, this concept will also hold true when it comes to their Australian German Shepherd offspring as well.

The best way to train this dog is very similar to the way you should ideally train its German Shepherd parent, by establishing yourself as the leader in the relationship and during training, as well as making use of proper positive reinforcement methods that greatly help out when used the right way.

By setting yourself as the leader in the relationship the right way, an already willing to please Australian German Shepherd dog will have much more respect for you and for your word, and will be much more willing to listen to and follow your commands to the T.

Again, don’t forget that while you’re setting yourself as the leader in the relationship between you two, you should also make use of positive reinforcement techniques such as praising this dog, rewarding it with a tasty treat, or just giving it one of its favorite toys to play with for a little while.

German Australian Shepherd Health

The Australian German Shepherd dog is known to have a higher chance than some other dogs of suffering from some health problems and physical difficulties in their lives, especially those that their parents usually suffer from.

The most common of these health and physical problems are mentioned in the list below.

  • Food allergies
  • Joint dysplasia
  • Eye problems
  • Bloat
  • Over-sensitivity to medicine

Before bringing an Australian German Shepherd puppy home from a dog breeder, always ask them to supply you with the necessary health clearances for both the puppy itself and both of its parents.

Any breeder that can’t supply you with these health clearances is a sub-par quality dog breeder that you’re wasting your time and money doing business with.

The Australian German Shepherd dog usually lives for anywhere around 12 to 15 years, which is an average lifespan when we’re talking about a dog as large as this.

Australian German Shepherd Living Conditions

The Australian German Shepherd isn’t exactly the first choice of breed when people think about dogs they want to add to the family in order to play around with their kids, as there are more suitable breeds for this out there.

However, you can be sure that a properly trained and socialized Australian German Shepherd dog will become very good friends with your kids in no time.

Although this dog is more suited towards being used as a working dog and for special tasks that a working dog can do, this dog can also perfectly be a family companion pet if they’ve been trained and socialized from a young age.

Australian German Shepherd Care

The Australian German Shepherd dog doesn’t require a whole lot of time and effort from your part when it comes to grooming, they only need you to take care of the minimum basic stuff that requires at least time as possible so they can stay looking nice and feeling sharp.

For maintaining the quality and condition of their coat, you’re best off using a smooth and gentle brush to get rid of any dead hairs that would otherwise make their way onto your home’s floor, furniture and your clothes, all 3 of which will prove to be a very big pain to remove.

As for showering this dog, you should only be giving your Australian German Shepherd dog a bath when they need one and not just for the sake of it, as excess showers will do significant harm to the natural oils found in this dog’s skin.

As for the other most common grooming practices we’re used to talk about, you should brush this dog’s teeth with an adequate toothbrush and toothpaste around 3 to 4 times a week, trim their nails when they start to grow longer than they should be and start to affect your dog’s day to day activities and play,

At the end of this section, a quick word must be said concerning this dog’s diet.

The Australian German Shepherd, just like its German Shepherd parent, does extremely well on a diet that consists of fairly high levels of protein and low levels of dietary fat, as they need ample amounts of the former and not too much of the latter.


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