Corgi Husky Mix (A.K.A Horgi/Siborgi) – Information You Must Know

The Corgi Husky Mix, also known as a Horgi or a Siborgi, is a very beautiful cross breed between a Welsh Corgi parent and a Corgi Husky Mix parent.

When these two dog breeds are mixed, the end goal in mind is to provide potential dog owners with a mixed-breed dog that’s as tiny as a Corgi and has the characteristics of a Husky, since the latter is most often a dog that many people dream of having at home.

So, if you’re a Husky and Corgi lover, you end up getting the best of both worlds!

Corgi Husky Mix Physical Appearance

Height & Weight: Generally speaking, an average Corgi Husky mix dog is of small-medium size and will stand at around 13-15 inches tall and weigh anywhere from around 20-50 lbs.

Coat: The Corgi Husky mix’s coat can look like that of their Corgi parent or that of their Husky parent, is usually double layered and comes in colors of red, sable, brindle, cream, white, black, brown, orange or blue, depending on the coat colors of its parents.

Corgi And Husky Mix Temperament

Obviously, we can’t accurately predict the temperaments of each and every Corgi Husky mix out there, mainly because it varies from one to the other according to which parent passes on the most traits to the offspring.

With that being said, some very commonly seen patterns can be stated and a few predictions can be made for you to get a ballpark figure about what you should expect.


When it comes to training a Corgi Husky mix dog, it’s advisable that you properly do so ever since they are still at a very young age.

With proper training and socialization when they’re still in their early, puppy years, Corgi Husky mixes can be some of the most sociable, playful and children-friendly dogs you’ve ever seen.

Corgi Husky mix dogs are generally very smart dogs (thanks to their parents) that thrive to please their owners, and shouldn’t prove to be too much of a hassle during training, except if you’re training them for the first time when they’re an adult dogs, in which case training any dog breed will be a difficult task.

Sometimes, the Husky side of them can be more dominant than the Corgi side in their personality, which means that you will have a little bit of a harder time training them than if it were their Corgi side that was more dominant.

However, fear not, because as long as you stick to training from a young age, use positive reinforcement methods and remain consistent throughout the course of training, you’ll be more than fine.


Providing your Corgi Husky mix dog with plenty of exercise during the day is vital, especially considering the fact that they LOVE to eat and can easily become overweight/obese real fast if they don’t have a proper diet plan to follow and don’t get enough exercise day in, day out.

Either way, you should supply your Corgi Husky mix with plenty of activity and exercise each and every day because of the fact that they love to move around.

As a general rule of thumb, around 1-2 walks per day coupled with about an hour or two of some game time (such as fetch, tug-of-war or them just roaming around in your backyard playing around with their favorite toys) would be enough for you to aim for.

This is by far not the most exercise-demanding mixed dog breed out there, as there are other mixed dog breeds that need nearly double, even triple, the amounts of exercise that the Corgi Husky mix dog needs to thrive.

So, make sure to give your Corgi Husky mix dog adequate amounts of exercise to avoid them exhibiting any problematic behavior such as barking, whining and digging, as well as to avoid them getting overweight real fast.


Even though Corgi Husky mix dogs are fairly alert dogs and pay very good attention to what’s going on around them, they don’t make good watchdogs at all, mainly because of the fact that they are such sweethearts that aren’t suited whatsoever to the tasks a watchdog would be suited for.

This mixed dog breed is way too friendly and sweet with people they don’t know for them to be watchdogs.


The Corgi Husky mix dog is one of the most outgoing mixed dog breeds you could find when it comes to mixing in with other dogs outside the house, which means that if they’re properly trained, you can feel free to let your Horgi play, socialize and make friends with other dogs.

Siborgi Living Conditions

The Corgi Husky mix dog breed is known to be easy to please when it comes to living conditions, as they don’t require specific weather conditions to thrive in, meaning they’ll do good in and easily adapt to whatever climate they are in.

With that being said, the Corgi Husky mix dog would better be suited to cold climates than hot ones, much thanks to its double-coated fur.

This double coated fur allows the Corgi Husky dog to withstand very cold temperatures in climates where it’s mainly just snow, snow and some more snow all the time and keeps them warm all the time, as long as you don’t go ahead and do something you shouldn’t do like have it all shaven off.

If you have the Siborgi live in a very hot climate, chances are they won’t be as comfortable because their double-coated fur will prove to be too much. Imagine yourself wearing winter clothes on a hot, summery day .. definitely not a fun idea!

If you’ve got any children at home, it’s best to make sure that your Horgi has been properly socialized with children when they were at a young age, which practically ensures that they’ll properly behave around them when brought home.

Not everything is reliant on the Corgi Husky mix dog itself though, as you also have to teach your children how to properly interact with the Horgi as well.

The same holds true for if you have other pets at home, such as other cats and dogs.

The earlier your Corgi Husky dog is taught all about these issues, the better.

Husky Corgi Mix Life Health Issues

The Corgi Husky mix dog breed is prone to suffer from certain health problems and physical issues in their lives, much of which are passed on to them from either/both their parents.

Back Problems: One of the main physical problems Corgi’s suffer from and pass it on to this mixed-breed offspring of theirs, the Corgi Husky is more prone than other dogs to suffer from certain back problems during their lives.

When it comes to its average life expectancy, the Corgi Husky mix dog will often live as much as its parent breeds, which is somewhere around an average of 12-15 years.

This is why we always advise everyone to ask their breeder for health clearances for both the Corgi Husky mix puppy/dog itself and its parents.

By having a look at the health clearances of all 3 dogs (or 2 dogs and 1 puppy if the Corgi you’re getting home is still of young age), you can best predict whether or not they will grow up to suffer from specific health problems, as well as pinpoint what these health problems or physical problems are most likely to be.

Horgi Care

When it comes to grooming, the Corgi Husky will make sure that your work is cut out for you in this department, as it’s a relatively medium-high shedding mix dog breed.

Both the Corgi Husky mix’s parents are known to be excessive shedders during all seasons alike, which means that when you mix these two parents you’re going to get an offspring that requires you to groom it on a very frequent basis to handle its shedding, sometimes even multiple times a day.

If you’re not prepared to brush their coat and fur each and every single day, sometimes even more than once a day, then be prepared to run around with a vacuum cleaner all around the house in an attempt to clean up the hair that they’ve left everywhere on the ground and on the furniture.

If you or anyone else you have at home suffers from certain allergies that are caused by excessive dog shedding, then the Corgi Husky mix may not be the best choice of mixed-dog breed for you to bring home.

Also, be prepared to spend a little bit more time with the Corgi Husky mix dog when showering them, mainly because they have a double-layered coat that takes quite a bit more time to dry off.

Other grooming tasks such as clipping their nails, cleaning their ears and brushing their teeth should be done on a frequent basis according to the need as it arises.

There’s no rule set in stone for these tasks when it comes to the Corgi Husky mix dog.

Save yourself the time and effort with all of this and let a professional dog groomer handle it all for a well-deserved fee.


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