German Shepherd Lab Mix (A.K.A Sheprador) – All You Must Know

The German Shepherd Lab Mix dog, also known as the Sheprador, is a large cross breed between one German Shepherd dog parent and one Labrador Retriever dog parent.

In this article, we’ll be talking about all the information and characteristics you’ll need to know about this mixed dog breed before you make a decision about whether you want to bring one of these angels with you back home.

Or, if you’re already living under the same roof with a German Shepherd Lab Mix, this article will help you discover many thing about your dog that you didn’t know before.

German Shepherd Lab Mix Appearance

Height & Weight

The German Shepherd Lab Mix dog’s body is very similar to that of its Labrador Retriever parent, with both having a somewhat similar slim and lean build to them.

On average, Shepradors are relatively larger-than-average dogs that weigh anywhere from 45-95 lbs and stand anywhere from 20-26 inches tall.

Of course, female Shepradors weigh a little bit less than their male counterparts, coming it at an around 35-45 lbs strong.


The German Shepherd Lab Mix dog usually has a short-haired coat that comes in different colors, such as black, brown, tan and white.

Most of the times, the coat color of a German Shepherd Lab Mix dog is very much like that of its German Shepherd parent, enjoying a completely tan-colored coat, while other German Shepherd Lab Mix dogs have a ton-colored coat with a little bit of black saddle to go along with it.

Lab Shepherd Mix Temperament

Activity Levels

Just like its German Shepherd parent, which just happens to be one of the most active dog breeds known to mankind, as well as its Labrador Retriever parent which loves to keep on moving around and playing throughout the day, the Sheprador LOVES to get its much-higher-than-average daily dose of exercise.

If your property has a backyard your German Shepherd Lab Mix dog could roam around in and use for exercise, that would be great.

However, make sure that your backyard is properly fenced if you plan on letting your Sheprador move around freely there, as the last thing you want to happen is them running out of their allocated space without your knowledge, where bad things can happen.

Besides giving them the daily dose of exercise they desperately need in order to let out all that built up energy inside them, you should also consider to get your Sheprador a high-quality, long lasting bunch of chew toys for them to play around with, because this mixed dog breed is an offspring of two parents that sure like to chew!

Unless you’re fine with your German Shepherd Lab Mix going around your house and chewing away on your furniture, clothes and whatnot, get them a few high-quality chew toys for them to have fun withand expend energy on.

Speaking about excessive chewing and similar behavioral problems, the Sheprador is most definitely not the dog for you if you plan to bring it home and leave it for prolonged amounts of time all alone in your backyard.

The Sheprador thrives when it spends time with its owner and the household members, interacts and has fun with them, not when its left alone. If left alone for a long time, the Sheprador becomes a miserable being.

Besides all the games and toys you should be supplying your German Shepherd Lab Mix with for intellectual stimulation sake, you’re looking at around 1-2 daily walks at the very least.

If you’re not exactly the active type of person (or people if we’re talking about your household as an entirety) and you don’t plan on giving your Sheprador much exercise [1] and don’t plan on playing around with it much, then you two are definitely not a good match .

The same holds true if you’re planning on getting a German Shepherd Lab Mix dog to have it live in an apartment, as apartments are too small for this dog to be able to comfortable move around and be active.


The German Shepherd Lab Mix dog is an excellent watchdog that’s always aware of its surroundings and ready to deal with any danger towards you or any other household member, a trait that’s passed on to it from its German Shepherd parent.

The German Sheprador is very careful when a stranger is around and doesn’t get immediately friendly with them as if they’d known them for years, and this is a very important characteristic you want your watchdog to have.

When they have their doubts about a stranger and think that they may be up to harm, the Labrashepherd will bark the same way in a similar vocal way its German Shepherd parent barks in order to notify you or anyone else from your household of the situation, or to fend off the intruder.


German Shepherd Lab Mix dogs train pretty easily and don’t give their owners (or trainers) much of a hard time during the process.

Given the facts that they are fairly smart dogs and love to please their owners, this isn’t unusual to see at all.

With a proper training regimen that revolves around healthy training practices and solid, scientific-backed concepts, your German Shepherd Lab Mix dog should be properly trained in no time.

Ideally, your Sheprador should be trained and properly socialized ever since they’re still a very young puppy, as that’s when they’re able to learn new habits best and stick with them for the rest of their lives.

Labrador German Shepherd Mix Living Conditions

If you’re bringing a German Shepherd Lab Mix dog to a home with children in it, then this dog will make for one of the best choices of breeds (or mixed breeds in this case) that you could ever go with.

Mainly leaning towards its Labrador Retriever parent’s side on this one, German Shepherd Lab Mix dogs are excellent family dogs that love to play around and have the time of their lives with children.

Generally speaking, German Shepherd Lab Mix dogs are one of the friendliest, most playful mixed dog breeds you will ever come across.

Many of you reading this may be surprised because, well, there’s a German Shepherd involved in all of this, but just know that when it comes to the playful and sweet-heard side of things, the German Shepherd Lab Mix dog takes most of these personality traits from its Labrador Retriever parent.

Finally, please note that Labrashepherds tend to thrive in cold weather climates, and tend not to do so well in hot weather climates.

German Shepherd Lab Mix Care


Thanks to the relatively thick coats that German Shepherd Lab Mix dogs have on them, they should be frequently brushed and taken care of in order to remain in good shape.

German Shepherd Lab Mix dogs are heavy shedders [2] during seasonal changes, so you should expect to brush their hair on a daily basis to avoid their shed hair falling out everywhere in your house. Or else, be prepared to call the vacuum cleaner your new best friend!

As for clipping its nails, its best that you leave that job up to a professional groomer and pay any necessary fees, due to the fact that German Shepherd Lab Mix dogs have transparent nails that are very hard to properly clip if you’re not properly experienced with doing such a thing.

As far as bathing is concerned, Shepradors should be bathed only when necessary. Remember to only bathe them with a dog shampoo though, because shampoo you and I would use when we bathe could potentially harm their skin.

German Shepherd Lab Mix Health Problems

Just like any other dog breed (or mixed dog breed) out there, German Shepherd Lab Mix dogs are more prone to suffer from certain health problems and physical issues than others.

– Hip Dysplasia: Similar to the case of almost all relatively large dogs, German Shepherd Lab Mix dogs are more prone than other dog breeds to suffer from hip dysplasia [3], mainly due to their high weight and large size.

This is one of the reasons why you should be motivated to give your Sheprador the highest-quality diet they need in order to stay lean and avoid becoming overweight, as well as supply them with all the amounts of exercise they need during the day to maintain their lean muscle mass, promote their joint health and avoid becoming an overweight couch potato.

Any dog as large as the German Shepherd Lab Mix dog that becomes overweight and doesn’t get enough amounts of exercise is a dog that’s definitely going to suffer from a very bad and painful case of hip dysplasia.

– Bloat

– Eye disease

– Epilepsy

– Seizures

– Cardiovascular disease

– Arthritis

– Skin allergies & irritations

– Food allergies

On average, the German Shepherd Lab Mix dog is expected to live around 10-14 years.


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