Everything You Need To Know About Labrabulls (Lab Pit Mixes)


Labrabulls, officially recognized by the DRA (Dog Registry of America), The American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), The International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR) and The Designer Breed Registry in Howell, are a result of a cross breed between each of the Labrador Retriever and the American Pit Bull Terrier parents.

Labrabulls are generally dogs of large size with average life spans ranging between 10-14 years.

When searching for a new Labrabull to add to your household, you can search around for the information of the parents (the Labrador Retriever [1] and the American Pit Bull Terrier [2]) to see what the offspring will likely turn out to be, as it will take characteristics from both/either from a genetic standpoint.

This article will summarize everything you need to know about the Labrador Pitbull mix, including its appearance, life span, temperament and how to properly care for it.

Labrador Pit Mix Appearance

Hair: Just like its parents the Labrador Retriever and the American Pit Bull Terrier, the Labrabull has short hair

Coat: Depending on which of the parents the Labrabull gets its coat genes from, its short, sikly coat could either be a Labrador-like solid color or a Pitbull-like pattern.

And, good news for those of you who are allergic to dog hair [3], the mix has a short coat that sheds only moderately, and only requires brushing about once a week to keep it in tip-top shape.

You can find Lab Pit Mixes in many different colors, such as white, black, grey, brown and yellow to name a few.

Size, Height & Weight: If you’re able to know the exact size of the Labrabull’s parents from the breeder you’re doing business with, that will best enable you to determine the most precise estimate your dog will exactly grow to become.

However, if that’s not an option, just know that the Pit Lab Mix is a big, strong dog with an average height of somewhere between 12-24 inches (30-60 cm) and average weight of somewhere between 45-90 lbs (20-40 kgs).

What is the Life Span of a Labrador Pitbull Mix?

Labrabulls go on to live anywhere between 10-14 years on average.

active dog outside

The Lab Pitbull mix breed isn’t notorious for having specific medical problems because its parent breeds aren’t known to have any as well.

You have to do your part on this one though and make sure you only do business with a reputable, ethical breeder [4] that won’t cheat you out on your money and give you a Labrabull that was cross bred from parents which used to suffer from many diseases without telling you any of that.

Ideally, your breeder will be able to provide you with the health clearances of the Lab Pit’s parents so you know you’re getting only top quality.


Pit Lab Mix Temperament

Again, to be able to best determine the temperament of your Pitador, it’s ideal if you can ask your breeder as much questions and get as much answers about its parent’s temperaments.

If not, your second best bet is to look up the specific temperaments of both the parents breeds, because most of the times the Labrabull puppy will have a combination of both temperaments.

Just keep in mind that there is no specific percentage of accuracy to any of this, and all of this is just an estimate at best.

No two dogs will be exactly the same, but you’ll find that there is some truth/accuracy to many of these in all Pitbull Labs in general.

Social: Despite the stereotype around pit-bulls being very aggressive and non-friendly, when properly trained and socialized at a young age, the Labrabull can grow up to become one of the most loving, friendly and caring dogs you’ve ever seen.

It even tries to make friends with all animals and people of all ages it comes across, even if they’re strangers (as long as they’re not threatening it, of-course).

You’ll be surprised at the level of love and affection this dog shows its owner as well as the lengths its willing to go to please its owner!

Leave them alone or stay away from them for too long, and they’ll easily develop separation anxiety [5].

High Energy & Activity: Labrador-Pit Bull mix puppies and dogs are notorious for being very active and energetic, always looking for ways to let out all the energy they have inside.

There is nothing this dog would rather do all day long than play around and have fun.

pit lab puppy

So, be prepared to give them all the exercise and walks they need!

Things like going to the dog park up to 2 times a day, playing fetch and tug-of-war are a must if you’re considering getting a Labrabull.

So, if you’re considering getting one for your apartment, that’s a big NO-NO (well, unless your apartment is HUGE).

Lab Pits are much more suited for houses with large backyards they can freely roam in, you’re going to need all that space for their large size anyways.

If your Labrabull doesn’t let out all the energy inside them throughout the day, they’ll start to develop major behavioral problems, many of which can be very dangerous and destructive.

Barking: The Pitador isn’t exactly an excessive barker, but it will bark to alert you when it hears or seas something strange going on (like an intruder next to your house during the night) or if a stranger is knocking at your door.

The minute the Labrabull senses that all is okay with you and you know what’s going on and approve of it, it will stop barking.

This makes for a great watchdog if you’re looking for one.

Training: Thanks to its high level of intelligence, this mix is one of the easiest dogs to train and you’ll find that they’re heaven when it comes to obeying your commands, especially if you know your way around treats!

Housetraining this intelligent puppy is a breeze, unlike other cross breeds which make this task a real difficult one.

Remember though, the earlier you train your Labrabull, the easier it is to get it done successfully.

That’s not to say that it’s impossible to train an older Labrador Pitbull Mix, it’s just easier when they’re younger.

Check out this video to learn some easy dog training techniques!

Protective: Even though this mix is one of the most friendly dog breeds out there, it will hold nothing back when it comes to protecting a family member or another household dog.

Chewing: Love to chew, so make sure you’re properly stacked when it comes to chew toys!

Temperature: Much more suited to warm climates rather than colder ones because of their short coat.

Labrador Pitbull Mix Care

Your Labrabull will need a certain amount of frequent grooming to ensure everything is ay-okay.

First off, and considering this dog’s low-shedding coat characteristic, you should be good with only brushing its coat once a week to get rid of the dead hair and keep the coat shiny and smooth.

However, if you notice that once a week isn’t really cutting it, then feel free to gradually increase it from there all the way to brushing its coat once every day.

As for the shampoo you use when you’re bathing this dog breed, only use dry shampoo.

Lab Pit Mix Costs

Generally speaking, a Labrabull puppy will set you back anywhere between $100-$400.

Besides the cost of the puppy itself, there are other health costs involved (which will add up to somewhere around $500 a year) such as:

dog getting injection

And finally, you’re looking and something around $500 a year as well for products (such as collars, leashes, toys, bowls, kennels, etc …) as well as premium dog food.

Names For This Breed

  • Pitador
  • Labrabull
  • Labrador Pit Bull Mix
  • Pitbull Lab Mix
  • Lab Pitbull Mix
  • Lab Pit Mix
  • Pit Lab Mix

If you want to read more articles about the different types of pitbull cross breeds we discuss everything you need to know about the pitweiler here. We also look at the pitbull mastiff mix in this article.


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  1. I have a Labrabull, she’s a little over a year old. She’s a weird one, though. It says that they have an excessive amount of energy but my girl is a lazy as all hell. She’ll play for about fifteen minutes and then she’s done. She just wants to lay next to me on the couch. I was hoping she’d be more energetic but I love her to death anyways. She’s very sweet, she loves people. She can be touchy with other dogs until she knows them. She’s very protective, always making sure she knows a person before they’re allowed near our house. They’re great family dogs, she loves kids. The only time she really wants to play a lot are when kids are around, then she’ll go all day. Ava’s also very submissive. She’s not the smartest dog I’ve ever had but she’s definitely not hard to train.

  2. We have a rescue we named Elvis. We were told he was”best guess” Lab/ shepherd mix. Well the yellow lab is the obvious part but shepherd no way. Looks like lab/ pit! I just sent out a DNA sample so in around 3 weeks we’ll know for sure. Everyone who sees him that has a lab/pit or even just a pit says he looks like a lab/ pit mix. Can’t wait to find out for sure. He is gorgeous, 8 mths old now already quite big and 80 pounds. He’s smart as a whip but has anxiety , hates to get in cars, gets nervous when he knows we’re leaving for work. I can gate ( not crate) our shepherd/ Staffashire mix pup but Elvis jumps the baby gate out of nervousness. I’m praying he out grows his anxiety because he is a wonderful and loving boy!!

    • Do you leave him all day while you go to work? I just rescued a Lab/pit mix. My husband and I work away from home 3 days a week. We are concerned about separation anxiety.

      • Hi my name is shane i have a pit/lab mix i rescued her when she was about 2 months old she had been abandoned an male nurest i had to hand eed her for a few months shes road in the car every were i went road on horses with me. I raised her in the house just like a kid she was very easy to train. Her name is queeny she is 8 yrs old now. She is the smartest dog i have ever had very friendly, protect especially over kids. She loves chaseing squarlls. I have to say queeny is my best friend could ask for a better one

      • I have the same problem and I am planning on using her for service also. She already does some things naturally.

    • Hello Karen,
      Just wondering how much a DNA test costs and what is involved in getting the sample. I think we have a lab(webbed feet) and bull terrier mix, 4 month old recued puppy. Really would like to know his gene makeup.

  3. I had a lab pit mix. Sadly he was taken from us to soon at the age of 7. He was the best kids dog ever. He grew up around my kids and they would play with him use him as a pillow and even ride on him like a horse. He was build like a bull but had the long legs of a lab. He would even sleep in the stall with our horse. Even tho he was a large dog he was a sweetheart. He would not leave the yard unless on a leash. He did not jump nip or bite. He loved kids and was kind to all, but he was also very protective of me if he thought I was in danger. He was very gentle with other people and animals. His playmate was a 7 lbs Chihuahua (still have). There will never be another like him we love and miss him always. RIP Kuma.

  4. Our Lab/Pit mix Junior seems to fit most of the characteristics mentioned above minus the high energy, he is the laziest dog and enjoys his comfort, he is very protective of my wife and is great with kids. 2 walks a day seems to do the trick for him.

  5. The best dog my wife and I have ever had. Our LabPit mix was neurotic as a puppy, but years of comfort and maturity have blessed us with an extremely loyal and obedient animal.
    She is deservedly spoiled rotten, lays in the hot summer sun baking her black fur until we forceably move her! A happily lazy dog, she’s the matriarch of our family, having 3 other dogs. Simply, the best!!

    • Hi!

      My husband and I recently got a lab/pit mix..she is 6 weeks old and reading your “was neurotic as a puppy” comment hit too close to home.

      This is our first dog, and we feel so unprepared and as if we jumped the gun in getting her. We both work full time so it has been hard to train her since she spends a lot of the day in the crate- which we feel horribly about. Do you have any advice/tips and insight on how you guys trained her/what worked for you?

      We would greatly appreciate the feedback! Thank you!

      Landon & Jenna

      • Jenna,

        I had the same situation as you. I found myself with lab pit mix pup and no plan. Here is the good news. 8 hours a day in a kennel is ok after the 2nd month you guys have the dog. Ideally you can come home for lunch at first but for the first year this is normal and not a problem for the dog. Eventually when he/she figures out the outside is the bathroom you can expand from the kennel during the day. If its in the kitchen block the kitchen exits and leave the kennel open. Don’t expect perfection at first. slowly expand the territory in accordance with good behavior and eventually the dog will be fine inside the whole time you and yours are off to work. I can tell you this; after the first month of fear, its all down hill.

  6. I have handsome lab/pit mix named Apollo. I got him from a shelter. He is a wonderful dog just has some anxiety and nervousness with certain triggers such as a doorbell ringing or someone in the front of my house. He also does not like men getting too close to me. He is trained and obedient but while he is having a panic attack he’ll get tunnel vision. Does anyone have advice to fix this? Thanks!

  7. I have 3 lab/pit they are amazing all very hyper and full of energy I also have 3 kids my dogs are super protective over they are really loving honest loyal with a touch of crazy lol amazing dogs tho.

  8. My lab/pit died on Feb, 26. 2017 of kidney falior at age 9. Bodell was energetic, playfull and would always bring shoes to me when I got home, my hunting dog and the leader of a 4 dog pack, now 3, Bodell matched all your characteristics. reading what labradors are like, it makes me feel better. 🙂

  9. We just got a labrabull 4 days ago. He is already getting the crate training down. Very smart little boy. A bit nippy which we are working on. Plays for a few minutes then snuggles up and takes a nap. We just love him. What a personality. Can’t wait to see what he has in store for us.

  10. Hello my wife and I just adopted a pit and they are pretty sure lab mix. He is the sweetest thing so far and just wants to nap most of the, he’s only 8 weeks old. He is great socializing with new people he is just having trouble going to the bathroom outside. I bring him out after he sleeps, plays and after he eats but when I bring him out he just wants to come right back in and they he goes to the bathroom # 1 and 2 inside. Any suggestions on what I can do

  11. My Azul is 6mths I think. I found him in February at my job. He’s great with protecting me, which is what I need when I’m home alone, but when we go outside he barks at anyone who comes our way and he jumps on ppl. I honestly think he gets excited cause he’s just around me most of the time, but ppl think he’s mean. What can I do to prevent him from doing this? He also tends to hold himself back everytime I take him out and it’s time to go inside.

  12. Our two lab pit mixes also jump on people. They do outgrow it though as they get older. We just stick our knees out and say off not down. We took our two girls to doggie training around seven-months old and it has done wonders. We use to take them to the doggie park but there were too many other aggressive dogs so now we take them at night and let them run around. You have to really work with them with doggie treats to get them to come, sit and/or stay. We love our girls and one of ours Deliah who looks more like a bull dog who is “reactive” dog which means certain things get her rallied up. For this we use lemon juice in a squirt bottle and it makes them stop. Also when we’re in a car and peole are walking around she barks so we use lemon juice with that or we reward her for watching us and not being scared and if she doesn’t bark then we reward her with a doggie treat.

  13. Hi just got a lababull had her now for over a month shes 4 months and boy does she has a personality so far with training her she listens and obey well , she not house train yet but now we got the ok from her vet to now take her outdoors , and boy she loves it . so hopefully she will be house broken soon . she loves mango and pineapple 🙂 treats

  14. We have our labradorpitt mix for 2 years she has trouble with fluid in her ears ! Vet said to clean as needed but has made her timed and untrusting ! She is very protective and smart. Anyone have any advise ate have similar problems have similar problems hasmilar problems have similar problems with

  15. We just got a labrabull three weeks ago.. He’ll be 5 months old tomorrow and he’s the sweetest and funniest dog I’ve ever seen. He has no issue woth doing his business outside, sleeps frequently (he’s snoring like a grown man as we speak), picks up commands very well.. Of course he had his bursts of energy but he’s a puppy! Great with other dogs and people of all ages. Such intelligent and a loving pooch.

  16. I just got a Lab pit mix puppy whose 3months old. She obeys so well slowly learning housetraining, she’s amazing with my oldest but I also have a 4months old baby she doesn’t understand to be careful around the baby yet but she’s getting better. We don’t have a dog park around where I live so I don’t know how to go about socializing with other dogs she gets super excited when people come over. Poor thing was dumped on the side of the road so I think that’s what caused her to be scared of car rides but we are trying to get her use to it for our annual trip to TN. She’s got the color mix of the pit, the body of a lab except the head kinda see the pit there and the chewing of a puppy.

  17. We recently answered a fb add about a 10 week old lab puppy and brought him home. He was free and we were told both parents were labs but belonged to a fHe looks like a black

  18. We recently got a “lab” puppy from a fb post. He was 10 weeks we’ve had him 3!weeks now. We’re seeing a different look in his eyes and jaws and suspect he may be lab/pit mix. Being familiar with the personality of a lab he’s not nearly as immature acting as our previous lab was at that age. He’s the smartest, sweetest dog I’ve ever seen! Energetic yes, but sooooo eager to please us!! He’s already house trained. Knows his name is Moose. Comes when called, sits on command, kennels on command. I can’t say enough good about this puppy. Of course we’re not positive he’s lab/pit but I’d bet money on it from everything said here. What a great combination for a family pet. Who knew?

  19. You have to take your 8 week outside IMMEDIATELY to pool after eating. And drinking more than a few sips. You cut a piece of a treat it’s soft and shape like a sausage they love it, wait till they poop or pee outside then you praise them say good boy and give them the treat. When your dog pees or poops inside he should be shown the spot and given a loud stern NO! and smack on the butt that has to be a little rough, then right in its crate. This is the fastest surefire…. Dont -be a -pus-way…when it comes to raising a dog. If you Give it slack it’ll **** your whole house up and say **** your couch.

  20. We got our labrabull last October (2016) when he was 4 months old. The first thing we did was take him out often and rewarded him when he did potty outside. Treats made this easy, positive reinforcement. Took about two weeks to potty train. He came crate trained which also helped. I work super long hours and my wife would run home on her lunch break from her job to take him out. This became a burden. So I put him in doggy daycare. This did wonders. He plays all day. When we get him to bring him home he will just eat and goes to bed. Besides playing all day we noticed he interacted much better with other dogs, no separation anxiety and he is a solid 65lbs of muscle. When we got him he was 29lbs. He is super protective of my wife and our cat. He will act aggressive when you come to the front door, but once He knows you are not a threat he will lick you to death. He destroys all his chew toys but not any of the furniture. Plus he is great with my two year old niece. The only advice I can offer in regards to training is to use positive reinforcement. When he did something good While training him I gave him a treat as a reward. I never struck him with my hand or sprayed him with water. In addition his crate is covered with a specially designed blackout sheet. That’s his home. When he was scared or saw I was angry he would take cover in there. Once in there it was over. I didn’t care what he did. That is his safe spot and you must respect it. I hope this advice helps those new dog owners.

    • this worked for us! we have an area along the fence where we had bark and she went to it on her own. so easy to clean up! we just replace the bark and she’s good to go! she does have some problems with other dogs and some people, but we’re working on it. My son and his fiance run her ragged in the evening then she sleeps with me in the bed and I get all the cuddles! but what a watch dog! nothing can come near without her knowing. love the pit/lab breed!

  21. we have a labrador who is about 33 in dog years.it is good to tend to play tugofwar with them constantly.she lives with another dog so she can get good company. try a soft pile of dead grass so they can ” do there buisness”

  22. I got Bruce Lee Roy when he was 12 weeks. In his first week, we tackled housetraining, responding to his name, look at me, come, and sit. Hands down the best (and smartest) dog I’ve ever had. He’ll be six months this weekend, and weighs 47lbs. At this point, we’ve added “sey hey” (paw/shake), go to your bed, wait, sits at the door when he sees me get his leash, and won’t get up until I open the door and say “let’s go.” I’ve also added a general deterrent phrase so that the super stern NO! wasn’t overused. I say “no sir” very nicely, and he just turns around. For crate training, I fed him in his crate for the first two months, telling him to “go home” when time for feeding and treats. Worked like a charm. As far as house training, I work from home. I took him outside every 1/1.5 hours, and expressed over the moon elation when he would poop/pee outside. Because of the frequency of his walks, I literally had 2 accidents in the house. He’s been good since. My guy is VERY food driven. I use savory treats in the house, and crunchy treats for outside. Don’t know why, but it has always helped with training. Hope this helps!

  23. Adopted Tait at age 3 1/2. Didn’t pee outside consistently, but took his cue to go out from our 2 Jack Russells. I started telling him to “Do your Business” every time he started to poop or pee outside. Now he goes on command and doesn’t mess in the house. Great dog, we only know that he was abused, no other history. Have used very consistent commands and training and he learns fast. We don’t hit him at all and rarely use treats to model commands (he’d get too fat). Tait is smart and learns things in order to receive praise and chest scratches. We never have just one dog (usually 3 in the house). They keep each other calm when we aren’t home. Very pleased that we adopted Tait. He starts advanced dog school next week to take him to the next level and doing his commands in an active setting. He sits, stays, lies down, shakes, backs up, jumps up on the couch or car seat, does “leave it” all on command, such a smart boy.

  24. So my son found a pit lab mix on the side of the highway. She was only about 2 or 3 months old. She is about 8 months old now at 45 lbs. Let me tell you she has so much energy. And separation anxiety…YES YES YES…I have bought so many chew toys and dog beds. She has chewed up my carpet, tile, door frames, and sheetrock. She has dug huge holes in my back yard. We did get a huge kennel for her and she has started to chew it up. Even with toys in there with her. Don’t get me wrong she has been distinctive but she is also the most lovable cuddling dog. She is a big talker too. She yells at my son…lol I love how vocal she is.

  25. Persephone is 3 now. We drove 400 miles to adopt her from a rescue ranch when she was 3 months old. She has the same Birthday as me and turned 3 in June. She was a quick learner from the start. Potty training was successful and we have always kept her rawhide to chew on. She is peaceful and very alert yet calm. She likes every farm animal we have and licks them out of love. Her ability to hold her per or poop is simply unreal when we leave for a day to do activities. She likes car rides ice cream and cuddling. SHE alerts us when something isn’t right and we know it’s a big deal because she never barks unless it’s an ALERT. Our family and friends love her and all the animals. What you put into your animals will be the final outcome.We never baby talked her and she can say Out…yes it’s true if you had a video player I would share and a photo as she is a sleek black brown seal color and stunningly Gorgeous. Her command comprehensions are above and beyond. If you take time to give them attention you will reap such beautiful rewards from them. She sleeps by my side of the bed guarding me as I am diabetic and she knows i am sick at times. Best wishes to all.

  26. Our labrabull is almost 4 years old. Her name is Meesh and she is an ANGEL. We’ve had her since she was 7 weeks old. Super easy to train, such a cuddle bug, great with little ones… I could go on and on. We even have friends and family that brag on our girl all the time. “Negatives” would be the picky eating, chewing, and separation anxiety. Meesh keeps our young girls entertained and vice versa. She is such a blessing and can be very comical. Maybe it’s the breed (or not) but she sleeps in the most jacked up positions and with her tongue hanging out.

  27. We have a lab pit mix He is 18 months old he has started to lose a lot of his hair on his back some places are nearly bald what could be causing this we have been bathing with flea soap could this be causing this. thank you for your help Beverly Campbell

  28. We have a lab/pit mix and he is 4 yrs old. But for the past month or so his jaw has been acting up on him so we had him to the vet they gave prenidzone at first seem to help. But ran out and they gave him norvox cap let’s two a day. But now it has gotten to where he can’t yawn or even open wide enough to eat. Anyone else have this with your lab/pit mix? If so help us to know what to do. Thank you. We think maybe it is lockjaw at this point. Any answers ??


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