Meet Ricochet: The Service Dog Changing People’s Lives

They say that a dog has the possibility to change a human being’s life and turn it around upside down, from worse to best – and Ricochet, the service dog (or should we say hero?) we’re going to be talking about today is proving that this is most certainly no overused cliche.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Ricochet, the world’s first (and probably the world’s last) surfing therapy dog that’s helping disabled individuals and special need folks find themselves within the waves of the ocean.

Videos That Tell You All About Ricochet The Surf Dog

Here’s a very cool video that shows you what Ricochet the surf dog is all about, what she’s achieved thus far throughout her life and how she’s changing people’s lives on a daily basis.

Here’s a video of Surf Dog Ricochet alongside 7 year old Alan, hitting the waves together side by side.

Last but not least, here’s a video of beautiful Ricochet having some fun on her own in her free time in the ocean, doing what she does best.

Where Can I Learn More About Ricochet The Surf Dog?

If you’re looking to learn more about Ricochet the surf dog and interact with the entire community she’s got going on alongside her, here’s her official Facebook page where you can hang out with more than 250,000+ people and stay up to date with her latest news and achievements.

From Ultimate Home Life to you, Ricochet, you are truly an amazing hero!


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