Need A Dog Walker In New York City? Here’s All You Have To Know!

To all New Yorkers out there looking for professional dog walking services you can actually rely on and trust in, have we got THE article for you today! For all non-New Yorkers, well, woops! I promise something similar will be coming your way real soon though ;).

So, this article won’t be about bashing companies you should NOT go with, there’s just no use to that.

Instead, this article will be about discussing what professional dog walking company you should go with, PERIOD!


Swifto is a dog walking service that was designed for all dog owners that reside in New York City, but it’s not your usual dog walking service, that’s for sure.

Swifto, thanks to the GPS tracking application and fantastic website portal they provide their customers with, goes all the way to ensure that all dog owners know exactly what’s going on with Fido and the professional that’s walking them at all times.

What made me all the more enthusiastic about mentioning Swifto was that they are serious about the personnel they hire for walking your dog, meaning that they require their dog walkers to have experience in working with dogs and a college degree to go along with it. This fact alone makes it a much more respectable dog walking service than others out there who will hire anybody that comes their way.

Exactly Why Is This So Fancy Shmancy, Again?

Ah, you’re a tough nut!

Here are some of the reasons that make Swifto as special as it is:

  • The GPS application, which you can install and use very easily on your smartphone, will give you ease of mind knowing exactly where your dog is any time you want to check up on them, as well as what exact route they’re going through with their walker.
  • The application will also provide you with a detailed summary and report of all the physical activities (and numbers involved) your dog has performed with the professional walker accompanying them, by which you can make sure yourself that your dog is getting their complete exercise worth, and you’re not being cheated out of anything you’re paying for.
  • The application you will be utilizing from the comfort of your smartphone will also inform you of your dog’s behavior, such as details about whether it’s making friends with other doggies and playing around with them and whether and how it’s interacting with human beings while on the walk.
  • As if all that wasn’t cool enough, you’ll also be getting pictures of your dog live during the walk. It’s as if you’re right there with Fido! 🙂
  • While not the most exciting thing for you to be doing, you might want to be tracking how much your dog is pooping while on a walk, for many reasons we won’t be going over here in this article. But, the good news is that Swifto makes this process a piece of cake and gives you very accurate statistics about this.

Alright, This Sounds Interesting And All, But How Easy Is It To Actually Schedule A Walk For My Dog With Swifto?

It’s so easy and convenient for you to schedule a walking appointment for your dog, that Swifto has even gone up one level.

Thanks to the policy that Swifto requires its professional dog walkers to abide by, which states that they have to have a smartphone with the Swifto app connected to it at all times during all walks, Swifto promises that even if you find yourself taken by surprise and requiring someone to take your dog for a walk instead of you all of a sudden, a professional dog walker will be at your doorstep within the hour with just a couple of clicks.

Awesome! But, How Much Will This All Cost Me?

For all of what you’re getting, you’re looking at around 20$ for every 30 minutes of your dog being walked.

That’s all for Swifto in this article, but that’s not all for you!

Take it over to Swifto’s main website for now, you won’t be disappointed 🙂


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