Australian Shepherd Lab Mix Dog (AKA Aussiedor)

The Australian Shepherd Lab Mix dog, also known as the Aussiedor dog, is a mixed breed that comes to life when one Australian Shepherd parent is cross bred with one Labrador Retriever parent.

Even though there isn’t much information available out there about the Australian Shepherd Lab Mix dog as of now, given the fact that this cross breed is somewhat new, hasn’t been around as much as some other cross breeds out there and has only skyrocketed in popularity as of recent, we’ll do our best in this article to let you in on all the available information about Aussiedors so far.

This way, you’ll be able to read and see for yourself whether or not adding an Aussiedor to your household and family would be a good idea and you two would be a good fit or not, and if you already have an Aussiedor around, you’ll be able to compare the information found here to your Aussiedor in real life and see whether what you read and what you have at home match.

Other Names The Australian Shepherd Lab Mix Dog Is Known By

Before we kick off this article and let you know everything you should know about the Australian Shepherd Lab Mix dog, let’s first go over a quick list that covers some of the most common alternative names the Australian Shepherd Lab Mix dog is often referred to with.

– Aussiedor

– Labrador And Australian Shepherd Mix

– Aussie Sheprador

– Australian Sheprador

– Lab Aussie Mix

Australian Shepherd Lab Mix Recognition

As of this writing, the Australian Shepherd Lab Mix dog is officially recognized as a cross breed dog from the following organizations.

– Dog Registry of America (DRA)

– Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC)

– International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR)

– American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC)

Australian Shepherd Lab Mix Physical Appearance

Size, Height & Weight

The Australian Shepherd Lab Mix dog is considered to be a medium sized dog, standing at an average of anywhere from 23 to 28 inches tall (58 to 71 centimeters) and weighing at an average of anywhere from 50 to 80 pounds (22 to 36 kgs).

Coat Color

Some of the most common coat colors that the Australian Shepherd Lab Mix dog is known to come in are black, brown, a mix of black and brown, light brown/dark yellow, chocolate brown, and brindle.

Australian Shepherd Lab Mix Temperament

Watchdog Ability

Australian Shepherd Lab Mix dogs can make for very good and competent watchdogs if that’s what you’re looking for in a dog.

For one, the Australian Shepherd Lab Mix dog is not the friendliest of dogs around strangers they haven’t seen before, so they do take a very reserved and cautious approach when they see anyone they don’t know approaching your property.

And, even though the Australian Shepherd Lab Mix dog is known to not be the most excessive of barkers, they will bark to no avail if an intruder “crosses the red line” and they want you, their owner, to know about it.

Australian Shepherd Lab Mix Living Conditions

Kids At Home

For those of you who want to add an Australian Shepherd Lab Mix dog to their household which has young kids living in it, worry not as this cross breed is known to be good around kids, much thanks to its sweet, affectionate and playful personality.

To be as safe as possible, though, it’s extra important that you make sure that your Australian Shepherd Lab Mix dog has been properly socialized and trained before they interact and play around with your children.

By nature, Australian Shepherd Lab Mix dogs are used to act as leaders and boss around other pets that are smaller in size than them, a characteristics they take from their Aussie parent, and this also holds true when it comes to little kids that are smaller in size than them.

However, with proper socialization and training from a young age, the Australian Shepherd Lab Mix dog will very soon learn that such behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated, so they’ll change their ways.

It also won’t hurt if you were to strictly monitor the first few play sessions and interactions between your Australian Shepherd Lab Mix dog and your children just to make sure that no “fouls” are being committed from either side during play time and that everything is going fine behavior wise.

Exercise & Physical Activity

The Australian Shepherd Lab Mix dog isn’t the most athletic or physically active cross breed known to mankind, but this dog does enjoy exercise and physical activity on a day to day basis.

Generally speaking, Australian Shepherd Lab Mix dogs will need around an hour of exercise/physical activity a day to remain the healthy and happy dogs they’re meant to be.

Australian Shepherd Lab Mix dogs enjoy exercise and physical activity in the outdoors much more than they do in closed places, with some of the favorite forms of exercise this cross breed seems to like being walking, jogging, running and playing fetch.

You shouldn’t be limited to any of these forms of exercise and physical activity, though, as really any form of fun exercise and physical activity you can think of that can be performed in the outdoors is more than likely to go down well with your Australian Shepherd Lab Mix dog.

Australian Shepherd Lab Mix Health

Generally speaking and on average, the Australian Shepherd Lab Mix dog is expected to live anywhere between 10 to 13 years, provided that they’re given everything they need to thrive and live a healthy and happy life.

Australian Shepherd Lab Mix Care


As far as shedding is concerned, the Australian Shepherd Lab Mix dog lies somewhere in the middle on the spectrum.

This dog is neither considered to be a heavy shedding dog, nor is it considered to be a light shedder too, it’s safe to say that the Australian Shepherd Lab Mix is a moderate shedding dog that lies somewhere in between these two extremities.

As is often advised when it comes to moderately shedding dogs, you should probably brush your Australian Shepherd Lab Mix dog’s coat a couple of times a week to keep their fur in good condition and ensure it remains as smooth as can be.

The last thing you want to do is slack on brushing your Australian Shepherd Lab Mix dog’s coat frequently, especially during shedding season, as that’s just asking for trouble to happen.

Besides frequent and regular brushing of its coat, this dog should only be bathed when need be, so make sure not to give them excessive baths as that will just make their entire fur condition much harder to maintain.


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