Razor Edge Pitbulls (A.K.A Razors Edge Bullies) – An Overview

So, what exactly is all the hype nowadays when it comes to Razor Edge Pitbulls? First off, let’s make it clear that Pitbulls are probably the most controversial dog breed for a very long time now, where some people go to the extent of calling them barbaric murderers that shouldn’t be considered as pets.

Others even go to the extent of calling the aforementioned group of people lunatics that don’t know how to properly raise and handle a Pitbull.

Obviously, we’re not going to be getting into that debate in today’s article, simply because that’s not the goal we have in mind for now.

Today’s article is all about the Razor Edge Pitbulls.

Introduction To Razor Edge Pitbulls

So, Nowadays we hear all these terminologies and adjectives when it comes to Pitbulls, such as Brindle Pitbulls, Blue Nose Pitbulls, Red Nose Pitbulls, and now Razor Edge Pitbulls. What’s the deal here?

Razor Edge Pitbulls are essentially a mixed breed dog, and not 100% purebred Pitbulls, as they are often mixed with Mastiffs or English Bulldogs.

Razors Edge Pitbulls first became a bloodline back in the 1980’s after a concept was made reality by Dave Wilson, founder of the Razors Edge Kennel, and Carlos Barksdale.

Today, Razor Edge Pitbulls are one of the most popular and in-demand pitbull bloodlines.

Having been first bred for more than 20 years now, the Razor Edge Pitbull was initially bred to be a companion dog, instead of a competition dog that many dog breeders have in mind when they think of breeding for a Pitbull.

That’s the way Razor Edge Pitbulls are seen today, one of the best companion dogs you can ever come across.

Razor Edge Pitbulls are essentially still counted as American Bully dogs, however they do have a few unique aspects to the way they look and their personality traits.

Head & Face: Razor Edge pitbulls often have a head larger-than-average sized head, while their muzzle is a relatively shorter one.

Sometimes, the Razor Edge Pitbull has cropped ears, and other times it has the usual pointy ones that Pitbulls have.

As for the color of their nose, for the most part it’s going to be the same as the color of their coat.

Body & Build: Given the general strong and muscular build of the average Pitbull dog, the Razor Edge Pitbull is no different.

This dog is notorious for its very strong bones, muscular physique, and mostly for its very wide chest (like that of a professional bodybuilder), all of which make this dog of more stocky build than the usual Pitbull.

The back of the Razor Edge Pitbull is, however, a bit shorter than that of a regular Pitbull and their legs are a bit more compact.

Coat: The Razor Edge Pitbull is relatively a low-shedding dog and an easy one to groom without necessarily having to follow a very strict and time consuming schedule, so you won’t have to worry about its hair falling off everywhere around the house and you having to clean up after it.

As for the colors its coat comes in, the Razor Edge Pitbull can come in a wide variety of colors.

Exercise & Physical Activity: Razor Edge Pitbulls, just like any other Pitbull dog, thrives on intense exercises and high levels of activity on a day to day basis.

So, if you want to make sure that your Pitbull is letting out all that energy that builds up inside of them the right way, then do your job and provide them with the necessary outlets that allow them to.

Affection: Despite their intimidating looks that result in many people assuming that these dogs are on the lookout for blood, they’re not.

Razor Edge Pit Bulls that were raised in a healthy environment, trained using healthy methods and properly socialized ever since they were young puppies are very loving, affectionate, loyal and playful dogs.

Yes they’re much more physically strong than other dog breeds, yes they look much more tough than other dog breeds, but that doesn’t mean they’re not sweethearts deep inside.

You’ll be surprised just how much of a loving sweetheart the Razor Edge Pitbull really is.

What’s The Cost Of A Razors Edge Pitbull Puppy?

If you’re looking to get a true Razor Edge Pitbull puppy from a high-quality breeder that knows what they’re doing and isn’t planning on cheating you out of your money, you can very well expect to pay a fee up to around 2000$.

Some dog breeders will want to charge you a fee of up to 2500-3000$ (sometimes even more than that), but in most cases these breeders are just greedy and are charging you way more than you should really be paying.

Be careful when doing business for Razor Edge Pitbulls with breeders you don’t know very well, as some of them will have you believe that they’re willing to sell you a “100% real Razor Edge Pitbull” for a much cheaper fee than what it’s going for in the market, while these breeders are in fact looking to sell you a dog that’s not a Razor Edge Pitbull at all.

The most common cases of such issues happening are with back-yard breeders that try to make you believe they have a true Razor Edge Pitbull for you in stock, while they don’t even have the proper registration papers for them.

Any breeder that can’t provide you with the proper registration papers that prove this Pitbull is of the Razor Edge bloodline is most definitely not a breeder you should be buying from.


  1. I have a full blood Razorback Pitbull AKC registered, Champion bloodline. Her name is Maxine I’m looking for a suitable stud to breed her with


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