Blue Nose Pitbulls – Everything You Should Know About Them

Ahhh, pitbulls. A dangerous and intimidating breed of dogs, they say. The truth, however, is a bit different. While it’s true that they are physically strong dogs, blue nose pitbulls are actually friendly dogs.

Just like the buff bodybuilder at your local gym, if you get to know them for who they really are, you might be a bit surprised.

Blue pitbulls and blue nose pitbulls have become the recent trend as of late, as opposed to red nose pit bulls which were all that anyone would talk about a few years back, and still do to this date.

But, before you bite in about all the hype that surrounds blue nose pitbulls, take a moment to read this article and learn everything you should know to determine whether buying a blue nose pitbull is something that would properly suit your lifestyle.

The Bad Rep Around Blue Nose Pitbulls

The thing with pitbulls is that it’s commonly believed that they are aggressive dogs that like to attack people. As is the case with just about everything in life, IT DEPENDS.

Blue nose pit bulls that are properly raised in a caring and loving environment will not exhibit aggressive behavior, and will act just like any other dog which was properly raised.

But, commit the same crime that a lot of people do to pitbulls, and raise them to use them as part of sickening dog fighting events, and you’ll have yourself a blood thirsty pitbull that’s very dangerous to be around. Pitbulls aren’t born aggressive, they’re taught to be by disgusting people.

Take any other dog breed other than pitbulls and raise them in a hostile environment and teach them to be aggressive, and they will exhibit exactly that behavior. It’s all about how dogs are brought up and what habits they acquire during that stage in their life.

So, if you’re considering buying a new blue nose pitbull, rest assured that with the proper background check on them and with the trustworthy source which can sell you a blue nose pitbull, you won’t have anything to worry about.

It’s basically the same procedure as buying any other dog breed out there, you just have to do your due diligence.

A Note About Blue Nose Pitbulls Skin Color

Blue nose pitbulls have a gray shade to their skin as a result of a recessive gene that causes a lack of black pigment in their skin and fur, thanks to 2 breeding parents that have a recessive pigment gene.

This recessive gene results in the decreased production of a type of melanin called eumelanin (black pigment).

Since not enough pigment gets distributed into the dog’s fur and skin, the dog’s skin color becomes diluted, and a shade of gray is the ultimate result.

Depending on how much pigment makes its way to the skin or fails to, blue nose pitbulls may have a darker charcoal gray skin to them (as a result of more pigment that made its way to the skin and fur) or a light silver gray skin to them (as a result of less pigment that made its way to the skin and fur).

You can clearly notice the difference on the dog’s skin, on places such as their nose, gums, under their belly and on their fur.

How Do Blue Nose Pitbulls Come To Life?

The recessive trait in pitbulls is always being exploited by dog breeders in an attempt to sell more blue nose pitbulls at a higher price than they should really be doing.

Dog breeders will breed blue nose pitbulls with similar blue nose pitbulls in an attempt to increase their chances of getting a new-born blue nose pitbull puppy. This results in multiple blue nose puppies.

The terrible thing is, to further increase their chances of getting new born blue nose pitbull puppies, dog breeders will inbreed blue nose pitbulls from the same family, which can cause terrible health risks on these dogs later on in their life (more on that in this article).

This is not to say that if you buy a blue nose pitbull, your dog is guaranteed to face health problems later down the road, not at all.

It’s just to say that the chances of these things happening are more than what you’ll face with other dog breeds, simply due to the fact that many blue nose pitbulls come as a result of inbreeding and have low-levels of Melanin in their bodies, which both lead to these health risks.

We’ll discuss these health risks later on in this article.

Interesting Blue Nose Pitbull Fact #1

Interestingly enough, and despite what most people might think because of its name, blue nose pitbulls don’t always have a blue nose. Blue nose pitbulls can actually be born with a blue nose, a gray nose, a red nose or a black nose.

So if you run into a pitbull with a blue or black nose next time and someone tells you that they are a blue nose pitbull, don’t be surprused, they still fat within that category even if they don’t literally have a blue nose on them!

Interesting Blue Nose Pitbull Fact #2

Blue nose pitbulls LOVE to exercise. They are one of the top dog breeds that love to lead a physically demanding lifestyle.

So it must be said that if you don’t like to exercise and get up and moving a lot, and aren’t looking to think about outlets your blue nose pitbull can channel their love for exercise to, it’s best you don’t get one in the first place, because you two would just be a bad match from the start.

If you don’t give them daily exercise and a way to channel all that energy built up inside them, your blue nose pitbull will become miserable (you’ll notice that), and you run the risk of having them exhibit aggressive behavior towards you, anyone else in your household and all your household belongings and valuable items.

Think about it, when you’re cranky and in a bad mood, how low does your tolerance threshold become? The same holds true for your blue nose pitbull.

So, to keep it short, concise and to the point, if you don’t plan on making time to take them out for exercise every day, or if you don’t have suitable space in your property for them to roam free every day and release all the built up energy inside them, forget about buying a blue nose pitbull, they’re just not cut out for you.

Interesting Blue Nose Pitbull Fact #3

Blue nose pitbulls are one of the most emotional and sensitive dog breeds you can ever find. What does that mean for you? If you’re looking for a dog that will make you feel appreciated for all the good ways you treat them with, blue nose pitbulls are the dogs for you.

However, there’s also a negative side to this, because if you treat a blue nose pitbull the wrong way (like some of the wrong ways discussed in dog training in this article), you’re going to have a hard time to win back their unconditioned love, affection and loyalty the same way it were before.

They’re harder in that aspect than other dog breeds.

For a dog with this much negative reputation to its name, you would be surprised to learn that when raised in a proper, caring and loving environment at a young age, blue nose pitbulls grow up to be one of the most friendly, caring and loving dogs.

Whether it’s playing around you, members of your household they know and are familiar with or other dog friends they have, you won’t have to worry about a thing if they were properly raised.

You only have to worry about getting a pitbull around your family if they were raised like many disturbed people out there like to raise them, to be aggressive, blood-thirsty dogs.

Interesting Blue Nose Pitbull Fact #4

Blue nose pitbulls are known to be prone to certain sicknesses, illnesses and diseases more than other dog breeds, due to the inbreeding that was required for them to come to life.

For example, they are known to be prone to grass allergies, heart disease and cataracts more than their counterparts from other dog breeds.

It is always a necessity that you keep up regular check-ups for your dog with your veterinarian to ensure everything is fine, and the fact that blue nose pitbulls are more prone to certain health problems than other dog breeds should give you all the more reason to do so.

One of the most common diseases blue nose pitbulls go through in their lifetime is Mange. Also known as canine scabies, Mange is a result of parasite mites that cause your dog to excessively itch.

In some extreme cases, the itching can be severe enough to the point that it leads to infections that can lead to your dog dying.

It’s not impossible to treat Mange, there is a treatment for it, but it’s more complicated than it might sound.

Your dog might have to be put through chemical shampoos that are applied to their fur and skin, which will cause them terrible pain.

Also, some studies suggest that due to the severe lack of melanin in blue nose pitbulls, some of them may be born deaf with really poor vision.

Interesting Blue Nos Pitbull Fact #5

Blue nose pitbulls are one of the smartest dog breeds out there.

This is heavenly news for anyone wanting to train their dog, because blue nose pitbulls are one of the easiest dog breeds to train and teach, due to their high intelligence level.

Interesting Blue Nose Pitbull Fact #6

Blue nose pitbulls love to jump around, so if you don’t like to have a dog around that jumps all over you when they want to greet you and show you love, think twice before getting a blue nose pitbull.

Ofcourse, you can teach them (just like you can train all dog breeds alike) to stop jumping around like that, but it will take some effort on your part (or money out of your pocket for a professional dog trainer) to do so.

Given the strong physical nature of pitbulls, you won’t want them jumping around and on you all day long anyway!

Speaking of jumping, you would be surprised how high pitbulls, including blue nose pitbulls, can jump over the fence in your yard.

This is why it’s recommended that you install at least a 6-foot fence (higher if possible) to keep your blue nose pitbull from jumping over it un-wanted.

Interesting Blue Nose Pitbull Fact #7

When taught to socialize and learn how to be friendly with other dogs early on in their lives, blue nose pitbulls are one of the most socially outgoing dog breeds out there.

But, trying to teach blue nose pitbulls to be friendly with other dogs when they are somewhat older in age and have become mature dogs, is somewhat of a difficult task.

This is why it’s extremely important to ask questions about and run a background check on the blue nose pitbull you want to buy before you get them, or get a small blue nose pitbull puppy and raise them yourself the proper way!

Interesting Blue Nose Pitbull Fact #8

People are often made out to believe that pitbulls, including blue nose pitbulls, are excellent guard dogs. The truth is that blue nose pitbulls are usually friendly dogs, even with strangers they don’t really know.

So, unless you hire a professional dog trainer to train your dog to become a good guard dog, you won’t get anywhere with that thought.

It’s ridiculously easy for a stranger to win over your blue nose pitbull’s love with something as insignificant as a tasty treat.

Conclusion About Blue Nose Pitbulls

In conclusion, you really have to take all the facts mentioned above in consideration when deciding whether you want to buy a blue nose pitbull or not, and see just how much of a good fit they would be to your lifestyle and needs.

And in relation to the health problems that blue nose pitbulls are at a risk of, they remain risks in the end. Just because a dog runs the risk of developing certain health problems doesn’t necessarily mean that these dogs will indeed develop these health problems, it just means that there’s a higher probability to it when compared to other dog breeds.

If you are interested in exploring different types of pitbulls such as the Pocket pitbull or pitbull mixes like the labrabull a labrador pitbull cross then feel free to use the search function to explore these fascinating dogs.


  1. I have worked in the veterinary field for over 20 yrs. now and I have found that not all Pitt Bulls are raised to be mean or nice. Some ARE just born that way. I have had many very nice ones come in and I have also had 6 week old pups in for their first set of vaccinations and already growling and trying to bite. It is had to get a new owner to understand that they need to get a handle on this problem now or they are going to have a lawsuit on their hands down the road when their already aggressive puppy bites someone. So many people are trying to make this dog look good and portray a nice dog, but some are just born to be aggressive.

    • I have been breeding pittbulls for over 23yrs and I have never had 1 vicious pup or dog when I have bred and I have always kept in contact with almost all owners of the pups/dogs I bred and they always get told how beautiful and placid the dogs are. Its not just pittbulls that that have a vicious gene its all breeds especially German Shepards,Rottweilers,Laabradors, Dobermans,Australian Blue cattle dog, 99% of All Small breed of dogs But its ONLY the pittbull that gets a bad reputation or reported every single time they attack,Its heartbreaking that IDIOTS have given the pittull such a bad name because of irresponsible owners

      • I totally agree with you… those tiny dogs… every one I ever met… bark and growl non stop. I too have only had good experiences with pit bulls and think it’s sad that peyote do not understand that ANY dog can be aggressive if treated improperly and/Or trained to be. You just always hear about PitBull attacks.

    • I adopted a five year old female blue nose pit. Very sweet and loving. Loves attention and cuddling. Does show appreciation when getting belly rubs with kisses. She loves to play/go out for walks. I take her out three times a day and play in the yard twice a day and she still wants to play when she comes inside. As for barking she only gives a singular bark if I don’t respond to her “wanna play” gestures such as placing her toy by my feet. Love having her around

  2. My husband and I are looking to ad a blue nose bully to our little family. I have always believed its ALL in how they ate raised and bred. I do understand that just like humans there are going to be dogs with craptastic attitudes. But the majority of this breed when given the love and affection tthy rightly deserve are outstanding family dogs! I can’t wait to find the little guy/ girl out there that is waiting to become party of our family!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing these facts. Beside that some blue nose pitbull also loves cats! I have found this fact several while on walks and brings them to me….very gentle bite. He is also an excellent guard dog but is a big love with family and friends.

  4. I recently rescued a 11 month old blue nose pit bull. He has been in the house for about two weeks and has been fine. But everyday he seems to get more aggressive especially with my 14 year old daughter. He won’t allow any strangers in my house. He growls and barks and lounges toward my daughter and strangers as if he is going to bite them. With my daughter it seems to happen randomly. He loves her one minute then hates her the next. It’s like he is bipolar. I love this dog and don’t won’t to give up on him. Today I tried the spiked collar and he screamed!! I don’t have it in me to hurt the dog!! Does any one have any suggestions?

  5. The best way to better control ur dog is to use a harness instead of a neck collar. We have a blue nose girl she’s 4 yrs old.

  6. I’ve had my sweety for about 5 weeks. She’s almost 5 months old. She is so smart. Learning to sit and house trained faster than my kids. She loves treats and cuddles. My son and daughter take turns watching her when I work, so she is getting used to our “pack”. I’m going to socialize her at a puppy play group soon. She is awesome! Now my Chihuahua! He’s something else!

  7. First puppy at age 31 is a blue nose and all does he is lick and cuddle. Sweetest puppy ever. Barely even barks. I was afraid but he hasn’t given me any reason to. He sleeps in the bed. Snuggles at my ankles or knees and listens to everything in the house. His primary past time is sleeping. Don’t believe the hype. Right now his biggest offense is farting and I can handle that.

  8. My blue nose is absolutely amazing 8 weeks and she is the sweetest thing. All dogs can be raised poorly not just a pitbull. I was bit and my lip was torn apart By a chuiwawa… #StopTheStigma

  9. A,
    I knew a rottweiler that was on/off and my brother was attacked by this dog out of nowhere. No warning at all. Before that point, there were numerous occasions where the dog was compalcently on its back and enjoying a belly rub, then suddenly turns and snaps. Don’t take the chance with your daughter. The side of my brother’s face was ripped off after this same dog (leashed at the time) ran past me and attacked him when he was five years old.

  10. I hear that — I got a blue nose puppy so in love — she is the sweetest — my Chihuahua hates the world and on we got this puppy he is acting even worse

  11. I just recently got a blue, his name is Sir Highland Neo he is 10 weeks old big and healthy. he is a good therapy dog for me, he adjusted very well and is all lovey dovey. He comes from a good home with loving parents and both mom and pops. he has a sister who is aggressive and she is the runt..I hate to get rid of her but i can tell now she is gonna be trouble, she is already bitety while her brother just chills.. he never once ate my shoes, and the moment she comes acting like she has no home training eating my designer shoes. now he started.. but new he was wrong, she didn’t give a damn.. lol…they are both kinda loyal already except she will go to people and he wont budge unless i do or tell him, he listens very well, and she act like she doesnt have to listen unless its time to eat. but i said all that to say this.. Pit Bulls are wonderful dogs to have if you have time and are active and have plenty of love and attention, but that goes with all pets.
    I love my Pups and hopefully we have a long lasting loyal loving friendly relationship, I O E N O about Lady Highland she kinda out there..

  12. If you have ever met a blue nose pit bull then there is a high chance that you will want to adopt one immediately.

  13. My blue nose pitbulls names Rocco and he is a rescue dog that I adopted at the age of almost 2 years old and this dog is absolutely the best dog I’ve ever owned in my life I’ve had four other pitbulls in my life and this one is an absolute Joy everyday and I take him with me everywhere I go and I can’t go anywhere without someone saying what a beautiful dog is and wanting to come up and talk to me about him even driving down the road when people see him through the window they want to say something about him I have children to 90 year old women who say that Rocco is the most beautiful dog they’ve ever seen and to tell you the truth it’s quite a challenge for me because it takes up a lot of extra time having to stop and talk to everyone just can’t help themselves to my dog blue nose pitbulls are absolutely the best breed that I have ever owned anyone who is looking to own one of these dogs should be very excited to know that they are getting a dog who is going to love them unconditionally and show more affection any human whatever and has ever to me it’s like having a dog who just loves attention and loves to be coddled and petted but like I said it takes up a lot of time talking to so many people on a daily basis about how great rocko is and how he is one of the most beautiful dogs people have ever seen I would definitely suggest anyone adopt one of these dogs for their 12 to 14 years life because it will be 12 to 14 years of nothing but joy

  14. Our son found our Blu nose pit bull in a chain link fence. We were out of town and he called to tell us he was bringing her home. I thought I put my foot down but we still have her. She is so tame, warm loving and our life. I agree that she might go with anyone,which scares us.
    The unfortunate thing is we can’t take her anywhere off leash like a lot of dog owners due to the bad rap they have been given. Question:In the last few weeks she has been dropping blood from her behind I believe. We have checked her whole body but it seems like it is the butt. Any suggestions?


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