Can Dogs Have Jalapenos Safely?

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When it comes to peppers that people like to include in different kinds of dishes they prepare and foods they cook, there are tons of different kinds of peppers that come to mind.

For example, you have Serrano peppers, Cayenne peppers, Habanero peppers, Bell peppers and, the subject of today’s article, Jalapeno peppers.

Given the fact that certain kinds of peppers such as bell peppers can make for an excellent and safe treat for Fido, while other types of peppers are strictly off limits for canines at all times, on which side of these two extremities do Jalapenos stand?

Are Jalapenos Safe For Dogs To Eat?

Because Jalapenos are considered to be spicy peppers and not sweet peppers, the answer to that question is NO, canines can’t safely eat Jalapenos without the risk of negative effects taking place.

A Jalapeno pepper in and of itself doesn’t have any properties that are poisonous to dogs, they’re just bad for them because of their spicy taste and nature, given that the digestive system of canines aren’t used to process foods of spicy nature.

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As we’ve already covered so far on this website in several different articles about different foods and ingredients dogs can and can’t be safely given, anything spicy in taste and nature should remain off limits when it comes to your pooch’s diet because of digestive system trouble just waiting to happen.

If you’re considering feeding your pup Jalapenos because of possible health benefits you’ve heard from someone else that these peppers could offer your pet, then forget about it because any health benefits that Jalapenos have to offer dogs are very minimal and are just not worth going through the risk of digestive trouble [1] in order to achieve.

Yes, while Jalapenos do indeed offer a wide variety of health benefits for you and I, these health benefits aren’t exactly true to the same extent in canines because of the difference in how their digestive system functions than ours.

If you’re considering feeding your dog Jalapenos because of the taste, whether that be as a standalone snack or incorporated from time to time into their food as an enhancement to change things up a bit, then shifting to giving your dog bell peppers is a much better and safer option that you can feel relaxed about doing.

Many pet owners seek to give their dogs Jalapeno peppers by adding some to their food and believing their dogs will enjoy the special taste and fiery heat that comes along with it, but they don’t realize how dangerous this is and how much of a bad practice it is in reality.

Even if you have fed your furry friend Jalapenos before in tiny amounts and you’ve noticed that they liked it and nothing bad seemed to happen to them, chances are you might not be this lucky next time when bad side effects are bound to happen.

When given to canines to eat in moderation, bell peppers don’t give them anywhere nearly as much stomach ache as Jalapeno peppers do, so you won’t have to worry about your little one being in pain because of something they ate.

You also won’t have to worry about your dog vomiting or experiencing diarrhea [2] when given bell peppers to eat in moderation, unlike the case with Jalapeno peppers where the risk of vomiting and/or diarrhea in animals is very high.

What Do I Do If My Dog Ate Jalapenos?

If your pooch managed to eat Jalapenos, there are a few things you should be doing as their owner, but everything will ultimately depend on how much Jalapenos they managed to eat in the first place.

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If they only managed to eat a few slices of Jalapenos and not too much, then chances are that the most they’ll experience is a little bit of gastrointestinal upset and some symptoms that come along with it.

In this case, what you should be doing as their owner is actively monitoring them for these symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea, etc ..) and giving them access to all the water they need for the day, as that will greatly help out.

If, however, you know that your canine managed to consume much more than just a few slices of Jalapenos, then it’s probably best that you get into contact with a veterinarian about this issue, seeing as more complex measures may need to be taken to prevent extreme digestive system problems in your dog.

Also, it should be noted that if your pet is allergic to Jalapenos and they managed to eat even a tiny amount of Jalapeno peppers, this could lead to very dangerous negative consequences just because of this allergy.

Although your canines should not be eating peppers, like jalapenos, you are safe to do so and even encouraged to eat them!

Watch this video to learn the benefits of eating spicy food for humans:


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