Can Dogs Eat Lettuce? (Effects Of Lettuce On Your Pup)

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Make a salad with some lettuce in it or put some greens in a sandwich you’re preparing, and you might just find your furry friend right there next to you wanting to eat with you! Believe it or not, canines actually like to eat lettuce, even in its plainest form and without anything else to eat along with it.

For us humans, leafy greens are one of the healthiest and most nutritious vegetables out there, but is it the same for dogs and puppies? Can dogs have lettuce? And is lettuce good for dogs?

Can Dogs Have Lettuce? Is Lettuce Safe For Dogs?

YES, dogs can eat it and it’s completely safe for them to do so.

Be it any form of lettuce, from Icebergs to Romaines, dogs can eat them all equally well and lettuce doesn’t pose any sort of toxicity risk to your dog whatsoever.

However, feeding your dog these greens isn’t something you’re going to want to do very often, because lettuce isn’t exactly the easiest of vegetables for your dog to properly chew on and digest.

Best Way To Feed Lettuce To Your Dog

First of all and before you do anything else, thoroughly and carefully wash the vegetable first to make sure any leftover chemicals and bacteria are gone with the wind.

When it comes to eating lettuce, just like we have our preferential parts when it comes to any food, canines also have the same.

Some dogs absolutely love the crunchier parts of the lettuce more than the softer parts (like the leaves), other dogs have it the other way around, while other furry friends love it all!

Give some lettuce to your buddy and find out what they like most for yourself, as no two dogs are the same when it comes to stuff like this.

Giving Dogs Lettuce Within A Salad

Some dog owners prefer to give their dogs leafy greens within the context of a salad.

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However, one thing that must be said is that some people like to give their dogs leftover salad which contains lettuce.

This is WRONG and should NOT be done, because the dressing isn’t always safe for your dog to eat and might cause a lot of complications and health issues.

And, most dressings just contain a whole lot of extra calories that are bad for your dog and are not beneficial in any way, shape or form, and will just make them more prone to obesity.

This is why it’s always best to feed your dog lettuce as it is, in it’s plainest most simple form, or include it in the context of a salad but make sure that all ingredients included are safe for your dog to eat.

Small Pieces Or Whole Lettuce For Dogs

Also, when it comes to portion size, you must always keep in mind that dogs and puppies have a hard time properly consuming and digesting vegetables if eaten in whole pieces.

If you give your dog vegetables like carrots, broccoli, or potatoes in whole pieces, they will have a hard time consuming and digesting them properly, and will be at risk of health dangers, most importantly of which is choking and intestinal blockage.

So, cut the lettuce down into small pieces and give those to your dog.

Why Is Steamed Lettuce Is The Best Option?

Some dog owners also like to steam the salad, especially if their dogs are sensitive to raw vegetables, since steaming the lettuce makes it much easier for your dog to properly digest it without any complications.

Steaming the lettuce is also the most recommended way when it comes to feeding your dog greens, because of the fact that the majority of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients are preserved this way, won’t be lost and your dog’s body will be able to properly absorb them.

The problem with canines eating raw lettuce is that most dogs have quite a hard time properly chewing leaves before they swallow them, which ultimately means that their bodies won’t be getting all the nutritional value that lettuce has to offer.

When not properly chewed before swallowing, the lettuce your dog eats will most probably make its way out of their body the same way it made its way into their body, not benefiting them much in the process.

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Sure, by steaming it you’re going to be “depriving” your dog from that awesome crunchy feeling they get from eating some parts of the lettuce – but think about it, is it really worth it to give your dog that crunchy feeling while depriving them of valuable nutrients and minerals they could have got?

So, to ensure your dog’s getting all the benefit lettuce has to offer them, steam it before you feed it to Fido.

Don’t worry about your dog being bothered because the lettuce has got soft all of a sudden, most dogs won’t care much about this issue and will just be happy you gave them the lettuce to eat.

How Much Lettuce Is Safe For Dogs To Eat?

Go easy on the lettuce and don’t give your dog too much of it, because that will likely lead to diarrhea and a host of other digestive issues in your dog’s system.

Start off by giving your dog small amounts of the greens, such as adding a small spoonful of tiny-cut, shredded pieces to one of your dog’s meals.

If your dog eats the lettuce without later getting diarrhea or starting to vomit, you can keep giving them this leafy green from time to time.

Before adding any new food to your dog’s diet, it’s always a best practice to talk to your veterinarian and make sure your furry friend doesn’t have any condition that prevents them from eating lettuce.

Watch this video to see how much this pup loves to eat lettuce!

How Is Lettuce Good For Dogs? – Nutritional Benefits


  • Has vitamin A
  • Has vitamin C
  • Has vitamin K
  • Contains folate
  • Contains beta carotine
  • Has a very good amount of fiber, which helps your dog ease constipation if they’re suffering from it and helps keep your dog’s bowel movements as smooth as they can be
  • Is very low in calories, which makes it virtually impossible for your puppy to eat too much of and get overweight

So now you have discovered how nutritious lettuce is for your dog why not take a look at our article on can dogs eat squash? to find out the benefits or harmful effects it may have on your pet.


  1. My pitt bull recently underwent surgery from a blockage in her intestines. We have a lizard that we feed romaine lettuce and she liked eating th end prices of th stalks. These got clumped together in her stomach and lodged like a cork into her intestines and caused a blockage. She began throwing up a neon green bile that smelled as though it should have been coming out thearly other end. They had to cut her open and remove this mass of romaine stalk from her intestine. She is recovering well bit I wanted to share this story to save other pet parents from this horrible incidence.

  2. I never thought that dogs could eat lettuce, but one day I made a salad and this was before I put the dressing on, my dogs got to it, and ate just about everything, including lettuce. I don’t use the iceberg lettuce as it goes bad too fast, for our salad use, I buy the romaine lettuce, I wash it, and split a leaf between my two dogs, they seem to enjoy that for their snack, they even sit in front of the fridge door to let me know they’d like a snack.

  3. We have desert tortoise we feed romaine to and other veggies…our doggie races to eat all of it…and refuses to eat his dog food. The vet says there is nothing wrong physically with our dog…and laughs off that he loves to eat the lettuce. Sometimes out of desperation we will hand feed our dog it’s dog food…but…sometimes he just won’t eat it. If we feed him table scraps he will it that. It’s so frustrating…do you have any suggestions ?

    • Hi Irisse, I usually set aside some carrots, peas, chicken, apple, or baked potato (without the apple or potato skin) and finely chop it up (one, dome, or all ingredients together) and mix in 1 tablespoon of it into my pooches crunchies and he eats it all….. Otherwise he doesn’t eat his crunchies at all for a couple days, or I’ve had to hand feed him in the past, or even turn it into a game just so he’ll eat; by tossing a kibble across the room one by one and he’ll chase it down and eat it. I don’t have time anymore to be tossing individual crunchies all over the house. LoL! Anyhow, that’s how I solved my dogs eating disorder


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