French Bulldog Cost: What To Look For In The Price

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Since you’re reading this article and are wondering to yourself exactly how much do French Bulldogs cost, it’s safe to say that you’re most probably at an advanced stage and have already made your decision a long time ago to add a French Bulldog to your household and family.

Now, all that’s left is for you to know the price of a French Bulldog puppy to see if you’re able to spend that kind of money on it now or you’re best off postponing this purchase for sometime in the future when your financial status is a bit more relaxed.

How Much Do French Bulldogs Cost?

The short answer to this question is that, depending on a whole host of factors, French Bulldog prices can range from anywhere between 1500$ to 8000$. On average, the normal price of a French Bulldog is going to be between 1500$ to 3000$, while anywhere from 3000$ to 8000$ is considered to be a premium and is when you should start asking some questions and raising some doubts.

Specifically beware of any breeder you come in contact with that’s offering to sell you their French Bulldog for a price under 1500$, though, as there almost always will be something wrong with the one they’re selling you.

Either the French Bulldog puppy is plagued with hidden, severe health problems that will clearly show themselves with time, the young dog comes from a puppy mill, etc..

The point is, do your homework very well on this one and don’t just opt for the cheapest French Bulldog you can find, as there’s a really good chance you’re going to be throwing your hard earned money down the drain that way.

Generally speaking, a healthy and normal French Bulldog shouldn’t be offered to you to buy for less than 2000$, in which case a red flag should go off on your radar and you should be suspicious.

If you were, however, to decide to adopt a French Bulldog rescue from a shelter instead of buying a new French Bulldog puppy, then you’ll spend anywhere from 200$ to 800$ in adoption costs and fees.

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The following list aims to lay out some of the most common factors you should take into consideration that may have a large effect on what the price of a French Bulldog puppy you end up being asked to pay by a breeder.

Breeder Quality: Depending on who the breeder you’re actually buying from is, the price of a French Bulldog can differ dramatically.

If you want to be as safe as possible in making sure you’re getting your money’s worth when paying for a French Bulldog puppy, then the safest route you could go with is doing business with a breeder that has their French Bulldog registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club).

It’s your duty to ask any breeder you want to do business with to provide you proof that the French Bulldog puppy they’re selling you is registered with the American Kennel Club, or else you run the risk of being cheated out of your money.

You should also keep in mind that breeders can have high costs of operation when it comes to properly taking care of their French Bulldog puppies, which is true when we’re talking about high quality dog breeders that actually look after the health and well being of their newborn French Bulldogs and don’t neglect them in the hopes of keeping costs down as much as possible in order to maximize profit on the eventual sale.

So, a high quality breeder that has previously taken very good care of their French Bulldog puppy and has incurred significant costs while doing so has all the right in the world to charge a higher price tag than lower quality breeders who were doing quite the opposite all along.

Breeder & Customer Location: The French Bulldog price can also differ dramatically based on where you and the breeder you’re buying from are located at the time of purchase.

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If you live in the United States, the price of a French Bulldog puppy may not be the same to the price of a French Bulldog puppy being sold in another country.

The price might be more or it might be less.

Also, if you and the breeder you’re buying your French Bulldog from reside in the same area, then you won’t have to factor in much transportation costs into the equation, since any will be negligible.

However, if you and the breeder you’re purchasing your French Bulldog from reside in different states, then transportation costs is definitely something you should be aware of.

One very important thing you always have to keep in mind when factoring in transportation costs to the overall cost of a French Bulldog you want to buy is that this dog cannot be flown with you in an airplane.

So, if you’re planning to do a deal with a breeder in a whole different state, keep that in mind, as the only way you’ll be able to get your French Bulldog in that case is if you can make it to the breeder by land, or vice versa.

Availability: What’s one of the most important issues that affect the price of anything that can be bought or sold? How available (or, on the other hand, scarce) it is at the time.

If there’s a wide abundance of French Bulldogs being sold everywhere in the city or area you live in, and supply exceeds demand, then you can safely assume that you’ll be able to get yourself a bargain.

On the other hand, if French Bulldogs are scarce in the city or area you live in, and demand for them is significantly higher than supply, then you’re unfortunately going to have to pay a premium price for them.

In general, French Bulldogs aren’t that widely available (unlike other dog breeds out there that are much easier to come by), which explains the usually higher-than-average price tag associated with them.

The amount of breeders that actually know what they’re doing and actually breed 100% authentic French Bulldogs aren’t many out there, which is why they charge a premium for their French Bulldogs in comparison to the many breeders out there that claim they have a real French Bulldog to sell you, but in reality it’s not an authentic French Bulldog you’re getting for the money you’re spending.

Apart from the fact that not many breeders out there have authentic French Bulldogs to offer people like you who are looking to buy one, there’s also the fact that it’s significantly more difficult to breed for healthy French Bulldogs than is the case when compared other breeds out there.

This is an issue which also gives high quality breeders that breed healthy French Bulldogs all the right to charge a premium price tag in comparison to other breeders that have French Bulldogs plagued with health problems that make themselves apparent later on in life.

Proper Delivery: One very important issue you should know about French Bulldogs is that they’re one of the most difficult breeds out there to be delivered via natural birth methods.

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In fact, delivering French Bulldogs through natural methods is almost impossible and almost always results in failure or severe health complications for both the delivering mother as well as the French Bulldog baby(ies).

This is why high quality breeders that actually care about the health of the French Bulldog mother as well as her babies will always opt for delivery through a c-section, which means significantly additional costs they have to bear – costs that will also reflect on the price tag they will want to charge you when the time comes to make a deal.

Popularity: Just like absolutely anything else that may come to mind that can be sold by someone and bought by someone else, the price of French Bulldogs can also greatly differ depending on when they’re “hot” and when they’re not.

Coat Color: One of the most influential physical aspects that ends up determining the final price of a French Bulldog puppy that a breeder will charge you is their coat color.

French Bulldogs do sometimes tend to come in very unique and appealing colors, most common being blue, much different than the usual plain white fur color. This drives many people crazy and gets them willing to pay a significant premium just for their coat color.

Generally speaking, French Bulldog breeders will tend to charge a higher price if their customers ask for one with a specific coat color (as well as other specific physical characteristics, for that matter).

The more detailed you get about your French Bulldog’s coat color, and assuming the breeder you’re buying your French Bulldog from is able to meet your demands, the higher price you can expect to be charged.

Since we’re talking about French Bulldog colors, you should really be very careful since many breeders nowadays are offering French Bulldogs with all kinds of crazy, rare and unique colors that customers seem to really appreciate and seem to be very willing to pay more money for.

In many cases, these French Bulldogs are not bred the correct way they should be bred in order to lead a normal, healthy life, just so they can be born with these colors and be sold for much more money.

Not only will you be wasting your money in such cases on buying a French Bulldog that hasn’t been bred the correct way, you’ll also have one that will suffer from all kinds of nasty allergies.

Different Breeders, Different Prices: Logically speaking, you should never just go with the first breeder you come in contact with that has a French Bulldog to sell you at a certain price.

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In order to get the best possible asking price for a French Bulldog that’s within your budget, you should ideally contact several different breeders, engage in a conversation with them about the puppies/dogs they want to sell, ask whatever questions you have in mind and try to see which deal ends up proving to be the best for you.

Adopt, Don’t Shop

Of course, and this should really go without saying, but we always like to remind our readers of the motto we live by each and every day, which is “adopt, don’t shop”.

There are already tons and tons of fascinating French Bulldogs that have been rescued by kind shelters, ones that are waiting for a new home before it’s too late and they have to be euthanized to make space for a newcomer.

So, if you’re able to, adopt a French Bulldog from a rescue near you instead of spending money on one.

If you’ve decided to adopt a French Bulldog puppy or dog from a rescue shelter instead of buying one from a breeder, then besides you deserving a huge round of applause for this very humane act you’re doing, there’s one thing you should keep in mind regarding the AKC paperwork proof we talked about above in the article.

The only instance in which you should ask for proof that the puppy you’re take home with you is registered with the American Kennel Club is when you’re actually spending money on a French Bulldog and are paying a breeder to sell one to you.

When you’re offering a home to a French Bulldog dog or puppy that’s in a rescue shelter, it should really go without saying that rarely will you ever find one that comes with proof of registration with the AKC, as their previous neglectful owners decided to get rid of them a long time ago and leave them to their fate, without any sort of identification or paperwork to be found.

A rescue shelter that once took a homeless dog off the streets is only able to give you what they were able to find, which is only the dog itself.

If you’re still having doubts about rescuing a dog, check out this video!

How Much Are French Bulldogs After Purchase?

Taking into consideration and calculating how much a French Bulldog will cost you doesn’t stop at the front end purchase price when you hand over whatever sum of money you agreed on with your breeder and they give you your French Bulldog puppy or dog in exchange.

In reality and when calculating how much a French Bulldog will cost you, you should also take into consideration expenses you will need to incur down the line and throughout your French Bulldog’s lifespan.

So, with that said, let’s talk about a few issues you need to keep in mind.

First of all, and this ties in hand in hand with what we noted above about how there are only a few dog breeders out there selling French Bulldogs that know exactly how to breed for these dogs the right way so that they don’t suffer any health complications during their lifetimes, this is unfortunately only the exception to the rule.

In general, there are many breeders out there who don’t know how to breed for French Bulldogs the right way and, what this ends up causing is it leads to severe health complications down the line.

What does this mean to you, exactly? More veterinary bills, more money spent on medication for your French Bulldog, possible surgeries, etc ..

So, just keep in mind that the chances of your French Bulldog puppy developing health complications throughout the years isn’t exactly low, and you should be confident that if need be, you’re able to spend the required money on their health and well being.

Not to mention all the costs associated with your French Bulldog’s food that you should be regularly stacking up on, as well as all the accessories, equipment and toys they need for you to supply them with on a regular basis. You get the point.

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