Pomeranian Price Range: How Much is That Doggy?

Have you been planning to get a new Pomeranian or ‘teddy bear’ dog? Look no further. This guide highlights the price range for the Pomeranian toy dog breed.


Toy dogs like Shih Tzus, Yorkshire Terriers, and toy poodles are a beauty to behold, but the Pomeranian is the true epitome of all the cuteness and innocence that exists in the canine world. Known as the Teacup Pomeranian, this tiny species looks so adorable that it’s hard not to fall in love with at first sight. It is thus not surprising that the Pomeranian was ranked one of the cutest dog breeds by the American Kennel Club. He’s energetic, lively, and has a personality so much bigger than his diminutive size.

With their fluffy coats and teddy bear-like eyes, Pomeranians are also the best gift that you could give to a loved one. Are you running out of ideas for New Year Gifts to get for your friends and family? Why not get a Pom for that friend, who’s always obsessed with pets. If you have already decided to buy a Pomeranian, only one question remains: How much are Pomeranians? The following is an overview of Pomeranian history and price.

The Cost of Pomeranians

The price of a Pom will differ depending on a couple of factors. The biggest of these aspects is whether the Pomeranian is a pup, adult, or senior dog. Other factors that come into play when establishing the price of a Pom is whether it’s purebred from a reputable breeder.

PuppyFind reports that Pomeranians price range between $500 and $4000. Nonetheless, you can narrow down this value to between $600 and $1500, which is the price for the majority of them. If your budget is under $500, your best bet is to look for an older Pomeranian. Let’s examine the cost of this toy breed based on its age.

How Much Do Pomeranian Puppies Cost?

If you’re considering getting a Pomeranian pup from a reputable breeder, then he should be between six and eight weeks. This is the ideal small dog age bracket as it gives your Pom a chance to adjust to his new environment. Ideally, this puppy is already familiar with the world around him and eager to learn new things. Also, a pom at this age has already been weaned, therefore, training and taking care of him will be a breeze.

The majority of individuals like purchasing Pomeranians when they are still puppies because of the benefits they confer. Besides, the idea of having a puppy pom grow up in your home is incredibly satisfying. And although getting a puppy is the wisest choice, it’s a factor that can cause Pomeranian price to go through the roof. On average, the price of a Pomeranian puppy is $1000. The cost may increase if you factor in the health necessities of a young pooch.

How Much is a Pomeranian Dog?

If you would like an older Pomeranian, the easiest way to go about this is through adoption. Purchasing an adult pom is convenient if you don’t want the hassle associated with training puppies. Also, if you’re just looking for a laid-back family atmosphere, your best bet is to go for the adult pom.

You can look for pom rescues or keep tabs on the listings at your local pet shelter. That way, if anyone is looking to sell his pom, you’ll be the first one to know. Doing so provides you with a budget-friendly alternative to purchasing a Pomeranian. Most shelters and rescues will only ask for reimbursement for the expenses incurred when the pom was in their care, meaning they sell these poms cheaply.

Usually, adoption pets are inexpensive and can be purchased for as low as $300. Most poms reach between 12 and 16 years. With such a long life, the Pomeranian is an excellent choice for adopting.

Should You Get a Purebred Pomeranian?

There are tons of decisions to make when purchasing a Pomeranian. One of these resolutions entails getting a purebred or mixed-breed Pomeranian. Each type has its fair share of merits and limitations.

According to the American Pomeranian Club, you need to be very cautious when choosing a mixed breed Pomeranian. The reason for this is that such a pom portrays traits from both breeds. As such, you should find out about the other breed so as to gauge your dog’s character. It does not necessarily mean that mixed-breed poms are terrible.

In contrast, purebred will have that classic Pomeranian look. The fewer the blemishes in the pom, the higher its price will be. Moreover, poms with rare and exotic colors are likely to cost you an arm and a leg. Learn more about the characteristics of a Pomeranian by checking out

Other Factors to Consider


The location of where you purchase your Pomeranian from will also come into play. The price of Pomeranians varies from one state to another for the simple reason that each region has its set of regulations. For instance, if the regulation fees in a particular area are high, the breeder will also raise the Pomeranian price.


The individual who coined the phrase ‘timing is everything’ must have been thinking of purchasing a Pomeranian. Few pet lovers know this but the price of a pom also varies depending on the season. Breeders reduce Pomeranian prices during winter because their demand is low at this time. If you’re looking to purchase a purebred or puppy pom at a decent price, you should wait until winter when breeders are likely to reduce pricing.


Some people opt to purchase Pomeranians from different states because of their low costs in these areas. If this is the route you’re taking, remember to factor in the expense of shipping. However, if you are getting the pom locally, you can simply bring him to his new home by yourself.

Other Costs to Consider

The Setup Cost

In introducing a new member to your household, you will incur the same cost whether your pom is a puppy or adult. Aside from the type of feed, you will have to buy similar pet accessories such as a bed, crate, collar, and leash. You should also invest in monthly supplies to protect your pooch from fleas and ticks.


You will only incur this expense if you bought a Pomeranian puppy. You should not neglect your pup’s series of vaccinations as this may make him susceptible to a host of diseases. Based on his age, Pomeranian pups receive three sets of vaccines between 6 and 16 weeks of age. The older the pom, the fewer the vaccines you have to administer. Most pom owners spend a minimum of $75 and $100 on the high spectrum to complete the dog’s vaccination.

Neutering and Spaying

If you bought your Pomeranian before he’d celebrated his sixth birthday, it’s advisable that you get him neutered. Spaying helps in preventing territorial markings. Toy breeds such as the Pomeranian are slightly more difficult to housetrain than other dogs. As such, if you get your male pom neutered before he starts jumping around, your carpet will appreciate this deed. Usually, a complication-free neutering surgery costs between $100 and $150 for Pomeranians.


Training is mandatory if you want your Pomeranian to grow up being a well-behaved pooch. Now, if you adopted the pom, most shelters schedule discounted training classes through their facilities. If you bought elsewhere, you will have to look for a training center near you or hire a personal trainer at your own cost in addition to the Pomeranian price.

Quick Note on Pomeranian’s Healthcare

If neither you nor your friend has ever taken care of a Pomeranian before, then there are a few points to keep in mind. As a result of his petite size, a Pomeranian needs extra care. The main health issue affecting poms and other toy breeds is injury. He may slip from your laps, fall off from the kitchen counter, get hit by a table or be stepped on by a larger pet. To avoid all these, you should monitor your Pomeranian constantly.

Pomeranians are also prone to a number of health problems. More specifically, poms have the highest risk of getting patella luxation, which refers to loose knee joints. If you suspect that your pom has this condition, you should visit your vet immediately. You should also discourage his jumping from elevated surfaces.


Overall, purchasing a Pomeranian can be an expensive affair. But there are a few tricks to get this adorable pet at a decent price. For one, consider purchasing during winter. The price of Pomeranians falls drastically in winter and spring due to low demand. Purchasing a mixed-breed Pomeranian is likely to cost you less than if you were buying a purebred one.

Pet experts advise buyers to keep an eye out for prices that seem too high or too low. A low-priced Pomeranian could mean two things. Probably, the dog is suffering from a severe—maybe even an incurable—condition. Two, the Pomeranian was sourced from a puppy mill. On the other hand, very high prices could mean that the organization or the breeder selling you the pom is a scam. The primary factors that will determine the price of a pom are his age, your location, the season and whether or not he’s purebred.


  1. I like your point about the American Pomeranian Club saying that I need to be cautious about choosing a mixed breed pomeranian because the pom will portray traits form both breeds. I am in the market for a purebred pomeranian but I was open to mixed breeds. I will be sure to keep this fact in mind during my search for a lovely puppy to join my family.


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