German Shepherd Doberman Mix (A.K.A Doberman Shepherd Mix)

The German Shepherd Doberman Mix, also notorious for its nickname the Doberman Shepherd dog, is a very large to giant cross-breed that results from cross breeding a German Shepherd parent and a Doberman Pinscher parent.

Whoever first bred this cross-breed has in mind combining the best traits from both parents (such as the excellent guard dog ability of the German Shepherd and the very high intelligence levels of the Doberman Pinscher), while taking the best physical traits of both worlds as well.

German Shepherd Doberman Mix Appearance

Size, Height & Weight

On average, a German Shepherd Doberman Mix adult dog will be of large to gigantic size, weighing anywhere between 90-110 lbs and standing anywhere between 22-24 inches tall.


The Doberman German Shepherd  Mix dog is known for its beautiful, silky coat that it gets from the combination of the two coats of its parents.

Generally speaking, most German Shepherd Doberman Mix dogs will have a coat that looks much like their Doberman parents, with the most common colors that their coat comes in being brown and black, each being its own solid color.

German Shepherd Doberman Mix Temperament

Activities They’re Known To Participate In

Much thanks to the good genetics this dog gets from both its German Shepherd and Doberman Pinscher parents, they are known to do very well in activities such as:

  • Herding
  • Racing
  • Sighting
  • Military tasks

Exercise & Physical Activity

For a dog as large, strong and muscular as this one, the German Shepherd Doberman Mix will need to get decent amounts of exercise and physical activity under its belt each and every day to remain healthy, both on a physical and mental level.

Add to that the fact that both their parents, the German Shepherd dog and the Doberman Pinscher dog are very well known to be used as working dogs, that fact right there has just doubled their need for adequate amounts of exercise every day.

It would be perfect if you yourself are a physically active person, as you could get your dog in on much of the physical activities and exercise routines you do on a daily basis and use this time to hit two birds with one stone – getting physical activity for yourself and for your dog, and spending quality time with your German Shepherd Doberman Mix as well.

Being as big as it is in terms of size, the German Shepherd Doberman Mix will need to live in a property that has a large backyard to offer them, as they’re gigantic dogs that need lots of space that an apartment can’t offer.

Watchdog & Guard Dog

Besides its very large size and look that instills fear in anyone that gets on its bad side, the German Shepherd Doberman Mix is an excellent watchdog and guard dog that will gladly bark to let you know about a dangerous situation (such as an intruder being present).

This dog is also an excellent guard dog because besides its sheer size and tremendous body power, all it takes is one look in the eye from this dog and any intruder will be long gone before you even know it.

We’re not saying that the German Shepherd Doberman Mix is a monster that will go around attacking people to death, we’re just saying that you don’t want to do stuff you shouldn’t be doing to a household with this dog in it.

One of the things that sets this dog from other dogs that excel as watchdogs and guard dogs is their exemplary hearing abilities, as the German Shepherd Doberman Mix is able to hear and detect suspicious movement from a very far distance.

One of the few things that also makes this dog a guard dog like no other is its superb loyalty and fierce courage that it shows during the most dangerous of times.

Unlike other dogs that don’t have such a courageous personality, the German Shepherd Doberman Mix is willing to stare death in the face if that’s what it means to protect its owner from harm.

So don’t expect this dog to leave you to save yourself, it will literally put its own life on the line to save yours.

If anything, this dog has to be trained to calm it down a bit and realize that not every dangerous situation you’re faced with is a reason to give it their all, and that they have to choose their battles wisely.


In general, anyone training the German Shepherd Doberman Mix will have fun while at it, because of the reason that this dog tends to happily obey commands given to it, and is smart enough to fully understand the command and what’s required of them in less repetitions than other dogs.

Just keep in mind that with any dog as large as this, you always want to complete its training when they’re still young, small puppies and haven’t grown out to their full potential when they become adults.

It’s much easier for you, me and anybody else to properly train a smaller dog than it is to handle and train a dog as large as the German Shepherd Doberman Mix adult.

Socializing this dog from a young age is also a very important thing to do so that they grow up to distinguish between which animals they come across pose a potential threat to them and which animals they come across don’t pose any danger to them.

German Shepherd Doberman Mix Health

The German Shepherd Doberman Mix dog is known to easily suffer from obesity, which is something that’s very commonly stated in all our articles in which we discuss large-sized dog breeds, given the fact that they have monstrous appetites and can gobble down enormous amounts of food in no time if their owners aren’t feeding them an organized diet.

A German Shepherd Doberman Mix is expected to live for around 10-13 years, which is just around an average lifespan for a dog as large as this.

Doberman German Shepherd Mix Living Conditions

Unlike smaller sized dog breeds that we’ve talked about before on this website, the German Shepherd Doberman Mix may not be exactly the dog you want to go with if you’re mainly getting a dog for your kids.

If getting a dog for your kids is what you’re after, then the German Shepherd Doberman Mix is a bit too gigantic for them and there are much smaller sized dogs that could be a better fit.

However, this is not to say that if all you and your kids ever wanted was a German Shepherd Doberman Mix then you can’t add one to the family, that’s not at all the case.

If you could take it upon yourself to raise your German Shepherd Doberman Mix with children, that would do them a world of good when it comes to them learning how to play with these kids even when they grow up and become much more physically strong.

Or, you could ask your breeder whether or not the German Shepherd Doberman Mix adult dog you want to buy has been raised with kids when they were a young puppy, and to what extent they are comfortable playing around with kids.

Make sure you’re able to spend enough time with this dog every day and that you don’t leave them all alone, because that will only have them developing separation anxiety.

Much of this dog’s potential to develop separation anxiety is inherited from its Doberman Pinscher parent.

Also, keep in mind that this dog takes much to its Doberman Pinscher parent when it comes to it disliking fairly cold weather.

If you live in a place that tends to get very cold at times, then keep your German Shepherd Doberman Mix dog inside the house somewhere warm so they can stay comfortable.

German Shepherd Doberman Mix Care

The German Shepherd Doberman Mix is known to be a relatively low shedding dog, which makes it an excellent choice for people who get allergic when their dogs shed excessively (especially the case during shedding season).

Despite the fact that the German Shepherd Doberman Mix is a low shedding fella, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take care of its fur.

On the contrary, it’s best that you keep a regular, frequent schedule of brushing its fur in order to maintain its high quality look and feel, although that schedule doesn’t have to be as strict and as frequent as it would have had your dog been a heavy shedding one.



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