The Silver Lab: Unusual, Stunning, and Just as Sweet as Any Labrador


It's no secret that Silver Lab puppies are one of the most stunning dogs “breeds” out there. But where did these dogs come from? And how do they differ from other Labradors?

If you're considering a Silver Labrador puppy, these might be some of the questions running through your head. In this article, we will attempt to answer them and many more.

Read on to learn more about this striking dog.


A Silver Labrador is a variation on the traditional Labrador Retrievers. It is called "silver" because of its elegant gray coat, though they are also known as Charcoal Labradors.

The coat of these Silver Lab puppies is not anything new in the breed. In fact, it is just the result of genetics. It is caused by a recessive gene that dilutes the color of the dog. In the same way that there is variation within Yellow Labradors, the “Silver” is variation in Chocolate and Black Labs. Most of the Silver Labs today are just a varied type of Chocolate.

Because of this, the Silver Lab is still considered a purebred dog by the American Kennel Club. You can even register it under the "Chocolate" category.

Silver Labs are a relatively new variation and are not yet accepted as a “breed standard” by the American Kennel Club. They weren't seen until the 1950s and even then they were slow to become popular. Now, however, the dog is gaining speed in the public and the demand for them is growing every year.


Silver labs, in fact, are not different from any other kind of Labrador Retriever. They are just as fun, loving, active, and goofy. The only difference between them is the color of their fur.

These Charcoal Lab dogs have an interesting gray coat that is rarely seen in Labradors. As a result, it will probably turn heads wherever you go! You can expect lots of questions about the color of the dog from strangers. They won’t be able to resist asking!

There can be some variation in how silver a Silver Lab is. If it is a dilution of a Black Lab, you can expect the dog to be darker and grayer. It will look similar to the color of graphite in a pencil. These are technically called “Charcoal Labs.”

If the dog is a dilution of a Chocolate Lab, it might retain some of the red and brown undertones. This gives the dog a bit of a ruddier look. These are the “true” Silver Labs.

Dilution is even possible in the Yellow Labs. These are called Champagne Labs and are simply a lighter and dustier yellow color.

Labradors are one of the most popular breeds out there. And this is for a good reason. They are adaptable dogs that make a great fit for almost any family. As long as you ensure that they get enough exercise, they can be great with children, older people or even singles.

Labradors were developed as retrieving dogs. This means that they have a special connection to humans that other breeds do not. They are extraordinarily loyal to their owners and bond quickly with their families.

It also means that they are extremely obedient. If trained correctly they will listen to their owner’s every word. This is why they are so often used as police and disability assistance dogs. After bonding and training, they will happily do whatever their owner asks!

However, this intelligence does come at a price. These dogs will get bored quickly and they need plenty of mental stimulation to stay happy. Without it, they can quickly become destructive. It’s not uncommon for Labs to chew on furniture, shoes, books or other belongings that are not toys. They can also knock over trash cans and wander through the neighborhood if you aren’t careful. You should also keep all food off of the counter or in airtight containers. These dogs are known for pulling bags to the floor and opening them up.

Regardless, these dogs are happy, joyful, and always ready to play. Silver labs will weigh anywhere between 55 and 80 pounds, depending on their sex. You can expect them to stand 21–24 inches and live 10–14 years.


Silver Labs are nearly perfect dogs. They will find a place in almost any family and be a great best friend for years to come. However, when it comes to training and exercise they can be somewhat difficult.

If you are looking for a dog that is easy to train, a Golden Retriever might be the better option for you. Labs are smart but they get bored and distracted easily. They also do not do well with repetitive tasks and will quickly walk away from something.

Though they enjoy pleasing their owners, they don’t have the same impulse to please that Golden Retrievers have. Instead, they are highly food-oriented and respond well to tasty treats as rewards. The combined use of a clicker and a treat as a reward helps the dog isolate exactly what they are doing well, leading to repeat the behavior.

This dog is best trained in short bursts. You should schedule a few short training sessions every day, spending only 10 or 15 minutes working each session. Otherwise, the dog will get bored and you might get frustrated.

When trained properly, though, Labs will be extremely obedient. They can also learn a lot very quickly. This makes them one of the most popular dogs for both disability assistance and police work.

If you want to buy a Silver Labrador, you should also expect to spend plenty of time exercising the dog. As a hunting animal, it is extremely active. Without exercise, all training efforts will fail.

Plan to spend at least 30-60 minutes with your dog outside every day. They can make great running partners, and enjoy going on long hikes. They don’t tire easily, so don’t be afraid to take young dogs out for a long time.

If you can’t take the dog running or biking, the park is also the perfect place. This is especially true if there is plenty of open space for fetch. This animal can play fetch for hours without getting bored. It’s what they were bred to do! If there is a lake or beach nearby throw a stick into the water. The dog will gladly jump in after it.


Silver Labs will make great pets for almost anyone. They are kid-friendly, loyal, and easy to train when compared to other breeds. They bond quickly with their owners and will leave an imprint on your heart forever.



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