All You Should Know About The Husky Australian Shepherd Mix

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The Australian Shepherd Husky Mix dog is a designer breed that comes to life as a result of cross breeding one Australian Shepherd parent with one Siberian Husky parent.

Throughout the remainder of this article below, we’ll be discussing and expanding on details related to the Australian Husky, such as what physical appearance features they are most known for, how their characters and personality types are, what living conditions they thrive best in and what environments they do best around, etc ..

So, whether you’re the new owner of a Husky Shepherd puppy and want to know what you can expect for the near future when this tiny little being grows up and becomes an adult dog, or you’re in the market for a designer breed and are looking to see if the Australian Shepherd Husky Mix dog is the right fit for you, this article has all the information you need to know of and more.


Which Parent Does the Aussie Husky Mix Take After?

Does this cross breed look more like an Australian Shepherd or more like a Siberian Husky?

This is probably the most common question anyone would ask when they’re in the market for this breed (or any cross breed really).

The problem is, this is one of those designer dog breed dogs that have a 50/50 chance of looking much more like one parent than the other.

So, it can’t be said that the Australian Husky Mix looks more like its Australian Shepherd parent or its Siberian Husky parent, as in one case the former may be true while in another case the latter may be true.

Size & Weight

Upon reaching the age of adulthood, you can expect this dog to weigh anywhere between 35 pounds to 65 pounds in weight, depending on a whole host of factors that come into play.

So, falling in between this range of weight, Australian Shepherd Husky Mix dogs can be considered to be medium sized.

Coat Color

Some of the most common coat colors that Husky Shepherd Puppies are born in are dark brown and light brown, silver, gray and black.

husky with blue eyes

Rarely does this canine ever come in one unified color all over their coat, as their coat is usually dominated by two colors, one color that dominates their chest area all the way to their stomach/belly, legs and paws (usually it’s the color white), and another color that dominates the rest of their body.


The Husky Australian Shepherd Mix dog isn’t officially recognized by the American Kennel Club since it’s not actually a purebred dog breed, but it is nonetheless recognized as a designer breed by the following institutions.

  • Dog Registry of America (DRA)
  • International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR)


As we always reiterate whenever we talk about any dog that came to life as a result of cross breeding between two different breeds, you can never be 100% certain about what the offspring’s personality, character traits and temperaments are going to be like.

With that being said, certain characteristics and personality traits have indeed been noted as very common between different Aussie Huskies throughout the years since the first canine from this crossbreed was born and documented, and we’ll be expanding on those characteristics and personality traits in this section below.

Exercise & Energy Levels

When it comes to the energy levels of this dog and whether or not they’re an active breed, you should know that this cross breed takes much after its Siberian Husky in this department, meaning that this is one physically active canine that likes to get up and move during the day.

The best type of exercise and physical activity you could ever give the Shepherd Husky is outdoors exercise, as this dog just loves the outdoors, the environment around them and everything that comes along with it.

As for energy levels, they are very well known for their sky-high energy levels that may get a little bit too out of hand at times and a bit too “hyper”, so if you’re not an energetic and lively person yourself, then this dog is probably not the best cross breed for you.


Being the offspring of a Siberian Husky, what else could one expect?

husky with tongue out

The Aussie Husky is known to have a stubborn side to it that often shows in different situations, such as during training time when they refuse to perform a certain action because they’re tired and/or don’t feel like doing it, or when you give put some dog food in their bowl but they give you a very hard time and refuse to eat it for whatever reason.

With that being said, and even though this canine can be stubborn at times, you shouldn’t face an exceptionally difficult time when it comes to training them, especially if you were to start off training them from a very young age.

The majority of Husky Shepherd owners have found that training this cross breed from a young age comes by very easily, since at young ages these dogs still haven’t completely developed their personalities yet and you have the chance to “chime in” before they ever get to develop their stubborn side and get used to imposing it on everyone all the time.

Guard Dogs

If what you’re looking for in a crossbreed is a guard dog, then you should know that the Australian Shepherd Husky Mix dogs have the abilities in them to make excellent guard dogs for homes.

One of the main reasons why these canines are capable of making excellent guard dogs is because of how vocal they tend to be in their nature, be that when it comes to their barking, howling, growling, etc ..

All of which mean that you will easily and instantly be alerted the moment any suspicious movement is happening around your house, again thanks to the impressive vocal abilities that the Australian Husky has in them.

Heavy Chewers

shepherd on couch

While not the heaviest of chewers or the most aggressive of chewing canines, these dogs nonetheless do like to take part in their fair share of chewing in their day to day lives, something which makes it of utmost important that any toys you get for the Husky Australian Shepherd Mix should be indestructible toys specifically designed for dogs that like to chew.

Living Conditions

Properly Fenced Backyard

One of the most important issues you have to be aware of if you’re planning to add an Australian Husky puppy to your household is that this dog LOVES to give it all their best in trying to escape from areas that have limitations to them, with the most obvious example in such a case is a backyard.

So, and for this reason, you have to make absolute sure that any backyard you allow your canine access to for any portion of the day should have a proper fence system installed that would deter even the smartest of escape masters, since this cross breed is nothing short of one.

This is very important for anyone to know if they’re planning to add this dog to their family and household, as this canine is medium sized that won’t be happy if left indoors and not given access to open areas outside the house where they can roam free in such as a backyard.

Here are some great ways to keep your dog active and properly exercised!

Other Dogs & Pets At Home

With the right dog or pet at home, you’ll be able to give the Shepherd Husky Mix a best friend that they’ll be able to play around, bond and have tons of fun with when you’re busy and they don’t feel like they need some company.

However, with the wrong dog or pet at home that’s not a good match for the Australian Shepherd Husky Mix, you’ll have a canine that would make many people think they are antisocial.

The right match for an Aussie Husky you have at home is almost always going to be a dog that is also energetic, outgoing and playful, but most importantly a dog that’s of similar size to this cross breed.

If you were to get a canine that’s not energetic, shy, and/or doesn’t like to play around much, they’ll make a terrible match as play buddies with your Husky Shepherd Mix and won’t get along at all.

As for the size issue, Shepherd Husky Mix dogs tend to be intimidated by canines larger than them in size, something that really hinders them from being outgoing and playful when larger sized pets are around.


Generally speaking, Husky Shepherds are expected to live a lifespan lasting anywhere between 10 to 13 years under normal circumstances.


  1. I have one myself. I’m so crazy about him. We have a German Shepard as well their best buddies. Love my fur babies. I have a lot of land so they can run which is important. They are very active,but their indoor dogs. They are also very intelligent.


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