The Best Bike Baskets For Dogs Up To 25 Lbs

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Finding the best and the safest dog bike basket for your four-legged fella may not be as easy as you think.  Fortunately for you, though, we've done the "digging around" part for you so you don't have to go through that trouble!

No matter whether you live an active life or just like to go for a bike ride every once in a while, it's always better to do that with company. Especially, with some barking one.

Because of the fact that the majority of bike dog baskets and carriers out there are designed for small sized pups that weigh less than 15 lbs, pet owners tend to find it difficult to come across bike baskets that support animals within the weight range specified above.

However, that doesn't mean they're not available, keep reading to see dog bike baskets for dogs up to 25 lbs.

Our 5 Favorite Bike Dog Carriers (For Up To 15, 20, & 25 Lbs)

While there are many dog basket for bikes options out there on the market for you to choose from, we've compiled this list of the best that weigh up to 15 lbs, 20 lbs & 25 lbs, and have specified which weight category each option is most ideal for.

Top Pick For Dogs Up To 15 Lbs: Solvit Deluxe Tagalong Basket
Pick #2 For Dogs Up To 15 Lbs: Snoozer Pet Sporty Dog Bike Basket
Top Pick For Dogs Up To 20 Lbs: Pet Pilot Dog Bike Basket
Top Pick For Dogs Up To 25 Lbs: Snoozer Pet Rider Rear Bicycle Seat





Solvit Deluxe Tagalong Sport Pet Bicycle Basket

Fits Hybrids

Snoozer Pet Products Sporty Dog Bike Basket

Lots of Storage

Pet Pilot Dog Bike Basket

Steel Frame

Snoozer Pet Rider Rear Bicycle Seat

Wood Support

*Note: The links in the table above, as well as several links in the remainder of the article below, will take you to over to where you can find out more information about the products, such as current prices and customer reviews.

Best Pet Bike Baskets For Dogs Up To 15, 20, & 25 Lbs
[A Closer Look Into Our Top 4 Picks]

Solvit Deluxe Tagalong Basket (For Dogs Up To 15 lbs) 

Solvit Deluxe Tagalong

Fits Hybrids: If you’re the type of pet owner that lives an active lifestyle – you’re a weekend warrior who does triathlons or participates in bike events on the weekends – then that means you have a hybrid bike with tri bars.

We've got good news for you, as this dog carrier will fit your bike with ease. This is important to mention because most of the pet carriers on the market will only fit standard bikes and not hybrids.

Leash and Accessories: It also comes with a leash, so that you won’t have to worry about your pup jumping into harm’s way if they attempt to jump out of the carrier while you're pedaling. The carrier also includes a padded strap – so that you can comfortably carry your dog on your shoulder.

Conservation Of Space: The PetsFit Pet Carrier comes with storage areas on the sides and can fold easily for storage purposes, conservation of space is always a plus.

Easy Install: There are so many products out there that prove to be a struggle to figure out and install. Not this one. It’s self-explanatory, you won’t need to wrestle with the instruction manual with this carrier.

Removable Sunshade: In case it gets sunny and you are afraid your little friend will be in sun for too long, you can simply attach the sunshade and keep enjoying the ride. 

Snoozer Pet Sporty Dog Bike Basket (For Dogs Up To 15 lbs)

Snoozer Pet Products Sporty

Joy Rides: For many pet owners, the PetGear Bike Basket proves just as useful as a car seat!

It is safely and easily attached to the handlebars using 2 straps. So, if you’re an on-the-go type of person, on and off your bike, you may want to consider this Basket.

Lots of Different Types of Storage: Poop bag? Check. Harness? Check. Water bowl? Check. Leash? Check. Treats? Check. With this bike pet carrier, you won’t be picking and choosing what you can bring with you to the park because you’ll have the adequate storage space to bring it all.

Best for Your Dog's Comfort: If you look for the most comfortable basket for your little fella, this is the best option. It comes with a chin rest for the long rides and inner pad for extra comfort. And if it starts raining during your ride you can always use the rain cover. 

Pet Pilot Dog Bike Basket (For Dogs Up To 20 lbs)

Pet Pilot Dog Bike Basket

Steel Frame: You won’t have to wonder about the bottom support not being sturdy enough for your pooch – or the bottom rubbing against your bike's tire.

This basket is supported by a steel frame and it’s deeper than comparable baskets, which means more space for your canine to sit comfortably.

The creators of this basket conveniently added cushioning to the floor as well.

Fun hack to know? If you have two small doggies, who combined weigh 20lbs or less –there is enough space to put them both in the Pet Pilot Dog Bike Basket – at least that’s what multiple pet owners have found to be just the case for them.

Ventilation: Bike riding on a hot day? You can run the risk of dehydrating your canine. This basket helps to avoid that by keeping them as cool as possible. The four sides have little air pockets, allowing the air to flow in and out.

Cool Storage: The creators accommodated your need to quench your thirst. One side of this basket has a storage pouch where you can put your water bottle. Others have zippers so that you can tuck away your keys and phone safely.

Safety & Double Security Leash: Enjoy your bike rides early in the morning or late at night? You’ll have less reason to worry about not being seen by cars passing by because this basket has reflectors on the left and right sides.

Safety for pet owners and canines is a priority for the manufacturers of this dog bike basket.

Speaking of safety, the carrier not only includes a leash, but it includes a leash with two prongs – to double ensure that your pup will not be flying out at the first sight of a bump.

We'll get back to this later...

Jumping Out: Your pup not a big fan of bike rides? Because of the extra depth and total space of this basket, owners of the more rebellious canines have found that even in spite of the double pronged leash their canines were sometimes able to jump out if they put their mind to it enough and are good escapers by nature.

Snoozer Pet Rider (For Dogs Up To 25 lbs)

Snoozer Pet Rider Rear Bicycle Seat

Openness: The design of the rider is not your typical “Rider” or “Basket” design. It has an open layout with a sturdy floor – and very low barriers on the sides.

It’s not deep. Rather, your pet will not sit in the Snoozer Pet Rider but on it.

Wood Support: The entire structure of the Snoozer Pet Rider is reinforced by wood. So, you will not have to think twice about the stability of the floor of the basket.

The creators took the fact that your pup isn’t toy size in total consideration when designing this product.

Safety Strap & Reflector: Because of the openness of the design, your canine sitting on rather than in, there is a safety harness attached to the platform.

Rest assured, your pooch will not be able to escape and run after the local animals, they aren’t given the leverage to.

The entire face of the Snoozer Pet Rider has a large reflector across it, so don’t let lack of sunlight keep you from your daily exercise if you're afraid of not being seen at night.

Tough-to-Understand Installation: The installation of this product could be a bit easier – with several customers finding difficulty with figuring out how to attach it to their bike. However, it’s all solved and easy to follow in this YouTube video.

Why Should I Be Looking For A Bicycle Dog Carrier?

Cost: There are alternatives to dog bike baskets out there on the market, most notorious of which are dog bike trailers, and while many brilliant products may be available in that category for you to buy, they're not exactly the cheapest or most cost-effective.

So, a bike basket for dogs is an excellent option for pet owners looking to significantly save on costs and still get to go on a bike ride with Fido without having to pay a hefty price tag for it.

Versatility: Since we've already spoken about dog bike trailers in the point right before this one, another advantage that pet bike baskets have over bike trailers is versatility.

black bike

Because the basket your pooch's placed in is attached to either the front side of your bike or the back side and stays elevated from the ground at all times, this means that you won't have to worry about different terrains you take them out for a ride on.

As long as you can drive your bike on that terrain, that's all you've got to worry about. With a dog bike trailer, on the other hand, this isn't the case.

Since a bike trailer moves on wheels just like your bike moves on wheels, you've also got to worry about whether the terrain you're taking your canine out for a ride in is suitable for the trailer they're placed in as well.

What Should I Be Looking For In A Pet Bike Carrier?

Before you spend your hard earned money just yet, here's a list of some important criteria you should know about when it comes to buying the absolute best dog bike basket for 15, 20, and 25 lb canines.

Proper Size: First and foremost, proper and adequate size is the first criteria you should be looking for in a pet bike basket.

Since animals within this weight range are considered to be small to medium sized, it makes all the sense in the world to get a bike basket specifically manufactured for small sized canines and not one manufactured for large sized pets.

If your pooch has TOO MUCH space in their bike basket, that's going to be both an uncomfortable experience for them and counterproductive.

Safety Features: If a bicycle pet carrier doesn't have the necessary safety features incorporated, then it's just not worth your money no matter what other bells and whistles it has to show off.

When it the basket and riding along with you on your bike, you want your pooch safely and securely in place to prevent any possibility of them suddenly jumping or falling off and getting hurt.

Some of these baskets will have belts that you can wrap your pup around and safely secure them inside, while others have different safety features and require you to make use of accessories that come along with the product to safely have them hooked up.

The point is, always make sure these safety features are present in ANY dog bike basket you buy before you spend money on it.

Space For Accessories: While this is absolutely not a deal breaker when determining a high quality pet bike basket, it's a very useful addition that many bike riders appreciate.

While on a bike ride outdoors, it's likely that you don't have much storage space around to put all their accessories in and take them along with you on the ride.

Accessories such as a water bottle, a leash and collar, and some of their favorite treats to keep them going throughout.

For this reason, pet bike carriers that come with storage space (often in the form of pockets inside or on the outside) prove to be very useful for many people.

If you're planning on taking your pooch out on a long bike ride in warmer weather, make sure to keep them properly hydrated and cool.

Check out this video for some helpful tips!


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