Best Dog Food For Bulldogs- Top 5 Picks

Best Food for Bulldogs

Whether you own an English Bulldog yourself or were asked by a close friend about a list of the best dog food for Bulldogs, you've come to just the right place to find out all you need to know.

This subject is one of the most touchy ones among dog breeds because of the health problems that Bulldogs are subject to, all of which we will be talking about in sections below.

Whether you own an English Bulldog yourself or were asked by a close friend about a list of the best dog food for Bulldogs, you've come to just the right place to find out all you need to know.

This subject is one of the most touchy ones among dog breeds because of the health problems that Bulldogs are subject to, all of which we will be talking about in sections below.

However, for now and without further ado, let's jump into our top 5 best dog food for Bulldogs list.

Our List Of Top 5 Dog Food For Bulldogs

Top Pick: Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food, High Prairie Canine Formula
Pick #2: CANIDAE Life Stages Dry Dog Food for Puppies, Adults & Seniors
Pick #3: Purina Pro Plan Dry Adult Dog Food, Sensitive Skin and Stomach Formula
Pick #4: Purina Pro Plan Savor Dry Dog Food
Pick #5: Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food




Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food, Hi Prairie Canine Formula
  • Great for sensitive stomachs
  • Has real roasted meats
  • Wholesome vegetables
  • For multi-dog households
  • Excellent nutrient profile
  • No corn, wheat, nor soy
Purina Pro Plan Select
  • Gentle on digestive system
  • Salmon is main protein
  • Omega-6 fatty acids
Purina Pro Plan Savor Adult Shredded Blend Lamb and Rice Formula
  • High-quality protein sources
  • Natural prebiotics
  • Helps manage weight
wellness core natural canned
  • Grain-free
  • Protein-focused
  • All natural

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Best Dog Food For Bulldogs: Top 5 List

Pick #1 - Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food, Hi Prairie Canine Formula

Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food, Hi Prairie Canine Formula

Convenient For Sensitive Stomachs Of Bulldogs: Oftentimes, it's recommended that you go with a raw food diet with your Bulldog, but for some that proves to be too much stress on their sensitive stomachs.

This is where Taste of the Wild comes in with a nutritional profile that meets your Bulldog's day to day protein needs, one that's very easy on your Bulldog's stomach, as well as one that eases any skin irritations/rashes they might be suffering from and gets rid of all those nasty farts Bulldogs are notorious for.


Good Option For Bulldogs Of All Life Stages: One of the things that make this particular dog food very convenient is that, and as the name suggests, it's perfectly suitable for dogs of all ages and stages of life.

Whether you're looking for dog food for your English Bulldog puppy, adult or senior, this CANIDAE dog food has something for all 3 to offer.

Impressive Nutritional Profile: What we also love about this specific Canidae dog food is that it's rich in antioxidants, pro-biotics and Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids, all of which we recommend time and time again for all dog owners to include in the diets of their furry buddies.

If your Bulldog suffers from any kind of rashes, skin irritations, hair loss and/or bald patches, this dog food might just be the answer to your problems.

Gradual Transition: One word of caution though, you're going to have to ease your way through the transition from whatever dog food you're feeding your Bull dog right now to feeding them this CANIDAE product, or else your Bulldog is going to have some trouble with constipation.

Purina Pro Plan Select

Specifically Formulated For Dogs Prone To Suffer From Sensitive Stomachs: If you have a look at a few of the sections below this list of 5 best dog foods for Bulldogs, you'll notice that we mention a few times that Bulldogs have sensitive stomachs and digestive systems.

And what better option you could go with than one dog food specifically manufactured for dogs that have digestive stomachs?

That's what the Purina Pro Plan, Sensitive Stomach Formula is all about.

Best part it, you'll find options no matter what size your English Bulldog is. Be it toy size, regular puppy size, large size or even gigantic size, there's an option for all of the aforementioned.

Meat-Focused: We also love the fact that if you go with the salmon formula, Salmon is the first ingredient on the list.

The same case is true if you decide to go with the Chicken formula or the Lamb formula as well, which means that the most prominent ingredients aren't grains that cause your Bulldog to get allergies within a few days and vomit all over the place.

All in all, if your Bulldog has frequent problems with food allergies that cause them vomiting, loose stools and excessive shedding, this formula is a very good option for you to consider.

Purina Pro Plan Savor Adult Shredded Blend Lamb and Rice Formula

Good Option For Bulldogs That Don't Suffer From Sensitive Stomachs: Another choice from Purina makes its way onto our top 5 list, except that unlike its predecessor on the list, this dog food isn't exactly manufactured for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

As you'll read in a section below, not all Bulldogs grow up to develop sensitive stomachs, the percentage is at about 75%.

This means that for around every 4 Bulldogs, 1 will grow up to be sensitive-stomach free.

So, if your Bulldog is very sensitive to certain dog foods, you're best off going with our #3 pick above.

However, if your Bulldog is one of the lucky ones and doesn't have a sensitive stomach, you're best off going with this option if you're in it for Purina.

wellness core natural canned

Very Good Option For Overweight Bulldogs: Last but not least, and we've chosen this one because of the amount of questions we hear all over the place about what best dog food to feed an overweight Bulldog is, we've got the Welness CORE Natural Grain Free & Reduced-Fat Formula Dry Dog Food.

As you'll read below, the average weight for an English Bulldog is around 40-50 pounds, but some of you out there have bulldogs standing at an overweight 75-85 pounds.

Some Bulldogs are very lazy and like to do nothing but sit around all day long and sleep, which (if combined with excessive eating or getting macro-nutrients wrong) easily leads to obesity.

A really good way to combat this is to offer your Bulldog a reduced-fat formula dog food, which is just what you're getting here.

Why? Because, a real big chunk of calories comes from fat, as opposed to proteins and carbohydrates, and making sure that your dog is limiting their fat intake will go a long way to help reduce their weight bit by bit.

When doing our research on this, we came across several other brands that always get recommended for overweight bulldogs, except that their "filler" content (such as wheat, soy and corn) was ridiculously high for us to even give it a thought of including it here.

How Do I Know What The Best Dog Food For Bulldogs Is?

Given the fact that a Bulldog is muscular and moderate-large in size (standing at an average weight between 40-50 pounds), this dog breed obviously needs a special kind of diet to cater for its caloric and nutritional needs so it can keep its stocky build as it grows older.

Nutritional Needs For Bulldogs

Mad Bulldog

An average Bulldog that weighs around 50 lbs and gets a fair amount of exercise every day needs around 1350 calories per day.

Depending on how much your Bulldog weighs and how much activity they get each and every day, the caloric requirements for them may be more or less, and you should ideally check with your veterinarian about that.

Keep in mind that this is only general advice and, as with everything in life, you should consult with your veterinarian about your Bulldog's dietary plan because only they will be able to give you one that suits THEIR needs and lifestyle.

One thing to also keep in mind is that if you have a puppy Bulldog, they need more calories than adult Bulldogs every day, because they're still growing and their bodies need every last one of those calories to properly grow.

Macro-nutrients In A Bulldog's Diet

Protein: Protein is probably the most important part of your Bulldog's diet, and it's recommended that you feed your Bulldog a diet consisting of around 18% if they're an adult Bulldog, and 22% protein if they're still a young, puppy Bulldog.

The recommended level of protein in their diets is lower than that for other dog breeds because this dog breed is more prone than other breeds to suffer from Hip Dysplasia.

So, to minimize these chances and to encourage slower growth in puppy Bulldogs, the protein levels in diets has to be lowered a bit.

These recommended protein levels and high-quality protein source requirements will be easily met if you go with any of the dog foods we mentioned in our top 5 list above.

Fat: Second to protein levels, fat levels are also a very important aspect of your Bulldog's diet.

Bulldog in Fall

Adult Bulldogs should be getting around 5% of fat levels in their diet every day, while young, puppy Bulldogs should be getting around 8% of fat levels from their diet.

Ideally, the dog food you feed your Bulldog also contains adequate amounts of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, both of which are very important in maintaining their coat and skin conditions.

Trust me, the last thing you want on your hands is a heavy-shedding Bulldog that has hair falling out left and right!

Again, if you go with any of the 5 options we've mentioned above, you're guaranteed to have your Bulldog covered on this one.

Carbohydrates: This is one macro-nutrient you're going to want to make sure is only existant in very minimal amounts in any dog food you give your Bulldog, because if your Bulldog munches on dog food rich in carbohydrates like sugars and starches, then you can expect them to gain a whole lot of weight real fast and get a whole lot of allergies.

Fiber:  Since Bulldogs are more prone than other dog breeds to suffer from the likes of loose stools and nasty gas, giving them adequate amounts of fiber as part of their diet is very important in keeping these two problems at bay and keep proper digestion in check.

What Ingredients To Avoid In Dog Food For Bulldogs

Dozens and dozens of companies are competing for your money and claiming they've got the best dog food for Bulldogs you could ever get your hands on, but which ones are really telling the truth?

After all, Bulldogs do have fairly sensitive digestive systems that should be looked after carefully.

Feed your Bulldog the wrong dog food and they'll come across a whole host of problems such as excessive shedding, loose stools and really nasty gas.

So, what can you do to ensure you're giving your companion the best dog food for Bulldogs?

Bulldogs behind fence

For one, you can get a very good idea by looking at the ingredient list.

You want to carefully examine the list of ingredients and make sure that it contains little to no amounts of corn, soy, wheat and artificial preservatives.

Grain fillers like corn, wheat and the like often make up the majority of very low quality dog food, so you're going to want to pay extra attention to that because these simply don't offer any nutritional value to your Bully.

Meanwhile, artificial sugars, sweeteners, colors, and dyes are just as harmful to Bulldogs as they are to us humans, so you should make extra sure that none of these make their way in big amounts into your dog's system.

Health Problems In Bulldogs

Despite what we all would have wished had this issue been in our control, Bulldogs don't come problem-free and are prone to suffer from certain health issues with time.

- Allergies

- Flatulence

- Sensitive Digestive System: Again, we've taken this critical issue into consideration when coming up with the list of best dog food for Bulldogs above, as all of the foods listed are recommended for dogs that have sensitive stomachs.

You also want to be sure that any dog food you give your Bulldog is free from useless filler such as soy, wheat and corn, artificial flavors, coloring and sweeteners, as all of these may lead to allergic reactions in Bulldogs.

- Hip Dysplasia: Bulldogs are much more prone than other dog breeds to suffer from hip dysplasia during their lifespan, something which is found in nearly 74% of Bulldogs currently existing.

If you have a puppy Bulldog, you're best off feeding them large breed puppy food to decrease the chances of them suffering from Hip Dysplasia later on in life.

- Slow Growth And Development: Bulldogs are known to take all their time when it comes to growing and physically maturing properly, with some only reaching their full physical capabilities at the age of 2.5 years.


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