Pure Balance Dog Food Review (2023) – 5 Balanced Options

pure balance dog food review

If you ever shopped for your dog, you know how hard it can be to find high-quality food without breaking the bank! Luckily, that no longer has to be so.

Manufactured by Walmart, Pure Balance has been on the market for just a couple of years, but it has already become a go-to brand for many doggy parents. It is easily available, contains premium quality ingredients, and is cheaper compared to many foods of the same quality.

In this Pure Balance dog food review, I will take a closer look at the top options and do an in-depth analysis of ingredients and overall quality. And hopefully, you will find the right formula for your pooch.

Overview Of Pure Balance Dog Food

Top Pick: Pure Balance Grain Free Formula Salmon & Pea Recipe
Pick #2: Pure Balance Grain Free Formula Chicken & Pea Recipe
Pick #3: Pure Balance Grain Free Formula Small Breed
Pick #4: Pure Balance Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe
Pick #5: Pure Balance SUPERFOOD Blend Trout & Lentil Recipe

Pure Balance Dog Food Reviews

Now let’s look at some Pure Balance dog food reviews, all of which are based on careful ingredient analysis and doggy parents’ recommendations.

1. Pure Balance Grain Free Formula Salmon & Pea Recipe

Pure Balance Grain Free Formula Salmon & Pea Recipe

The Salmon & Pea Recipe by Pure Balance is one of the most popular formulas among doggy parents, and rightfully so. This kibble meets the nutritional profile for all life stages including the growth of large breed dogs, with a focus on pooches with food sensitivities.

Healthy salmon is the main ingredient, and something you will only see in premium quality dog foods. While salmon is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, the downside is that it has a high water content of 80%.

To increase the protein count in this formula, the brand included salmon meal as the second ingredient. Combined, these two ingredients create 24% protein, which is an ideal count to keep your dog’s muscles lean and strong.

Ground dried peas and tapioca are the main sources of fiber, and excellent choices if your dog has grain sensitivities. They are highly digestible, will soothe your dog’s upset stomach, and improve the quality of his stool.

To keep your dog energized through the day, Pure Balance included poultry fat and sunflower and flaxseed oils which bulk up the fat count to 15%. Besides giving the food a more palatable flavor, they are high in omega-3 & -6 fatty acids which support healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Things I especially like about this formula are added chelated minerals, DHA, and L-carnitine which support a strong immune system and healthy eyes. And without any wheat, soy, corn, or other grains, you can rest assured that your pooch won’t suffer a bout of allergies.

Pure Balance Grain Free Formula Chicken & Pea Recipe

Formulated to support healthy digestion, the Pure Balance Chicken & Pea Recipe is a great choice if your pooch has a sensitive stomach. Besides being chock full of antioxidants for a strong immune system, this food doesn’t contain any artificial colors, preservatives, flavors, or fillers.

The main ingredient, chicken, is a great source of protein and will help keep your dog’s muscles lean and strong. The only downside of chicken is that it obviously isn’t a suitable protein for pooches who are allergic to poultry.

Dried peas and whole ground potato are easily digestible carbs and great substitutes for grains. Peas are a natural source of fiber that support healthy digestion and will help soothe your dog’s upset tummy.

Chicken fat and flaxseed bulk up the fat content to 16% and are also full of omega-3 & -6 fatty acids that support healthy skin and coat. This formula is also reinforced with biotin, which is essential for skin and coat recovery for dogs who suffer from allergies.

The careful blend of essential vitamins and minerals is added to support your dog’s immune system and keep him healthy and active in his adult years. While this food is highly digestible, it doesn’t have added probiotics, which is a bit of a downside for me. However, you can always buy supplements if your pooch has a need for extra digestive support.

Pure Balance Grain Free Formula Small Breed

The Pure Balance Small Breed Formula is suitable for all life stages and features small bites for tiny pooches and their smaller mouths. It is also grain-free and doesn’t contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives which makes it ideal for dogs with food sensitivities.

Chicken and chicken meal help build lean and strong muscles that will allow your pooch to run, jump, and play all day long if he wants to. You might have heard that meal is a low-quality and cheap ingredient, but that isn’t really the case. Chicken meal is made of dehydrated chicken meat and has a much higher protein count than actual chicken meat.

Since this is a grain-free formula, ground peas, tapioca, and potato are the main sources of carbs. They are also full of fiber that will give your dog’s GI tract a push in the right direction and keep it functioning as it should.

Poultry fat gives this food an amazing taste your dog is going to love and will also keep him energized through the day. To keep your smaller dog healthy and active, this formula has added vitamins and minerals.

Most reviews on Pure Balance dog food for small breeds are full of praises, and the owners love that the bites are the perfect size for their small pooches.

Pure Balance Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe

The Pure Balance Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe features high-quality ingredients and is a great option if your dog isn’t allergic to grains. On the other hand, if he is, any of the above-mentioned foods will be a far better choice.

As protein sources go, lamb and lamb meal are a better option if your dog suffers from food sensitivities or allergies caused by beef or chicken. This formula comes at 23% protein, which is a bit lower than some, but still enough to fulfill your dog’s dietary needs.

Unlike other Pure Balance dog foods, this formula isn’t grain-free, since it contains brown rice. So long as they are not allergic to grain, this is a wholesome and healthy ingredient that supports proper digestion and is beneficial if your dog has a sensitive stomach.

Poultry fat, sunflower oil, and flaxseed are sources of omega-3 & -6 fatty acids which will keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy and strong. This formula is also reinforced with all essential vitamins and minerals to keep your dog active and healthy.

While this Pure Balance dog food is rated pretty highly, some dog owners complained that their dogs didn’t want to eat it. So if you have a picky eater, I think you should start with the smallest bag and see what your dog thinks about the flavor.

Pure Balance SUPERFOOD Blend Trout & Lentil Recipe

Formulated to support healthy digestion, the Pure Balance SUPERFOOD Blend is a great choice if your dog has skin and tummy issues. Made without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, this grain-free good is suitable for dogs of all life stages.

Trout and fish meal are great sources of protein and will help build lean and strong muscles. Since this food comes in at 30% protein, it is an ideal choice for more active dogs or still growing puppies.

Lentil powder and dried peas are naturally high in fiber and will support a healthy GI tract. Unlike other Pure Balance formulas, this one is also reinforced with probiotics that will support digestion and increase nutrient absorption.

Besides giving the food a great taste, chicken fat is also a source of omega-6 fatty acids which will keep your dog’s coat looking great. This formula also has added chia seeds, which have numerous health benefits, and flaxseed as sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

Most doggy parents say that this affordable food is a lifesaver for dogs with allergies. On the other hand, some dogs have experienced diarrhea, but that is a common reaction to all high-protein diets. You can easily avoid it by slowly transitioning your dog to this food.

Buyer’s Guide

This Pure Balance dog food review article aims to provide you with detailed information about this brand and an in-depth analysis of the ingredients used in their dog food. Hopefully, it will help you decide whether to switch your dog to Pure Balance or stick with the food he is already eating.

Pure Balance Dog Food Ingredient Analysis

Pure Balance uses high-quality ingredients and features a named meat protein as the main ingredient like other premium quality dog food brands. But unlike other high-quality food brands, Pure Balance is super affordable! And it’s this combination of affordability and high-quality ingredients that makes many doggy parents rave about Pure Balance dog food.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the ingredients in Pure Balance dog food:

Animal Proteins

In my Pure Balance review, you had a chance to see that every one of the five formulas has an animal protein such as salmon, lamb, trout, or chicken as the main ingredient. With the exception of chicken, all other main ingredients are in fact unique, allergen-free proteins, which shows that Pure Balance understands the unique needs of dogs with allergies.

Now let’s take a closer look at some of these animal proteins, so you get a better understanding of what exactly goes into your pooch.

Salmon, for example, is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids, DHA, and EPA. They support brain and eye development in growing puppies and support a strong immune system. Additionally, salmon is full of vitamins and minerals including calcium, potassium, magnesium, selenium, phosphorus, and iron.

The only downside of salmon as an ingredient is that it is composed of 80% water, so you can expect that DHA, EPA, and vitamin content will be reduced somewhat in kibble. However, the inclusion of salmon meal provides for a higher protein count and all necessary macronutrients.

Lamb is packed with essential amino acids and is a good source of dietary fats which provide energy to your dog. It is also a novel protein and an excellent choice for dogs who suffer from allergies and stomach sensitivities.

Pure Balance reinforced it with lamb meal, which is a concentrated source of protein and other essential nutrients. Lamb meal also has a high concentration of calcium, and most dogs love the taste.

Trout is a rarely seen ingredient in dog foods but is extremely beneficial for your dog. It is rich in amino acids and full of potassium, selenium, and omega-3 fatty acids that support healthy skin and a shiny coat. Trout is also a novel protein and a good option if your dog suffers from allergies and loves the fishy flavor.

Healthy Carbs

You might not realize it, but Pure Balance isn’t a completely grain-free brand; it features both grain-free and grain inclusive dog food lines. However, this brand strives to include only healthy carbs in its formulas which are mostly sourced from fruits and vegetables.

Besides being chock full of fiber that support good digestion, these ingredients also contain essential vitamins and minerals. They work by providing antioxidants and immune and neurological support for optimal health.

Animal Fat

You probably noticed that poultry fat is commonly used in Pure Balance dog foods. While it is rich in omega-6 fatty acids and linoleic acid, it is hard to confirm the quality of poultry when it is added to dog food.

Sunflower oil is also a commonly used ingredient in Pure Balance dog foods. It is worth noting that it doesn’t contain any omega-6 fatty acids and that it is a cheaper replacement for flaxseed or canola oils.

Also, there are several different variations of sunflower oil, some are high-quality while others aren’t. Unfortunately, there is no way of telling the specific type of sunflower oil used by Pure Balance, and I can’t tell for sure if it is good or bad for your pooch.

Pure Balance Dog Food Recalls

There are no recent recalls reported for the Perfect Balance dog food according to the FDA website.

Pure Balance Dog Food Quality Verdict

After taking everything into consideration and comparing this brand to other popular dog foods, I can say that Pure Balance is an above average in quality. The complete lack of cheap fillers, combined with quality ingredients and affordable price are the reasons why you might want to consider this brand.

When taken as a whole, Pure Balance dog foods have a near-average fat, above average protein, and below average carbohydrate count. However, the fun thing is, while the main ingredients are animal proteins, the majority of other ingredients are plant-based. So, it is safe to say that the amount of meat included in Pure Balance dog foods is in fact moderate.



  • No cheap fillers like wheat, corn, or soy
  • Real animal proteins as main ingredients
  • Contains novel proteins for dogs with allergies and sensitivities
  • Easily available and affordable
  • Grain-free and grain inclusive formulas
  • Uses high-quality ingredients
  • The oil quality is debatable
  • Poor customer support

Wrap Up

In this Pure Balance review, I took a closer look at this fairly new brand that has already become a real hit among many doggy parents. While some people still have mixed feelings about it, I found no reason to believe that this is anything but above average dog food!

If you are looking for an affordable but high-quality brand, then you should give a Pure Balance a try!


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