Best Dog Whitening Shampoo Reviews (2023)

Dog Whitening Shampoo

Does your dog's coat seem to be losing its quality and shine over time? Is it slowly becoming lackluster because of all that time your dog is spending playing outside the house and all the dirt they're getting exposed to? Even if your dog isn't that active outside, time can take its toll on even the most shiniest of dog coats for many different reasons.

If that's the case with your furry buddy that once used to have a coat that shined brighter than diamonds, then grabbing your dog any of these best dog whitening shampoos may just be the answer to your problem.

Our List Of The Top 5 Whitening Shampoos For Dogs – (Updated List For 2023)

Top Pick: Chris Christensen White on White Shampoo for Pets
Pick #2: Perfect Coat White Pearl Shampoo for Dogs
Pick #3: Bio-Groom Super White Pet Shampoo
Pick #4: Petpost Dog Whitening Shampoo
Pick #5: Gold Medal Pets Shampoo for Dogs




Chris Christensen White on White Shampoo for Pets
  • No bleaching agents
  • Optic intensifying treatment
Perfect Coat White Pearl Shampoo for Dogs
  • Natural pearlescent whiteners
  • Formulated with Aloe Vera 
Bio-Groom Super White Pet Shampoo
  • Controls matting
  • Adding luster and body
Petpost Dog Whitening Shampoo
  • With coconut oil and aloe
  • Made in the USA
Gold Medal Pets Shampoo for Dogs
  • Cardoplex System
  • Replenishes Highlights All Coat Colors

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Best Dog Whitening Shampoo Reviews - A Closer Look Into Our Top 5 Options

Pick #1 - Chris Christensen White on White Shampoo for Pets

Chris Christensen White on White Shampoo for Pets

100% Safe Ingredients: This dog whitening shampoo meets one of the most important criteria we'll be stressing on in a later section in this article, that it be made from 100% safe ingredients for usage on a dog's coat.

This product contains absolutely no bleaching agents, no softening agents and no harmful chemicals, so as far as safety is concerned, this is a top recommendation.

Not Limited To White Colored Coats: While other dog whitening shampoos will recommend you only use them on dogs with white colored coats for them to be effective, manufacturers of this dog whitening shampoo claim you can use it on dogs of all coat colors just as effectively.

Minimal Fragrance: One thing dog owners hate about some of the dog whitening shampoos available on the market today is the fragrance that they make when used on dogs during bath time.

Rightfully so, might I add, because some of the smells some of these shampoos make are so strong that it ends up becoming annoying for anyone around that dog.

While this whitening shampoo isn't fragrance free, it is in fact one of the softest fragrance dog whitening shampoos available today, which makes it the perfect option for anyone who wants to do away with those obnoxious smells that come along with some of the other products out there.

Perfect Coat White Pearl Shampoo for Dogs

Coconut Fragrance: While our #1 pick above is perfect for dog owners who want a minimal fragrance dog whitening shampoo, our #2 pick is the perfect option for dog owners who specifically want a nice smelling fragrance on their dog from a whitening shampoo.

If this is the case with you, this is one of the nicest smelling (coconut fragrance) and non-obnoxious dog whitening shampoos out there.

Of course, and even though the smell is actually very pleasant, it is still a strong smell and you're better off going with our #1 pick above if any fragrance on your dog's coat whatsoever is a big no-no for you.

Easy To Wash Away: One of the advantages that dog owners seem to really appreciate about this whitening shampoo is how easy it is to wash away during bath time.

While other shampoos will have you spending the majority of your time washing them off your dog's coat after application, the manufacturers of this formula seem to have taken ease of washing into consideration - and for that, this formula deserves recognition.

Easy On The Skin: Another important advantage that comes with using this shampoo is the fact that it's very soft and gentle on your dog's skin, which makes it a perfect option for dogs with sensitive skin conditions that may get agitated very quickly.

Besides noticing that their dog's coat has become noticeably whiter, dog owners also commonly notice that their dog's coats become silkier and softer as well, which is obviously a plus for any dog.

Compared to other dog whitening shampoos that leave your dog's hair all tangled up, this is an important advantage that must be noted.

Bio-Groom Super White Pet Shampoo

Out With The Conditioner: This isn't always going to be the case with each and every dog that gets this whitening shampoo applied on their coat during a shower, but many dog owners have noticed that this formula acts as both a whitening shampoo and a conditioner both at once, which resulted in them being able to save money by not having to buy a separate conditioner on its own.

Environmentally Friendly: We always get super excited when we see a high quality dog product that's also environmentally friendly, and this one fits the bill perfectly.

The ingredients that this shampoo formula is made up of make it biodegradable, so this is definitely a viable option for you to consider if you're trying to decrease your dog's carbon paw prints on mother Earth (like we always are).

Petpost Dog Whitening Shampoo

Watermelon Fragrance: A nice change from the coconut fragrance that seems to be becoming more standard nowadays, this dog whitening shampoo offers your dog a fresh watermelon fragrance - one that's been well received by the community of dog owners who have tried it, may we add.

How Do Dog Whitening Shampoos Work?

Before talking about who should be using a dog whitening shampoo on their dog and why exactly they should do that, let's first talk a little bit about how whitening shampoos on dogs work and how they're able to do the "magic" they do.

Dog on the carpet

Special Ingredients: Dog whitening shampoos contain special ingredients that enable them to have the effect they have on our dogs' coats, be that skin moisturizers, skin brighteners and many others ingredients that get their long lost shine back.

Some special ingredients often included in dog whitening shampoos that have stood the test of time and proven to be effective in this task are lemon extract, lemon peel and apple extract, just to name a few.

pH Balance: Dog whitening shampoos also work on your dog's skin and coat pH levels, by attempting to balance them and prevent possible essential oil and nutrient loss that leads to skin and coat damage.

Why & Who Should Be Using A Dog Whitening Shampoo?

Before you start using dog whitening shampoos on precious Fido, it's important to know who should and should not be using such a product on their dogs, and what benefits you get out of putting a dog whitening shampoo to use so you can decide whether it's worth it or not.

White Coats: Owners of white-coated dogs all agree that managing to keep that coat as clean as possible is one of the most demanding tasks they've ever faced.

If your dog has a white colored coat, or at the very least a fairly light colored coat, then a whitening shampoo for dogs is definitely something you should consider using on their coat during bath time in order to make your life that much easier.

Physically Active Dogs: Dogs that are physically active, especially when it comes to playing outdoors and not just in an indoors apartment, risk having their coat's shine decline over time.

Whether it's all that dirt your dog gets exposed to that eventually takes its toll on their fur, occasional mud your dog gets into that leaves a stain and proves hard to get rid of with only a typical bath, or many other scenarios that may pop up with a dog being active outside the house, a whitening shampoo for dogs comes in very handy in these cases.

Quick Note About Dog Coat Deterioration And Health Problems

Toy Poodle

It should be made clear that if your dog is suffering from a health problem that's causing the loss of their coat's shine or quality, you shouldn't attempt to solve this by trying a dog whitening shampoo on them right away, you should instead first consult with your veterinarian and attempt to treat the root cause, the health problem that's causing this loss of coat color quality in the first place.

In such a case, your veterinarian is the most competent person that's able to tell you whether there's an underlying health problem your dog needs to be put on medication treatment in order to solve, or whether it's non-health related, in which case you'll be given the green light by your veterinarian to use a whitening shampoo on your furry buddy.

What Criteria Determines The Best Dog Shampoo For White Dogs?

The following list discusses some of the most important criteria you should keep in mind when taking a look at the market and searching for the best whitening shampoo for your dog.

Safe Ingredients: Possibly the most important criteria you should make sure of before grabbing a bottle of any whitening shampoo brand for dogs is that the ingredients this shampoo is made of are 100% safe for dogs.

We're talking no harmful chemicals, no bleach, etc .. Only ingredients that are 100% safe for dogs, as there's no use in whitening your dog's coat on one hand in order to get its shine back, only to plague them with health problems on the other hand and shorten their lifespan.

Even if a whitening shampoo didn't pose any direct risk on your dog's health or well being with the ingredients list it's composed of, it could give your dog all sorts of skin allergies if the ingredients aren't dog friendly.

Ability To Remove Stains: Obviously, the more powerful a dog whitening shampoo is and the more capable it is of removing a yellow or dark stain or tint on your dog's coat, then the better it is, since that's the primary goal we're after here.


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