Best Shock & Barking Collars For Chihuahuas – (2023’s Top 5)

When it comes to Chihuahuas and their often obnoxious barking habits, this can't always be controlled via traditional training methods. Many Chihuahua owners swear hands down that they've tried every traditional training technique in the book, and even possibly hired different training "gurus" out there to solve this problem, but nothing worked like it was supposed to.

If you can at all relate to the above and/or have been in that boat, then you may just need to get yourself a barking collar for your Chihuahua to solve the problem and end the constant headache.




Our K9 ‘Mint’ Worlds Rechargeable Bark Collar
  • 7 sensitivity levels
  • Perfect for dogs ranging from 3 to 30 pounds
GoodBoy Bark Collar For Small, Medium & Large Dogs
  • Fits any dog's neck up to 21 inches
  • Ideal for all dogs over 12 lbs
Mothca No Bark Collar
  • Uses 0-7 gear Shock
  • Comes with a digital tube
Classic MiniV (VIBRATION) No Hurt Bark Dog Collar
  • For dogs 4lbs up to 14 lbs
  • Long-life battery
Our K9 Bark Collar for Small Sensitive Type Dogs
  • Two noise makers
  • Rechargeable

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Why Should I Buy A Barking Collar For My Chihuahua?

So, why exactly is it that you should be searching around for a Chihuahua barking collar?

Excessive Barking: Quite obviously, this is the reason driving 99% of you reading this to search for such a product. Some dog breeds out there are just much more likely to bark excessively, for no reason and prove hard to have their barking controlled - and the Chihuahua is one of those breeds.

Now, don't even get me started on the pitch and screeth of the bark that Chihuahuas have to them ... No one has to endure that on a daily basis, especially if you're living up to your responsibilities towards your Chihuahua as a dog owner and there's no real reason for them to be barking.

Not only is it so annoying for you to withstand and anyone living with you in your household, it's also often a major cause for problems between neighbors, and that's just a whole mess of its own that you want no part in, obviously.

So, if you're a Chihuahua owner, this is just one of those facts of life you're going to have to accept and learn to deal with (which you obviously are since you're actively searching for a Chihuahua barking collar).

What Should I Look For In A Chihuahua Bark Collar?

When out there looking for the best chihuahua barking collar, the specifications you should be actively looking for aren't exactly similar to those of barking collars designed to meet the needs of other dog breeds.

The following list mentions some of the most important features that any Chihuahua bark collar should have so that you'll be able to use it on them as safely and as effectively as possible.

Variety Of Levels: The last thing you'll ever want to have your Chihuahua wear around their neck is a shock collar that only offers you a limited number of shock levels to work with.

The level of shock one dog may be able to withstand may very well kill another dog that's significantly smaller in size and physical power, which is the case with Chihuahuas.

The type of shock collar you'll want your Chihuahua to wear is one that allows you to work with a wide range of shock levels, starting all the way from very weak shock levels, because you really shouldn't need to go higher than that with a dog as small as a Chihuahua.

Beep Before Shock: An important issue you should know about is that not all bark collars for dogs, bark collars for Chihuahuas included, are reliant on electric shock.

One of the most important features that make using a shock collar on your Chihuahua as safe as can be is a "beep" sound or vibration you can make use of as a warning signal to your Chi.

By using the remote controller that comes with the collar, you can issue a beep sound that your Chihuahua hears or a vibration that they're subjected to and feel around their neck area instead of a shock.

Many Chihuahua owners find that they managed to get their Chihuahuas to associate this beep sound or vibration with "bad behavior", and that they were able to stop their Chihuahua's barking just by using the beep sound or vibration on a consistent basis.

So, for all of you reading this who are afraid of subjecting their Chihuahuas to shocks because of negative repercussions associated with such an act, look for these 2 features (or one of them, at least) in any Chihuahua barking collar and give it a try that way.

Other barking collars you can get to use for your Chihuahua's barking are citronella barking collars, for example, which also offer you a very practical methodology if you're looking to stay away from subjecting your Chihuahua to any sort of electric shock.

Lightweight: Seeing that Chihuahuas tend to weigh only 1.5 kg to 3 kg in general, this means that any bark collar you have them wear around their neck should be super lightweight.

Trying to have them wear a bark collar around their neck that weighs a third of their weight is just asking for trouble, so always make sure that any shock collar your have your Chihuahua wear is only a fraction of their body weight.

How Do Shock Collars For Chihuahuas Work?

Before you go ahead and grab yourself a popular shock collar for Chihuahuas that people always recommend, you should first have a clear idea of how shock collars for Chihuahuas work and what the methodology behind them really is.

The philosophy behind such a product is that whenever your Chihuahua unwantedly barks for no reason and you deem they shouldn't be barking, the collar sends a small shock to your Chihuahua that they feel around their neck.

With time and after they receive this "shock" on a consistent basis every time they bark for no reason, the philosophy behind such products is that your Chihuahua will start to associate their barking with the shock administered to them and felt by them, and will begin to learn that they should stop barking unwantedly if they don't want to feel the shock.

Safety Note

Before ever subjecting your Chihuahua to a bark collar, you should make sure that they're above 6 weeks of age. If your Chihuahua is under the age of 6 weeks old, they're just not ready to be subjected to any shock level.

On the contrary, even the slightest of shock levels that young Chihuahuas below the age of 6 weeks old may end up resulting in serious injuries and possibly even prove to be fatal.

Best No Bark Collars For Chihuahuas - A Closer Look Into Our Top 5 Options

Pick #1 - Our K9 'Mint' Worlds Rechargeable Bark Collar

Our K9 ‘Mint’ Worlds Rechargeable Bark Collar

Specifically Designed for Small Dogs: If you have a Chihuahua puppy or your dog is on the petite side, even for a Chihuahua, then this collar may be something worth considering since the manufacturers specifically designed it to meet the needs of small sized dogs like yours.

The design and size of it are meant for the extra petite and will sit on the voice box area of a smaller Chihuahua, making it a more fitted option for Chihuahuas than others out there on the market.

Air Pressure Triggered: Sound does not trigger this collar, pressure in the immediate air vicinity does. Meaning that when your Chihuahua is around other dogs – the other culprits’ barking won’t set the beep off. Nonetheless, the creators still suggest that the collar be removed prior to play time just to make extra sure that this confusion doesn't occur.

Rounded prongs: Most sensor prongs on dog collars are pointed, while the ones on this collar are rounded, causing a no-pain experience for your dog. If you want to minimize the chances of your pup feeling uncomfortable while wearing a collar like this, then this is a brilliant option for you to consider.

Rechargeable: You won’t have to invest in batteries, since this collar is rechargeable. Just recharge it via any USB outlet and you're good to go.

A-Choo!: The only not-so-positive thing we have to mention, is that because this collar detects pressure in the air, the collar can go off when your dog sneezes.

GoodBoy Bark Collar For Small, Medium & Large Dogs

Seven Level Sound and Shock System: This collar is very effective in correcting behavior, because the system blends the combination of sound and vibration and only allows your canine one warning beep.

After the one beep, the vibration will gradually escalate seven levels of intensity for a maximum duration of thirty seconds – or until your canine stops barking.

Light Compared to Other Collars: Most of the dog bark collars out there are heavy, in comparison to normal collars dogs wear on a day to day basis. This one, on the other hand, is very light.

It’s also adjustable, to correctly fit the different neck sizes of different Chihuahuas.

Batteries Die Fast: It has been mentioned a few times before, though, that the GoodBoy Dog Collar's batteries are prone to die sooner rather than later.

Mothca No Bark Collar

Vibration Detection and Varying Levels of Intensity: This collar does not reply to sound or pressure in the air, it responds only to vibration and comes with several levels of sensitivity.

It’s simple to understand - the smaller your Chihuahua, the lower the sensitivity level should be.

It has a built-in chip to measure the vibration so that only your Chihuahua’s barking can cause it to go off.

Another cool thing to mention is that this product comes with a no shock option! So if you like the philosophy of the beep alone, or the beep itself has proven to be enough to train your Chihuahua, you can turn the shock off and never have to make use of it to achieve your goal.

Anti-Injury Chip: The creators of the Mothca No Bark Collar claim that your dog will suffer no sort of pain. They even go as far as stating that they consider no-pain and safety to be top priority in their line of work and products.

The timing of the beeps and vibration (and not the shock, which you don't have to make use of) plays on your dogs’ natural sense and allows them to learn new patterns of healthy barking behavior rather quickly.

Water Resistant: Does your pup love to bark at people on the front lawn or in the back porch? The Mothca No Bark Collar is great because it does not get damaged in the rain.

You won’t have to scramble to get your canine inside at the first sight of some clouds. Just don’t let your pooch jump in the pool though because the collar is not waterproof, only water resistant.

Rechargeable Battery: You’ll never have to spend a penny on batteries. This collar comes with one that lasts up to two weeks and a specific battery charger to hook it up and fully recharge it whenever necessary.

Background Noise: It has been noted several times that there are quite a number of noises that have the tendency to set this collar off – such as clapping, children screaming and doors banging. So, this is something to keep in mind before you buy it if you've got your mind set on doing so, because as with most collars out there, this one isn't 100% fool-proof and some confusion is bound to happen at times.

Also, get your reading glasses on when opening the instructions, the font is super small!

Classic MiniV (VIBRATION) No Hurt Bark Dog Collar

Different Grades of Sensitivity: The Classic MiniV offers seven levels of sensitivity, simple to navigate with + or – signs on the collar.

If your Chihuahua is one of those that has an extremely loud bark, set to level one. The louder the bark the lower the setting, and vice versa.

Varying Size Prongs: The prongs of the collar come in a staggered design, with some prongs being longer than others. Meaning, that if your Chihuahua is on the thin or heavy side (and all sizes in between) the different lengths guarantee that they feel the vibration tailored to their stature.

Battery with Long Life: The battery is not rechargeable, but it does last significantly longer than others market options with non-rechargeable batteries.

Set on Mid-Level Out of the Box:
When the package is delivered it’s set on level four, out of the seven levels of intensity.

Lots of people would prefer it be delivered already set to the lowest level possible. So, please be careful to pay attention to this detail if you’re considering this purchase.

Our K9 Bark Collar for Small Sensitive Type Dogs

Designed Specifically for Sensitive and Anxious Dogs: This collar was made with anxious Chihuahuas in mind. And there are lots of them!

If your pooch suffers a bit from anxiety, then highly consider this product.

What makes this collar different? It comes with two noise makers and has four modes, them being: Sleep mode, standby mode, working mode and reset mode.

It beeps twice and then vibrates. The majority of people that have tried this collar often note that after initial use their canines rarely ever pass the first beep, proving that it’s fairly effective at doing its job.

It comes ready to use straight out of the box – which is always nice and easy.

Rounded Prongs: The majority of no bark collars on the market have sharp or pointed prongs to correct the behavior, while the tips of the prongs on this collar are rounded. So, you’ll not be stressed worrying if your Chihuahua is experiencing pain or any discomfort.

Rechargeable: The battery is rechargeable in any USB outlet.

Instructions Received Via Email: The instructions provided with this collar are emailed to you, and do not come with a catalog or manual. This turns some dog owners off.


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