Everything You Need To Know About Fromm Dog Food

Fromm, a Wisconsin based company founded all the way back in the year 1904 (talk about continuity and consistency in an industry!) is one of the most renowned names in the dog food business that strongly advocates the holistic approach to dog food production.

Besides that, take a look at Fromm's page about their food safety best practices and policies on the website over here - isn't that just impressive?

Fromm requires all and any ingredients used by them in the food they manufacture to be carefully tested by their suppliers to ensure utmost safety.

Not only that, Fromm then receives these ingredients only to run some tests on them themselves in their labs to make sure of the quality of the ingredients that will be going in their dog food.

Then, the packaged foods they produce are all sent to 3rd party labs and tested over there to make sure that they are free from any kind of harmful bacteria.

Their food products are only ever shipped after the laboratory tests are done with, positive results come in and they are cleared to go. If any negative results are shown in any of the tests, the product is not shipped.

Check out this list we put together for what we think are the top 5 Fromm dog food options of today.

Our Top 5 Picks Of Fromm Dog Food Options

Top Pick: Fromm Family Foods Gold Nutritionals Adult Dry Dog Food
Pick #2: Fromm Four-Star Duck & Sweet Potato Dog Food
Pick #3: Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
Pick #4: Fromm Family Foods Gold Nutritionals Puppy Dry Dog Food
Pick #5: Fromm Gold Small Breed Adult Dog Food




  • With fresh duck, chicken, lamb, whole eggs, and cheese
  • High-quality, human-grade ingredients
  • Made with local ingredients
  • Ideal fatty acids ratio
  • With prebiotics and probiotics
  • With chicken cartilage for natural glucosamine
  • Made with duck, turkey, quail, and pheasant
  • Grain-free, with carbs from select fruits and vegetables
  • Yucca Schidigera for less smelly stools
  • Also for pregnant and nursing mothers
  • With salmon oil for healthy coat
  • Contains flaxseed
Fromm Gold Small Breed Adult Dog Food
  • Wheat-free
  • With added taurine for heart health
  • Calcium-rich alfalfa promotes strong bones

*Note: The links in the table above, as well as several links in the remainder of the article below, will take you to over to Amazon.com where you can find out more information about the products, such as current prices and customer reviews.

Introduction To Fromm Gold Dog Food

All in all, the Fromm Gold dog food line has 7 dry foods to its name, which are:

golden puppy
  • Fromm Gold Adult
  • Fromm Gold Puppy
  • Fromm Gold Small Breed Adult
  • Fromm Gold Large Breed Puppy
  • Fromm Gold Weight Management
  • Fromm Gold Large Breed Adult
  • Fromm Gold Reduced Activity & Senior

Fromm Dog Food Reviews

First off, and just by taking a quick glance at the list of ingredients found in Fromm puppy food and the formula their food is manufactured according to, it's easy to say that your pup is provided with all the nutrients and minerals they need day in, day out.

Be it the protein sources which come from animal proteins or carbohydrate sources which come from slow-burning fruits and vegetables, this stuff has been properly thought out before production.

We personally know a few pet owners who have switched to Fromm's dog food and reported all kinds of positive improvements regarding their canine's health. Now whether all of these health improvements were due to the shift towards Fromm food can't be claimed as a certainty, but there surely some truth to it to a certain extent.

These health improvements include an increase in energy levels, less inconsistency and trouble when it comes to "going potty", less digestive and stomach irritation and great improvement in coat quality and "shininess".


raw meat

One of the best things that Fromm has got going is that the #1 spot on the ingredient list is always an animal-based protein, which is always something you want to see in a high-quality dog food.

If you ever see something like corn, a certain grain or a meat by-product as the #1 ingredient, run away from that food like there's no tomorrow!


Fromm formula also contains very high quality carbohydrates, the likes of oatmeal and brown rice for example.

Controversial Ingredients

With all the positive stuff being said about Fromm dog food above, it must also be noted that there is some controversy and complaints around a few ingredients used in their food.

The reason we're not going to be giving our take on these controversial issues is because this is a never-ending discussion that could go on and on for days between the two sides.

So, we just want to give the facts.

Pearled Barley: Pearled barley is seen by some people as a very nutritious carbohydrate source that's fairly high in fiber count and beneficial to our canines' bodies, while it's seen by other people as nothing but cheap filler.

Tomato Pomace: Similar to pearled barley, some people see tomato pomace as nothing but a tomato by-product that results from transforming tomato into juice and ketchup, and cheap filler that has no nutritional benefit at all to dogs, while others see it as an excellent source of dietary fiber.

Brewers Dried Yeast: Although it tends to come packed with nutrients and can arguably boost immune systems of dogs, this is known to cause allergies, stomach upset and digestive irritation in some (only if your pet is allergic to yeast per se, that is). Some people also claim that yeast gives their pup bloat, which can eventually turn into a deadly situation.

With that said, none of the 3 ingredients mentioned above exist in enough amounts in Fromm's puppy food to be a reason for worry. Had they been part of the ingredients list in more prominent amounts, then it could be argued that they can be harmful.

Just make sure that your furry friend isn't allergic to yeast by any chance. Any yeast making its way into their system, even if in the slightest of amounts, may cause a very adverse reaction.

Fromm Gold Holistic Adult Dry Dog Food Review

Ingredients: Duck, chicken meal, chicken, brown rice, pearled barley, oatmeal, menhaden fish meal, chicken fat, lamb, potatoes, dried tomato pomace, dried whole egg, salmon oil, cheese, flaxseed, brewers dried yeast, alfalfa meal, carrots, lettuce, celery, chicken cartilage, monocalcium phosphate, salt, potassium chloride, dl-methionine, l-tryptophan, taurine, chicory root extract, calcium sulfate, Yucca schidigera extract, sodium selenite, sorbic acid (preservative), vitamins, minerals, probiotics.

Right off the bat, we notice that the first 3 items on the ingredient list are all protein-packed ingredients: Duck, Chicken Meal, Chicken.

The 4th and 5th ingredients on the lists are sources of complex-carbohydrates (which is a good thing to see): Brown Rice and Barley. With that said, there's nothing to be too happy about with these 2 ingredients, as it doesn't seem they benefit canines from a nutritional sense a whole lot.

Meanwhile, the 6th ingredient on the list is Oatmeal, a source of carbohydrates that's packed with dietary fiber that does wonders for your dog's digestive system, and packed with B-vitamins as well.

We also liked the presence of menhaden fish meal and flaxseed, which are excellent sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, as well as chicken fat, an excellent source of Omega 6 fatty acids.

Watch this video to know what to look out for in your canine's food ingredients:

Fromm Dog Food Recalls

The following is a list of recalls that Fromm pet food has experienced ever since it came to life in the dog food industry.

Please note that we're constantly looking out for any possible future recalls for Fromm and any other brands we talk about on the website, and will update their respective sections if (or whenever) these recalls happen.


Fromm took part in its first ever recall on March 18, 2016 due to the levels of vitamins and minerals being deemed inadequate, especially those of Vitamin D that were deemed as possibly excessive.

As for what products were recalled, all 12 oz. varieties of the following canned dog food products were recalled:

  • Chicken Pate, Code #11893
  • Chicken & Duck, Code #11895
  • Salmon & Chicken Pate, Code #11891

Since most of you will be searching for dry dog food and not canned food (even if you were searching for canned dog food from Fromm, you could just search for other formulas than the ones mentioned above on the recall list), you'll be fine and have nothing to worry about.

Where Can I Buy Fromm Dog Food?

Fromm’s are known to be picky when it comes to the retailers they allow to sell their food, which goes hand in hand with the safety procedures and very high standards we talked about in the introduction to this article.

pet store

Fromm only allows some pet specialty stores to sell their dog food.

So, head on over to Fromm's website here and here and search for the nearest pet specialty store near your location that sells Fromm dog food.

Or, for a faster and more convenient option, you can check out the many varieties and formulas of Fromm puppy food over at Amazon.com.


All in all, Fromm dog food is considered to be one of the better choices of dry dog food available out there. They take great precaution in quality of ingredients and food safety.

Coming in at around 27%, 48% carbohydrates and 18% fat, this food will meet the dietary needs of most dog breeds out there at different life stages.


  1. It’s a high quality food, it was suggested by a store employee. But my puppy ended up throwing it up and it seems the food looked like it expanded in his stomach he threw it up twice in one day. Maybe this is not his kind of food…

    • I was told to try Fromm. I fed my poodle Salmon and Tunalini and ended up throwing up to twice a day too. Plus it seemed like she was deyhdred and was drinking lots of water. Once I stopped she stopped. I went back to Science diet Salmon and Vegetables and she has been okay with that. I just wanted her to go on dry food.

  2. We have been feeding it and the last bag not only made my dogs throw up, my older dog is on his death bed, attacked his liver and kidneys, the 9 year old it attcked his pancreas, the two year old was able to rebound with antibiotics. Very sad about this food hurting my six dogs. Possibly loosing the oldest one.

  3. Fromm is an excellent dog food! My 14-16 year olds liver and kidney tests improved drastically after starting this food. It is a very dry, and hard dry food, which means they get the moisture out that causes mold, a GOOD thing! But, if using with older dogs, I personally believe it needs to be re-hydrated a bit before serving it as to not suck all the hydration from your dog, especially a senior with organ issues, and easier on old teeth. I very simply put 1 cup of dry food and 1/2 cup of water in a ziplock bag and refrigerate overnight, then microwave 15 seconds in morning, and its perfect consistency and they love it! Second best to using canned formula. Mine have eaten the Chicken al-a veg over 2 years now with great results, wish I found sooner.

  4. I have fed my 140 pound Newfoundland Fromm food for all of his six years. (supplemented with Dasuquin , sardines for extra taurine, some yogurt and human grade alaskan salmon oil) We started with large breed puppy, then large breed adult, then large breed weight loss, as Covid and our hot summers are limiting his exercise. He has lots of energy, a shiny coat, and no joint issues, and of course a sweet Newfy intelligence and temperament. Always eager for meals 2x daily, 2 to 2.5 cups in all. Happy dog. We have always found Fromm employees thorough about answering our questions, no form answers or pushy sales talk. It’s available at two local Pet Stores near us. I have to admit the long family history and Wisconsin cheese hooked me in the first place!


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