Best Cat Litter Mat Reviews (2019’s Top 5 Picks)

In this list of the best cat litter mat reviews, we talk about what we think are the top 5 cat litter mats on the market by descending order, talking about the good each product has to offer, the things we like best about each product and why they were chosen in the order we put them on this list.

Of course, no one cat litter mat is exactly like the other, and what may work best for you may not be the best option for another cat owner, especially since some cat litter mats may have a few features here and there that other cat litter mats don't.

But, this is a very solid list of cat litter mats you'll ever need to have a look at in order to make a very well informed decision.

Our List Of The Top 5 Cat Litter Mats - (Updated List For 2019)

Top Pick: PetFusion ToughGrip Gray Cat Litter Mat
Pick #2: iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper Mat
Pick #3: Smiling Paws BPA Free Premium Cat Litter Mat
Pick #4: Purr-Fect Paws Cat Litter Mat
Pick #5: Blackhole Cat Litter Mat




  • Water resistant PVC material
  • Trap up to 37% more litter
  • BPA-free
iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper
  • Made from two layers
  • Extra-large honeycomb-shaped openings
  • Water repellent
Smiling Paws BPA Free Premium Cat Litter Mat
  • Trap 82% More Litter
  • Non-Slip Backing
  • BPA-free
Purr-Fect Paws Cat Litter Mat
  • Features deep hollows
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used as a placemat
Blackhole Cat Litter Mat
  • Dual-layer litter box mat
  • Soft EVA rubber foam material
  • Washable with a vacuum or water

*Note: The links in the table above, as well as several links in the remainder of the article below, will take you to over to where you can find out more information about the products, such as current prices and customer reviews.

Our top and #1 pick for the list of the best cat litter mats is the Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat.

High Quality Material: The PetFusion ToughGrip Gray Cat Litter Mat is made from some of the highest quality PVC material you will ever come across in a cat litter mat, meaning great durability and very minimal risk of this mat tearing apart for any reason.

You can feel just how strong and durable it is just by trying to carry it for a second - ain't no way your cat is scratching their way into tearing it apart!

While other cat litter mats will easily tear apart if your cat decides to use them as a toy, play around with them a bit and scratch them a little bit now and then, this mat is one of the most durable ones you'll ever find on the market.

Durability: You can expect this mat to still be functioning just the way it's meant to be after several months of usage on end, something which alone speaks volumes about its durability.

Litter Tracking: As for preventing cat litter tracking, it should be made very clear that no cat litter mat out there can offer you a complete, 100% reduction in this happening.

The best of the best cat litter mats can only offer you a reduction in this happening to a certain extent, but this cat litter mat is not one of the best when it comes to capturing litter pieces from your cat's paws and feet before they get out of their litter box and spread them all over the house.

Water Resistant: Moving on, this cat litter mat is also water resistant, something which we mentioned in our list of the criteria that makes the best cat litter mats in a section below.

Water resistant cat litter mats make it way easier for you to clean the litter off of them with water than non water resistant cat litter mats that will absorb the water and create a huge mess.

No Leakage With Time: This cat litter mat is a very durable one as we've already said,  and it won't leak through any liquid.

Washing & Cleaning: No other mat is this easy to clean. You can just brush, sweep, or even jus shake litter pieces out! And for more thorough cleaning, this cat litter mat is 100% water resistant, so you can easily use your favorite cleaner, and be assured that it will rinse quickly and dry quickly. 

As far as cleaning this mat with a vacuum cleaner, this is a very easy cat litter mat to clean with a vacuum cleaner.

Aesthetics: As for the aesthetics, general look & feel of the mat, you're given multiple colors to choose from in order to only get one that fits in well with the theme wherever you want to have it put in.

One thing many cat owners have noticed and reported is that this looks like a normal mat from afar, and doesn't immediately give away that it's a cat litter mat unless you were to get up close to it and carefully check it out.

Large Size: Some cat owners with more than one cat at home like to put multiple cat litter boxes together in order to form one litter box area, which means you would need a large sized litter mat that would cover that large space. This is exactly what you'll be getting with this very large cat litter mat that's 35.5 x 24 inches in dimensions, covering a fairly large area very easily.

iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper

Large Holes Advantage: One of the features you will notice right off the bat with this iPrimio cat litter mat is the significantly large holes it has, much larger holes than those in other cat litter mats, something which makes it easier for the cat litter your cat brings along when it gets out of its litter box to get trapped inside.

Of course, some litter will still make its way out of the mat, but you can expect that to be only 10% of what could have made its way out of the mat had you not had invested in this.

Some cat owners that have tried this iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper came back to report that it captures more than 98% of their cat's litter, but let's just leave it at 90% to keep things realistic.

High Quality Material: It must also be noted that this mat is made of very high quality material that makes it feel very comfortable for your cat to step on to, meaning it won't cause them any skin irritation and physical discomfort they feel when they step on other cat litter mats that are made of less comfortable and lower quality material.

Very Good Durability: Some cats even like to use this mat as their go-to scratching item, and the owners of these cats have come back to report that even after their cats have used these mats as such after a good amount of time has passed, they're still as good as new mats.

Large Size: This cat litter mat is also a significantly large one, giving you the ability to use it to cover a whole area where you have multiple cat litter boxes in place, although it's a few inches shorter in length and width when compared to our #1 pick above.

Unlike other small cat litter mats that barely cover the space that your cat litter box takes, this mat is more than enough to give your cat all the time it needs to get out of the litter box, take some litter out with it and automatically have the litter it gets out along with it into the mat's holes - meaning no more instances where your cat gets right out the box but drops litter right next to it just because the mat didn't cover all the space that the box took.

If you're not looking for a cat litter mat as large as this, and would prefer something smaller in size instead, iPrimio offers you the ability to choose from different sizes to accommodate your needs and that of your cat(s).

No Nasty Smell: Since some plastic goes into the making of this cat litter mat, some of you may be afraid of potential smell this item could leave in your home for a while, because it's new. Fortunately, this isn't the case at all, as you'll see for yourself if you were to try unpacking one at home that you won't notice even a single scent.

Some other cat litter mats emit this horrible smell from the plastic they're made of that requires a few days to go away - absolutely not the case with this mat.

Easy Cleaning: To top this all off, cleaning the iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper is also a breeze, even if you wanted to have it rinsed/washed with water.

Aesthetics: Not to forget about aesthetics, you're also free to choose between either a black colored mat or a brown colored mat if you decide to go with this product, meaning all the more flexibility for you to choose what works best with the environment/decor wherever you want to put it in (just like our #1 pick above).

To put it short, get ready to say goodbye to walking on your cat's litter if you decide to invest in this mat.

Smiling Paws BPA Free Premium Cat Litter Mat

Environmentally Friendly: Just from the name you can immediately tell how environmentally friendly of a product this is, which is one reason as to why it has gone down so well among the community of cat owners.

Businesses are now learning that such passionate communities will gladly turn to environmentally friendly products when given the chance to and when these products meet certain standards, but this whole environmentally friendly issue is another topic for another day.

Veterinarian Recommended: If you've ever asked your veterinarian about what cat litter mat on the market they think is best, chances are that they recommended you get this one.

Durability: As for durability, this (along with our #1 and #2 picks above) is also one of the most durable cat litter mats you'll find on the market today. Because of the high quality material that this cat litter mat was made from, you'll also notice that the bottom of it is very well designed and ensures that no liquid whatsoever passes through and gets to the floor or carpet you have below the mat.

If you've ever tried a different cat litter mat before, you'll immediately notice how thick this one is in comparison to how thin the other one(s) you've tried before. Chances are, you'll first wonder why it's SO thick and whether or not there's something wrong with it.

Easy Cleaning: Whenever you want to clean the litter that's trapped inside, all you need to do is give it a nice little shake outside, or just a simple vacuum, and then it's good as new.

Outstanding Customer Service: Smiling Paws have an outstanding customer service department as well, one of the best among cat litter mat manufacturing companies, so you most certainly can't go wrong with them.

​Why Invest In A Cat Litter Mat?

First off, let's cover what exactly a cat litter mat is. A cat litter mat is a mat that can be put under your cat's litter box because it's made from material that absorbs any litter that makes its way out of the box straight away.

So, why exactly should you invest in a cat litter mat for your home?


For starters, if you're like practically every cat owner in the world out there, you don't like the idea of having your cat spread their litter all over your house only for you to spend the entirety of your life having to find the affected areas and clean after them.

Some cats simply enjoy kicking the litter out of their litter tray onto the floor right next to it because it's just, well, fun to do, while it's obviously not fun for you to clean after them this way, especially if you spend time beforehand that day to get the floors cleaned.

Meanwhile, other cats like to spread the litter they get on their feet and paws all over the house after they step off their litter box (something called litter tracking), also prompting you to get up again and cleaning the floor one more time.

You can try as many different brands of cat litter as your heart pleases, none of these brands can offer you a 100% guarantee that litter tracking won't happen anymore in your house, as that's just not physically possible.

Sure, some kinds of litter have a much less chance of sticking on your cat and being tracked all over the place, but there is a certain amount of litter that will stick on your cat's feet or paws and be spread around the house, no matter how little of an amount that is.

And, boy oh boy oh boy does this process become much more of an inconvenience if you have multiple cats at home that all use a litter box!

A cat litter mat will absorb all the litter your cat gets on their feet and paws as soon as they get off their litter box.

Instead of you having to look all over your house for any litter that made its way onto furniture or in small spaces that you could rarely ever notice, all you have to do is take the mat once in a while and vacuum it or clean it manually by hand so that you remove the litter from it yourself.

What Makes The Best Cat Litter Mat?

So, what exactly makes the best cat litter mat? Why are some cat litter mats so popular on the market and sell like hotcakes, while others can't seem to make a breakthrough and get going?

Other than aggressive marketing campaigns which go into making some cat litter mats so popular nowadays, something which we're not interested in covering in this article since an aggressive marketing campaign means nothing in terms of the quality of the product itself, there are certain features that distinguish the best cat litter mats from the rest on the market, and we'll be covering them in detail in the list below.

Affordability: First off, and one of the most obvious criteria all cat litter mat shoppers will be looking for, is affordability.

Obviously, no one wants to break the bank on having to buy a cat litter, especially given the fact that this process will be a frequent one. Imagine having to pay an arm and a leg every time you wanted to buy a litter mat for your cat - definitely not fun.

While some companies out there will want to charge you a premium fee for their cat litter mats, the best cat litter mats are usually made from the most basic of materials that can get the job done perfectly without all the needless bells and whistles that don't do much for you or your cat in the practical world.

Durability: Probably the second most important criteria that sets the best cat litter mat from the rest is durability, as no one wants to buy a litter mat for their cat only for it to last a couple of days before they have to order another one.

We all like to pay affordable prices for products that last us quite a while, and this is exactly what the best cat litter mat should be able to offer you as a cat owner.

So, how long will the cat litter mat being discussed last? Is it made from the highest quality of material? Or is it made from low quality material that will have you say your goodbyes after your cat decides to use it as a toy one day?

Aesthetics: Believe it or not, aesthetics matter a lot to many cat owners when shopping for a cat litter mat, and why shouldn't this be a factor?

If you're buying something to put it in your house, and you (along with anyone else passing by that area) are going to be seeing product on a daily basis, why should you settle for something ugly looking that doesn't quite fit in with the general theme of your home?

Let's face it, good looking products that are easy on the eye are always more preferable than horribly designed products that don't give you that "feel good" sensation when you take a look at them.

Water Resistance: Some cat litter mats will be water resistant, while others won't, and you can almost always be sure that the water resistant cat litter mat is of much higher quality than the non water resistant one.

Not all cat owners like to clean the litter off of their cat litter mats with a vacuum cleaner, and not all cat owners deem it suffice to just manually shake off the litter from the litter mat with their hands - they prefer to clean the mat off with water instead.

And, for you to be able to do so, the mat must be made from high quality, water resistant material, something which the best cat litter mats mentioned in the list above all have in common.

Based on these factors and many more, we've based our decisions and rankings for the list of the best cat litter mats above, meaning that any of the options mentioned above is going to be a wonderful addition to your home and something your cat is going to love you for.


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