Best Rolled Leather Dog Collars (2023’s Top 5)

The majority of dog owners out there are familiar with different types of dog collars that are often put to different uses, such as flat collars, head collars and shock collars, just to name a few examples.

However, not many dog owners are familiar with one specific type of collars that's going to be our topic of discussion in this article, one that's greatly increased in popularity as of late: rolled leather dog collars, also very often referred to as just rolled collars.

Before going into the details of which dogs specifically need to be wearing rolled leather collars more than other dogs as well as what criteria sets apart the best from the rest, let's have a quick look at what we believe to be the 5 best rolled leather dog collars in today's doggy market.




CollarDirect Rolled Leather Dog Collar
  • Made out of specially treated very soft genuine leather
  • Handmade strong and durable
Circle T Black Rolled Leather Dog Collar
  • Will not mat hair
  • Made of full grain, top quality leather
Mendota Products Standard Rolled Dog Collar
  • Provides comfort and minimal stretch 
  • Solid brass hardware
Coastal Pet Products 2208 Leather Latigo Round Dog Collar
  • Strong and extremely durable
  • Handcrafted
  • With nickel-plated swivel snap
  • Comfortable 7" handle

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What Should I Look For In The Best Rolled Leather Dog Collar?

The following list covers some of the most important issues you should keep in mind and actively look out for while buying a rolled leather dog collar for your furry buddy.

This way, you'll be able to rest assured that your money is being well spend on the real deal instead of a rip-off that's not - and boy are there many of those nowadays!

Proper Size: Before studying any other aspect in a rolled leather dog collar you're considering picking up, you should first make sure that it's available in a size that matches your dog's specific measurements.

Always compare the measurements you take for your dog with those provided by the manufacturer in their sizing chart.

You're going to want to make sure that any rolled leather collar you get for your dog is of perfect size to them because of the usual reasons, most important of which being that they don't manage to slip out of it if it's not tight enough and that they don't feel like they're being strangled and have breathing difficulties (or even choke) if it's too tight.

A good rule of thumb to follow and make sure a collar properly fits around your dog's neck area is trying to see if you can comfortably insert two fingers under the collar while it's around your dog's neck.

If you can insert more than two fingers that way then the collar is a bit too loose and needs to be tightened to become effective, while if you're finding it too difficult to insert two fingers that way then the collar is probably too tight and needs to be loosened up.

Different manufacturers of these collars will have different size ranges according to different measurements, so always compare your dog's measurements to those specifically provided by the manufacturer of the rolled leather dog collar you're thinking about buying.

Looks Matter: Even though how good a rolled leather dog collar looks like has absolutely no impact whatsoever on how effective it does its job, the majority of dog owners still give this criterion much thought, and rightfully so.

The same way you and I care about our clothes and how good we look before we head outside the house, the same holds true for the majority of dog owners that care about how sharp their furry buddy is looking as well.

Luckily though, this isn't nearly as hard as it sounds like, because if you go with any of our top 5 picks above you'll notice how the manufacturing companies have already taken real good care of this fashion standpoint for you so that you don't have to worry about how good Fido looks.

Ideally, you should be given the option to choose between a wide variety of different colors that you think your pooch will be able to rock best.

Not to mention the fact that your dog is going to already be as fashionable as can be wearing a piece of equipment made from leather!

Soft Texture: When it comes to soft texture associated with genuine leather, how soft the leather feels is one way you're able to tell if it's legitimate leather or fake leather.

For Which Dogs Is A Rolled Leather Collar Suited Best?

Of course, and this should really go without saying, rolled leather dog collars aren't suitable for all dogs out there alike.

No matter how hard you try, it's always going to depend on a few factors that differ between dogs.

For this reason and due to these differences, some dogs respond better to shock collars, some dogs respond best to head collars, some dogs respond best to the usual flat collars and other dogs respond best to completely different pieces of equipment such as harnesses instead.

The more characteristics your dog matches from this list, the more suitable a rolled leather dog collar is going to be for them.

Long & Dense Coats: Rolled leather dog collars have been proven to be especially beneficial to dogs that have long and dense coats.

This is not to say that dogs with short and/or thin coats won't benefit from this type of collars - on the contrary, it's just that dogs with long and dense fur tend to benefit from them the most.

Why is this exactly? Other collars in different forms and shapes often cause your dog's hair to tangle and mat together around their neck area, a very annoying issue for both your dog (which will feel uncomfortable very fast) and for you (since you're the one who'll have to fix this).

Sensitive Skin: Because of the fact that legitimate rolled leather dog collars are made of such high quality leather, this is the perfect material for any dog out there that has sensitive skin or just general skin irritations when they're given similar equipment made from lower quality material to wear.

Leather is often the #1 recommended material for dogs to wear when it comes to their collars, unlike other lower quality material such as nylon that's known to cause discomfort and skin problems with time.

Of course, those collars made from lower quality material always cost significantly less and will save you on a few bucks, but it's just not worth it when you consider your dog's comfort and their well being.

What Are The Advantages Of Rolled Leather Dog Collars?

Durability: If you know from prior experience that your dog needs a durable collar because they have it in them to quickly wear out any collar they've ever worn before, then a rolled leather dog collar is the perfect option for you to consider due to its significant durability.

The fact that they're made from genuine leather means that they're significantly thicker than other collars made from different material, and that they'll last much longer before you start noticing holes significant enough to warrant you buying a replacement.

When talking about durability in a round leather dog collar, this isn't just restricted to the leather part of this piece of equipment, you should also pay extra attention to the buckle that comes with it, what it's made of and how sturdy it is.

Manufacturers of some collars choose to make use of very low-quality buckles in order to save up on some costs, a marketing trick many dog owners unfortunately feel good about and fall victim of, thinking they're getting a bargain because of such a low price on the product.

However, this ends up backfiring on you shortly after, because the buckle is so poor in quality that it'll break in no time and render your round leather dog collar useless until you replace that broken buckle with a new one.

Not to mention the injury risks that cheap buckles present as well, as a buckle that's broken becomes two halves of sharp metal that are just waiting to give your dog an open wound.

So, save yourself having to deal with all this trouble and headache by making sure that any rolled leather dog collar you buy has a buckle that's very hard to break, at least not until a very long time passes and you're fine with buying a replacement by then.

Of course, and even if the buckle is of superb quality, you're still going to have to pay extra careful attention in order to preserve it for as long as possible.

For example, one very common mistake people make with their rolled leather dog collar is giving Fido a bath while they still have it around their neck, which will only lead to the buckle rusting in even the highest of quality ones out there on the market.

The same holds true when you take your dog for a swim, always take this collar off of them first or else even the highest quality buckle is going to rust.

Which Dogs Aren't Suitable For Rounded Leather Dog Collars?

Just as with practically anything in life, there's no "one size fits all" answer to any specific problem. While rolled leather dog collars are just the perfect piece of equipment for some dogs, this is not exactly the case with other dogs out there.

The following list covers some of the most common circumstances where a rolled leather dog collar won't be a good match for your furry buddy.

Puller: If you've got a dog that tends to pull on their collar, and many dog breeds are notorious for their tendency to pull much more than other breeds, then this specific type of dog collars is not the best option for them.

First and foremost, a dog that pulls is much better off wearing a harness where the pressure from their pulling will be focused on their stomach area and not an area as delicate as their neck.

Moreover, a rolled leather dog collar won't be so durable if your dog keeps pulling at it.

Sure, it may be much more durable than other types of collars, but eventually it may snap and break apart due to the constant pressure.


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