Best Dog Hair Dryer Reviews – (2019’s Top 5 Dog Blow Dryers)

Best Dog Hair Dryers

If you plan on being a dog owner that has a well groomed dog, then you're going to need to look for the best dog hair dryers as soon as possible, as without one - your dog will most likely look like a mess after they're given a bath.

We've previously talked about other dog grooming supplies you need at home, such as the best dog nail clippers, the best dog nail grinders, etc .. and now it's time to talk about the best dog hair dryers.

But the thing is, the last thing you'll ever want to do to after you give your dog a bath is use a dryer you have at home that you or any other family member make personal use of, since those dryers aren't specifically designed for your dog's hair requirements.

If you use a dryer you have laying around at home on your dog to dry them off, you run the risk of damaging their skin and coat BIG TIME, something which obviously no dog owner wants to happen.

You only want to use a dryer on your dog that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of your pets, keep their skin glowing, silky and smooth - which is exactly what we'll be helping you choose in this article.




Air Force Commander 2-Speed Dryer 4.0 HP Motor S
Air Force Commander 2-Speed Dryer 4.0 HP Motor S
  • ​​6 foot hose
  • ​12 foot cord
BPD-1 Bear Power 2 HP High Velocity Pet Groomer Dryer
BPD-1 Bear Power 2 HP High Velocity Pet Groomer Dryer
  • ​Insulated
  • ​Four nozzles-fluffing nozzle
Flying One Pink High Velocity 4.0 Hp Motor Pet Grooming Dryer w/ Heater
Flying One Pink High Velocity 4.0 Hp Motor Pet Grooming Dryer w/ Heater
  • ​10 ft. flexible Hose
  • ​Two different nozzles & filter
Go Pet Club Pet Grooming Hair Dryer For Dogs And Cats
Go Pet Club Pet Grooming Hair Dryer For Dogs And Cats
  • 2 adjustable temperature controls 
  • ​Low noise technology
XPOWER B-2 Pro-At-Home Pet Dryer and Vacuum
Professional Animal Grooming Comfort Dryer ST-6 (60070)
  • 4 types of styling nozzles
  • Lightweight and quiet

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Best Dog Hair Dryer Review - (The Best Dog Blow Dryer)

No matter what specific reason is bugging you to look for the best dog hair dryer, there certainly isn't a shortage of this product on the market - in fact, there's a ton of them available for you to choose from.

However, and since you're not interested in spending hours upon hours weeding out the good from the bad after looking at hundreds and hundreds of these things, we've handpicked the best of the best dog dryers that have worked wonders for countless other dog owners, and will definitely work wonders for you as well.

If you go with any of these 5 dog hair dryers, drying off your dog will never be the same hassle it used to be. On the contrary, prepare to enjoy it and start to look forward to it.

As far as this article is concerned, we're going to be talking about the "creme de la creme" when it comes to dog hair dryers (at least that's what we think it is), the Metrovac's Air Force Commander Professional Dog Grooming Pet Dryer.

Top Pick - Metrovac's Air Force Commander Professional Dog Grooming Pet Dryer

Air Force Commander 2-Speed Dryer 4.0 HP Motor S

If you read air force commander in the name and were wondering whether we shifted from talking about dog stuff to military issues, don't worry, we're still talking about dog hair dryers here :-).

It's just a really cool name these folks chose for their pet dryer!

Time Saver: With this dog hair dryer, you'll notice a whole lot of time saved drying off your dog after you give them a bath (or they get involved in anything that gets their coat wet for that matter) - much thanks to this dog dryer having one of the most powerful motors among its peers on the market.

However, you do have to keep in mind that with great power comes great responsibility, so if you abuse the power this thing puts in between your hands then you can easily damage your dog's skin with time.

You have to make sure that you're using just the right power and speed that YOUR dog needs.

Greatly Decreased Shedding: If your dog is anything between a moderate to heavy shedding dog, then you're in for some great news.

This dog hair dryer does a tremendous job when it comes to taking care of any dead hair laying around on your dog's coat when you're drying it off, which translates to greatly decreased dead hair falling around all over your house that you will have to clean up later yourself.

Of course, only do this outside the house and never indoors, unless you want to have your dog's dead hair being blown all over the place.

Speed Variation: As we'll be talking about in just a few in a section below on the criteria that makes up the best dog hair dryers, speed variation is an essential criteria as that allows you to cater to the different needs of different dogs while drying them off.

Some dogs will need high speeds to dry them off quickly during this process, while other dogs will need lower speeds since they don't have that much hair on them.

This dog hair dryer comes with a two speed variation mechanism to it that allows you to do just that.

Mobility: One of the things we love most about this dog hair dryer is how mobile it is, making it a breeze to move it from one location to the other in order to put it to use.

With other dog hair dryers, you'll be getting a very heavyweight product that takes times to be mounted in one place for use, and even more time and effort moving it around to put it to use in another place.

Not all dog owners want to use their dog hair dryers in a specific designated spot at all times (and the same applies for some professional dog groomers), and this one makes it very easy for you to move it around, use it wherever you'd like to without it feeling like you're moving mountains and store it away anywhere you deem appropriate without having to be stuck with only one permanent storing location.

Durability: As far as how long this dog hair dryer is going to last you, you can rest assured that it's going to be around for a long, long time.

This product was designed with long lasting steel, where the manufacturers took into consideration the long working hours that professional dog groomers would want to make use of this product with, so you're getting one of the most durable dog hair dryers out there.

No Overheating: If you have previous experiences using other dog hair dryers before, then depending on whether or not they were low quality ones, you may have noticed that a lot of them tend to overheat after a short while and become very annoying to keep holding and using.

This is a really huge inconvenience, especially if you're running a pet grooming business, since having to give these equipment rest time means lost business.

This dog hair dryer won't be overheating and has been designed to sustain long periods of work, so you've got nothing to worry about as far as this issue is concerned.

A Bit Loud: One thing you do have to keep in mind, though, is that because this is such a powerful dog hair dryer designed for heavy duty work, it can tend to get a bit loud at times, although not to the extent that dogs will run away scared for their lives.

Now, if you've got an EXTREMELY sensitive dog at home that gets easily scared from the least bit of loud noise, then it's probably best that you look for another option that has been specifically designed for making the least minimum noise possible.

Most dog owners that use this have noticed that their dogs quickly got used to the noise this dog hair dryer makes after an initial break-in phase that was accompanied with positive reinforcement techniques used to reassure the dog being groomed that everything going on is completely fine and they have nothing to worry about.

You can also make good use of the two-speed setting if your dog is afraid of the noise, since using the lower speed setting will greatly reduce the noise emitted, albeit slightly prolonging the time required to dry off your dog.

Many dog owners also found that starting off with the low speed setting for a while and then moving on to the high speed setting greatly helped their dogs get accustomed to the noise and not be the least bit afraid from it.

Why You Should Get A Dog Hair Dryer

A dog hair dryer sounds fancy and all, but why exactly should you add one to the pet grooming tool set you already have at home?

Here are some of the most important reasons why any dog owner should look to get a dog hair dryer home as soon as possible.


Fluffy brown dog

Well, d'uh!

Not so fast. This may sound like it's calling the obvious, but it must be made clear because many dog owners take the importance of drying dogs granted and think that their dog will be just fine without a dog hair dryer.

If you leave your dog without a short session of blow drying after you give them a bath, this beats the purpose of the bath you gave them because your dog's wet hair will easily get dirty again in no time.

What many dog owners think they can do is letting their dog chill outside the house for a bit after they take a bath, such as in the backyard, where their fur will (as they believe) be dried out from the sun and the air.

Well, not only does it take a very long time for your dog's fur to dry out from the sun, your dog's wet fur will get dirty right away once more, before it even gets the chance to dry out - prompting you to give them another shower. What a way to spend your day!

A dog hair dryer will have your pooch good to go for the day in a matter of a few minutes right after they finish their shower.

Dog Hair Dryer VS People Hair Dryer

You may be asking yourself why exactly you can't use the hair dryer you use for yourself at home on your dog after you give them a bath.

Well, unless harming your dog's fur is what you're after, then this is a very bad practice.

Hair dryers specifically manufactured for pet use have taken all the little details that matter into consideration, such as the safest amount of heat that pets can handle without causing coat and skin damage, without compensating one bit on the ability of users to get the drying job done in lightning fast speed.

This is an assurance which you won't get with the hair dryer you use for yourself at home.

For all you know, the level of heat emitted by the hair dryer you use for yourself at home may be way too much for your pooch to handle.

What Makes The Best Dog Hair Dryer?

So, with all of these different dog hair dryer brands and manufacturers competing for your business, all looking to convince you that they've got the best dog hair dryer that beats all other competition out there by a long shot, exactly how can you be sure you're being told the whole story and not just falling a victim of aggressive marketing?

First off, it must be made very clear from the get go that what might be the best dog hair dryer for you may be different from what might be the best dog hair dryer for someone else, depending on the context you plan to use the hair dryer in.

For example, someone buying a dog hair dryer in order to use in their dog grooming business may have different needs (and a different budget set aside) than someone buying a dog hair dryer in order to use within the realms of their own home on their own pet(s).

In all cases, and whichever side of the spectrum you may be on, there's a whole lot of common ground when it comes to the best dog hair dryers no matter how you plan on using them, and the following criteria will greatly help you determine whether the dog hair dryer you're looking at is one of the best or not.


You do want to invest in a dog hair dryer that will give you the best bang for your buck and last you as much as possible without you having to replace it with a new one every few months, don't you?

The best dog hair dryers will be the most durable ones that are able to last you a few years before prompting you to go shopping for a new one.

After all, the best dog hair dryers don't exactly come by cheap, and you should be getting something that lasts you a long while if you're going to be paying top dollar for it.


Long haired dog running

Probably one of the most important criteria that goes into determining the best dog hair dryers and separating them from the rest of the products on the market is airflow power.

The best dog hair dryer will supply your dog with just the right amount of heated air to get them dry and good to go in no time, not too much heated air that's supplied in a very strong air flow that will eventually lead to skin and coat damage, and not too little heated air that's supplied in a very weak airflow that won't get the job done if your dog has the slightest of dense coats.

This is one of the reasons why we mentioned towards the beginning of this article that what may be the best dog hair dryer for you may be different than the best dog hair dryer for someone else, as someone with a dog that has a very short coat may do very well with a dog hair dryer with weak air flow, while someone with a dog that has a long and dense coat will need all the air flow they can get.


You and I can perfectly handle a loud blow dryer when using it for ourselves, as we perfectly understand what's going on and have the ability to "suck it up" until we're done.

But, how do you think your dog will handle such a loud noise?

The same way they'll act around the 4th of July (or any other national holiday for that matter) when there's a lot of firework action going on - anxious, scared and straight out in fear.

This is why the manufacturers of the best dog hair dryers will put in extra effort to make sure that their dryers make the least sound/noise possible via certain features - something which ensures that the dog being groomed remains in complete comfort.

After all, an anxious and scared dog is a dog that cannot be groomed at all - good luck trying to keep them seated in one place!

Sure, no dog hair dryer out there will make absolutely 0 noise, but there's an obvious difference between a dog hair dryer that will make your pooch want to run away for safety and a dog hair dryer that will keep them feeling safe.


Just like any other product that does a task similar to what a dog hair dryer does, proper filtration is an absolute must when it comes to separating the best products from the rest.

The best dog hair dryer will have a very easy filtration system that allows you to easily remove filters that may have gotten filled with the likes of dust, clean the filters and put them back in (or replace them with new filters altogether if that's also an option) in order to get the dryer to work like new once again.

Some dog hair dryers have ridiculously complicated air filters to handle, and those are the exact same dryers you should not waste your money on since there are much easier and more time efficient options for you to get.


Dogs on a hammock

Storability may not be a factor that's as important as other factors mentioned here when it comes to separating the best dog hair dryers from the rest, but it nonetheless remains a factor you should take into consideration.

If you don't have adequate space at home to store your dog hair dryer, you should know that beforehand, or else you run the risk of spending money on something that will give you a huge headache afterwards.

Some dog hair dryers are much larger and have much more accessories/parts to them than other dog hair dryers, so you should know which option suits you best before you spend money on it.

Speed Flexibility

Now, this criterion may or may not be an absolute necessity for you if you're looking to buy a dog hair dryer, depending on what you're looking to use it for.

If you're planning to use a dog hair dryer for professional work as a dog groomer, this criterion is a necessity, while if you're planning to use a dog hair dryer for personal use at home, this isn't an absolute necessity and it's up to you to decide if you'd like to evaluate how much this feature is valuable to you.

If you're a professional dog groomer then you should go with a dog hair dryer that gives you the option of choosing between a variety of different speed levels in order to accommodate the needs of the different dog breeds that you have to take care of work.

Even if you aren't a professional dog groomer and just plan to use a dog hair dryer for your dogs at home, a variable speed dog hair dryer will be a good option if you have different breeds at home.

However, if you're just buying a dog hair dryer to use on one specific dog you have at home, then you don't need a variable speed dog hair dryer.

Still, a variable speed dog hair dryer is a much preferable option if you were to ask me what I think, since there are certain areas you'd like to dry off on your dog's coat where weaker airflow is required than other areas where more powerful airflow is required.


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