Best Dog Proof Litter Boxes Of 2019

If you have a dog (or multiple dogs) and a cat (or multiple cats) living together all under one roof, then it's only normal that you're looking for a dog proof litter box for your cat to use.

There are tons of DIY projects out there about how you can keep your dog out of your cat's litter box and how to "dog proof a cat litter box" yourself, but many of you don't have the time or energy to involve yourselves in such a DIY project and would rather invest in a litter box that's designed to be dog proof in the first place, and that's exactly what we'll be expanding on further below in this article.

But, before we carry on with any more details, let's have a quick look at our recommended best dog proof litter boxes of today that are more than capable of deterring any curious dog from getting access to inside your cat's litter box.

Our List Of The Top 5 Dog Proof Litter Boxes Of Today – (Updated List For 2019)

Top Pick: Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan
Pick #2: Designer Pet Products Catbox
Pick #3: Booda Dome Cleanstep Cat Box
Pick #4: Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox
Pick #5: Modkat Litter Box




Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan
  • ​Attached non-slip lid
  • Molded-in hook
Designer Pet Products Catbox
Designer Pet Products Catbox
  • ​Non-toxic
  • ​Hydraulic safety hinge
Booda Dome Cleanstep Cat Box
Booda Dome Cleanstep Cat Box
  • ​Built-in litter mat
  • ​50% larger than an average litter box
Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox
Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox
  • ​9" diameter hole
  • ​Not recommended for disabled, elderly or very large cats
Modkat Litter Box
Modkat Litter Box
  • ​Reusable tarp liner
  • ​Easy cleaning

*Note: The links in the table above, as well as several links in the remainder of the article below, will take you to over to where you can find out more information about the products, such as current prices and customer reviews.

Best Dog Proof Cat Litter Boxes Of Today - A Closer Look Into Our Top 3 Picks

Pick #1 - Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan

Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan

Perfect To Deny Medium/Large Sized Dogs Access: If you have a medium sized dog or a large sized dog at home that you want to deny access to your cat's "potty place", then this is the perfect option for you.

Petmate have designed this litter box with a top-entry mechanism via a hole that's large enough to fit your cat no matter what size it is, while small enough to prevent dogs of medium size and large size of fitting in.

Adequate Height: Another positive selling point this dog proof cat litter box has is the fact that it stands fairly tall, something which makes it even harder for your dog to climb to the top so they can get inside (which they won't be able to, even if they make it to the top, because the entry hole is too small for most dogs to go through).

Very Good Option To Deter Smaller Sized Dogs From Entering: Even though the entry hole that this dog proof cat litter box has is large enough for some of the smaller sized and tiny dog breeds out there to make their way inside, it doesn't mean that they will be successful in doing so, because of how tall this unit is and the fact that the entrance is a top-level one and not one that's on the side of the unit.

Most small sized dogs are also short dogs that will face a very hard time getting on top of this unit in order to access the top-entry access, but you should be careful that if your tiny sized dog is a smart, determined fella, and/or you have objects around that area they can use in order to get to the top, they will be able to.

So, as long as you don't have anything around this litter pan that your little furry buddy can use to get on and jump on top, you'll be fine and this will prove be an excellent option for you to go with if you have a small sized dog.

Designer Pet Products Catbox

Easiest To Clean: Besides being one of the best dog proof cat litter boxes out there today, this unit is also one of the easiest to clean, and we thought we'd mention this here because we know for a fact that this is a serious issue for many.

With the way this litter box was designed, all you have to do is just a little bit of vacuuming around the sides and you're done.

You'll notice that your cat's litter tracking with this unit is decreased to a bare minimum in no time.

Booda Dome Cleanstep Cat Box

Clever Side Entrance Design: First and foremost, this dog proof cat litter box has one of the most unique and clever designs we've seen thus far, being designed to look like a dome.

So, if stuff like this that look awesome and unique is your thing, you should definitely give this unit a serious consideration.

This cat litter box was designed with a side entrance that cats of all sizes can fit through comfortably to make their way into the litter area and "go potty", but dogs can only just manage to fit their heads through.

And, even if your dog manages to fit their head through the doorway, the litter is placed in a distant area inside the unit that your dog can never make their way to, which serves the purpose.

So, your dog can stick their head in the passage way all they want and have a look at what's around, but that's about all they'll be getting!

Why Should I Get A Dog Proof Cat Litter Box?

If you have a dog and a cat living together at home under one roof, you better be sure that you have a dog proof cat litter box, or else you're going to face a lot of inconveniences down the road, most notable of which we're going to be talking about in the following list.

Preventing Your Dog From Eating Your Cat's Poop: Probably the most common reason that drives pet owners to look for a dog proof cat litter box is because their dog (for whatever reason that may be) likes to eat from the cat's litter box.

And, we're not talking about dogs eat the litter here, ladies and gentlemen, we're talking about your dog eating your cat's poop - something you obviously don't want to happen for many reasons.

Not only is the habit of your dog visiting your cat's litter box to consume poop found there a possible sign of malnutrition or illness they're suffering from, it's also a very dangerous habit that could easily get your dog into big-time health troubles.

So, denying your dog access to the inside of your cat's litter box will go a long way in preventing this unwanted occurrence from happening.

Preventing Your Dog From Eating Your Cat's Litter: Besides the possibility of your dog eating your cat's poop if they can get access to the litter box and what's inside, there's also the possibility that your dog decides to try eating the litter found in the box, which is just as dangerous (if not even more dangerous to their health and well-being).

Preventing Your Floor From Becoming One Big Mess: Besides the dangers that come along with your dog possibly eating your cat's poop and/or litter, what else could go wrong? Well, your floor is most probably going to become one big mess!

A dog that manages to get access to a cat's litter box is going to step in that litter (and possibly cat poo), and will scatter those all over your house's flooring wherever they go.

How Do Dog Proof Cat Litter Boxes Work?

So, what exactly makes a cat litter box "dog proof"? What mechanism do the manufacturers of these litter boxes use in order to ensure that dogs can't make their way inside?

The majority of dog proof cat litter boxes will have a hole which your cat has to enter through in order to be able to "go potty" inside the unit. The idea behind this is that these holes are designed to only fit cats and not dogs, thus restricting your dog's access to the interior of the litter box.

However, you have to do some due diligence yourself as well when buying one of these units and making sure they will deter YOUR dog from entering your cat's litter box, and one of the most important issues you have to make sure of is your dog's size.

If you have a dog that's significantly larger in size than your cat, then buying one of these units will almost always turn out to be a wise investment made. However, if you have a miniature/toy breed dog that's even smaller in size than your cat, then what's the use of buying one of these units?

In such cases, the hole (or passageway) that exists for your cat to enter through will also be big enough for your tiny dog to make their way through inside the cat litter box as well, which obviously contradicts the point of this investment in the first place.

So, always make sure that the hole of the dog proof cat litter box you're getting to prevent YOUR dog from getting access inside is actually small enough to prevent them from accessing it, but large enough to give your cat comfortable access at the same time.

Some dog proof cat litter box manufacturers prefer to design models where the hole is on the side of the unit through which your cat can enter, while other models have the hole on top of the unit where your cat can "drop down" through.

Both models work perfectly fine, at the end of the day it's just up to your personal preference and whichever mechanism your cat prefers.


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