Best Dog Proof Trash Cans In 2019

Best Dog Proof Trash Can

Looking for the best dog proof trash cans, are you? Your dog must be driving you crazy with all sorts of gimmicks when it comes to the trash can(s) you have at home, just like many (and I mean MANY) dog owners out there have to endure on a daily basis.

And, if you've already been through something like this before, then you probably already know that a dog that has put their mind to getting access to what's inside the garbage can will do all that's within their power to get what they want, and will stop at nothing short of it.

If you were to scroll down a bit on this page, you'll see that we've dedicated a section by itself to talk about the potential problems a normal trash can will have you facing at home with your pet, and how a dog proof garbage can will tremendously help out in getting rid of these unwanted occurrences.

But, before we get into all of that, we've done the research for you about what trash cans out there on the market that you can grab are the best dog proof trash cans, and what trash cans out there aren't as effective, and have come back with the following list that consists of the top 4 dog proof trash cans in today's doggy world.




Simplehuman Stainless Steel Butterfly Step Trash Can
  • ​Lid shox technology
  • Finger-print proof
Suncast GHW1732 Resin Wicker Trash Hideaway
  • ​Hold 30-33 gallon garbage bags
  • Stay dry design
Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can
  • ​Secure slide lock
  • Lid shox technology
Rubbermaid Commercial Defenders Step-On Trash Can
  • ​Odor-confining gasket rim
  • Leakproof rigid liner

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Best Dog Proof Trash Cans Of 2019 - A Closer Look Into Our Top 3 Options

Even though the companies that manufacture these trash cans don't explicitly say that they're dog proof, and even though there technically is no such thing as a complete & 100% dog proof trash can out there yet, the following trash cans have indeed been designed in a way that makes it incredibly difficult for your dog to make their way into what's stored inside.

Pick #1 - Simplehuman Stainless Steel Butterfly Step Trash Can

Simplehuman Stainless Steel Butterfly Step Trash Can

Heavy Enough To Prevent Tip Overs: One of the most important criteria which dog-proof trash cans get evaluated by is how heavy they are and how hard it is for dogs to tip them over, and the Simplehuman Butterfly Step trash can excels in that category.

While there really is no trash can out there that's heavy and sturdy enough to prevent some of the most physically powerful and large sized dogs out there from tipping it over all the time, this trash can from Simplehuman is one of the strongest, heaviest and sturdiest ones you'll ever come across on the market.

With that being said, Simplehuman should be given proper credit where credit is due on this trash can because of the fact that many dog owners have reported that their dogs that weigh more than 100 lbs are finding it difficult to tip this trash can over - music to the ears of a large sized dog owner.

100% Chew Proof: Given the strong metal nature and material this trash can was designed with, there isn't even the slightest of possibilities that any dog out there can chew it open.

Butterfly Technique: One of the features that set this trash can apart from the rest of its competition as far as being dog-proof is concerned is its "butterfly" design (as is obvious from the name).

The can's lid is divided into two parts, one on the left and one on the right, that open together and drift from one another when you step on the pedal, and close together and come closer to one another when you release the pedal.

Not only is this a very unique and plain out awesome design to have in a trash can, it's also very useful for dogs you may have at home, especially if they're of the more curious and intelligent kind.

Sometimes, intelligent dogs may eventually figure out that by pressing hard enough on the trash can's pedal step, they're able to open the lid and get access to the trash inside.

However, and fortunately for you with this model, even if your dog figures out that they can open this trash can's lid by pressing hard enough with all their might on the pedal, the way the lid was designed with the butterfly mechanism prevents them from ever being able to put their heads inside and get access to the garbage stored there.

Narrow Design: Another very strong point that makes this trash can even more dog proof its its slim and narrow design - which, by the way, takes nothing away from its capacity, as its still able to hold an impressive 45 L of trash.

The narrow and slim design enables you to store this trash can in small and tight spaces around the house and/or in your kitchen, ones where you can get easy access to whenever you want to but your dog can never ever get the chance to tip the can over.

Suncast GHW1732 Resin Wicker Trash Hideaway

Perfect For Outdoors: While our #1 pick mentioned above is the absolute best dog proof trash can for use indoors in somewhere like your kitchen, this outdoor waste bin (or as the manufacturers call, trash hideaway) is the absolute best dog proof trash can for use outdoors in somewhere like your patio.

With that being said, it must also be noted that many dog owners gladly placed this trash container in their kitchen and were very happy with the way it fit in with everything else and didn't look out of place one bit.

Locking Trash Can - Strong & Tightly Secured Latching Lid: One of the most important dog-proof features this trash container boasts is its strong and tightly secured locking lid mechanism, which makes it near impossible for your dog to open it with their paws and get access to the trash inside

Even if your powerful dog somehow manages to tip this trash can over, the latching lid mechanism enables it to stay closed and keep hold of the trash stored inside.

Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can

Secure & Tight Lock: This trash can from Simplehuman has a secure slide lock to it that prevents the lid from opening when your dog wants to do so, and it's stood the test of time and has proven to be a success as far as this feature goes with many dog owners.

While it's not the heaviest of trash cans and doesn't require the strongest of dogs to knock it over, it will give your dog a very tough challenge if they try to force the lid open, thanks to the secure locking mechanism in place.

Best For Relatively Smaller Sized Dogs: If you're looking for the best dog proof trash can for small dogs, then you're best off going with this option from Simplehuman instead of our #1 pick above.

Our #1 pick above is best for medium to large sized dogs, while you can perfectly get by with this option if you have a smaller dog at home.

Some owners of relatively larger and more powerful dogs have reported that their "big boys" did manage to force the lid open on this unit once they put their minds to it, which is obviously worth noting.

Why Do I Need A Dog Proof Garbage Can?

So, why exactly do you need a dog proof garbage can? Won't a regular trash can work just fine?

Unfortunately, no, a good ol' regular trash can being used around the house just spells huge trouble for both your convenience and your pet's well-being.

How exactly? Have a look at the following list for some examples.

Complete Mess: With a normal trash can laying around the house (in your kitchen, for example) that your dog could come into contact with at any time, there's always the risk that you're going to walk in one day to find that they've managed to somehow scatter the trash all over the floor.

And, guess who's going to have to put all that trash back in the trash can again? You, of course!

The problem is, a dog that manages to do this with a trash can once is most likely a dog that's going to do this time and time again, and it's going to take a whole lot of training to do for you to get them to stop doing this.

So, it goes without saying that just getting a dog proof trash can is going to save you on a whole lot of time and effort that you would have wasted on tasks a dog owner shouldn't really be worrying about in this day and age.

Hygiene: Having your dog come in direct contact with the trash inside the garbage can is just one of the most unsanitary things that can ever happen to them.

This could lead to all sorts of hygiene problems that range from something as minor as stinky body odor, all the way to skin disease.

Dog Nose

Life Threatening: Having a non dog-proof garbage can at home can be very life threatening to Fido, a very common occurrence that veterinarians and emergency pet care personnel often deal with during holidays such as Thanksgiving.

During such holidays, for example, the consumption of food that contains bones and the disposal of these bones into the trash can is at a sky high.

Now imagine if your dog managed to make their way inside the trash can or have it fall over and get access to all the content that was inside, what do you suppose could happen to them if they were to decide to eat some of what they find?

All sorts of life threatening problems could happen, ranging all the way from minor problems like stomach ache, all the way to potentially fatal problems like choking.

And this doesn't only have to center around holiday seasons, this can also hold very true during normal times of the month where you, for example, throw away some spoiled meat into the trash can and your dog somehow managed to make their way inside and eat that spoiled meat - the risks are also sky high in such cases.

Inconvenience: Do you really think it's worth it in today's world to go out of your way to find a "top secret" place around the house for you to put your trash can just so your dog doesn't make it fall over and have access to what's inside?

Obviously enough, the answer to that question is a big NO, because that's just going to be very inconvenient for you and other family/household members living with you at home, and you're going to grow impatient with having to go such lengths just for your dog in no time.

Many dog owners even resort to putting their trash cans in their garages (!) just so they can avoid running into garbage-related problems with their dogs.

Having a dog proof trash can at home will save you from all this headache and inconvenience, and will allow you to place it in your kitchen where it's supposed to be.

What Makes The Best Dog Proof Garbage Can?

2 Dogs

Now, what exact factors or features go into determining whether a certain trash can is actually a dog proof trash can or not?

The following shortlist covers some of the most important features you should look for in any garbage can if what you have in mind is indeed a pet proof garbage can.

Tight Lid: One of the most important features any trash can must have if it's to be labeled as a dog proof trash can is a tight lid that's very well secure in place.

It must go without saying that if a trash can comes without a lid in the first place, then right off the bat this is obviously not a dog proof trash can as it's basically inviting Fido inside.

Now, not all trash cans with lids are manufactured equally.

Some trash cans come with lids that poorly close, while others are manufactured specifically with lids that close very tight - and it's the latter ones you want to go after.

Open & Close Foot Pedal: Another very important feature that must be found in a trash can in order for it to be labeled as a dog proof trash can is a foot pedal you should make use of to open and close the lid.

The reason you're going to want this feature is because it's very difficult for most dogs to use this pedal properly with their paws to open the lid, something which makes any trash can you get for the kitchen or anywhere else at home more dog-proof.

Lock: Even though a locking mechanism isn't essential for a trash can to be labeled as a dog proof trash can, it's a very useful added bonus that does a great job in making it that much more dog-proof.

Proper Size: The fact of the matter is that not all dog proof trash cans out there are going to be ideal for all dog owners alike, since how big your dog is in size plays a big role in determining what kind of trash can is best for your home.

A dog as small as a Yorkshire Terrier will never be able to knock down a stainless steel trash can that weighs almost 5 times its weight, no matter how hard they try, so you can pretty much get away with a less "heavy-duty option".

On the other hand, if you've got a dog as big and powerful as a German Shepherd at home, you're going to want to go with the heaviest, most sturdy option out there that comes with all the lock features you can find, as such dogs have enough power in them to knock over relatively lighter trash cans and get access to what's inside.

This is one of the primary reasons why we've mentioned several options in the list of the best dog proof trash cans above based on the size of your dog.

What You Want To Avoid In A Dog Proof Trash Can

Dog in a fabric

Motion Sensors: Probably the most common feature you'll want to stay away from when it comes to trash cans is one that opens/closes based on a motion sensor technology.

While motion sensor trash cans can be an excellent addition to your kitchen in usual circumstances, such units can actually backfire big time if you have a dog around the house.

The way that motion sensor trash cans work is by having the lid open by itself as soon as the unit's system senses that anyone is around, since the only logical reason someone would approach a trash can this close is to make use of it and throw something inside, and the lid close by itself when the unit senses that you've walked away.

But, think about this for a second, is this really something you want to have laying around the house when your dog could be wandering around and come close and upfront towards the trash can?

When your dog comes upfront and close to the motion sensor trash can, the lid is just going to open by itself and practically invite your dog in, which is obviously detrimental to your efforts if you're trying to buy a pet proof trash can in the first place.

If you run a quick search about dog proof motion sensor trash cans online, some sites will try to sell you on some of their recommendations by having you believe that the automatic opening of the lid by itself will scare your dog away from the trash can and, as a result, eliminate their desire to get inside, but that's not very accurate nor is it realistic.

The fact of the matter is that dogs are curious beings, and even if your dog is scared by the mechanism of motion sensor trash cans the first few times, the surprise element is going to die out after a while, they're eventually going to get used to it and will want to get access to what's inside the trash can now that they know the can's lid can open once they get close to it.


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