Doggie Doormats: Best Doormats For Dogs In 2023

Best doormats for Dogs

If you've got a fairly active dog at home that's always going in and out of the house and bringing all the dirt outside with them, then getting the absolute best dog doormat that money can buy is an essential item on your to do list - if you plan on keeping your dog happy, that is.

Of course, you're not planning on keeping your dog indoors all day long and preventing them from spending time outdoors just so they can stay clean, as that's both inhumane and a surefire way to develop a miserable dog that resents their life.

The only other solution to keep all the dirt, debris, water, mud, and anything else your dog gets along on their paws from outside is for you to get a high quality doormat specifically designed for dogs, and we've got just the list of doormats for dogs for you to check out below.




Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat
  • GSM abosrption rate of 3000
  • Heavy "Gripper Non-Skid" backing
iPrimio Micro Fiber Pet and Dog Door Mat
  • Extra Thick Micofibers
  • Includes an Optional Waterproof Liner
My Doggy Place-Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Chenille Dog Door Mat
  • "No Slip" Backing Feature
  • Machine washable
Soggy Doggy Microfiber Chenille Doormat for Wet Dog Paws
  • Microfiber chenille
  • Quick drying
FurHaven Muddy Paws Towel & Shammy Dog Mat
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Soft and snuggly crate liner

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Best Doormat For Dogs - A Closer Look Into Our Top 2 Options

Pick #1 - Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat

Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat

More Than Just A Dog Doormat: One thing we absolutely love about this product is that it isn't really limited to being just a dog doormat.

As a matter of fact, this doormat can also serve as an absorption mat to protect the flooring area in which your dog drinks water from their bowl, so that if they happen to be sloppy drinkers (as are many, many dogs out there), any water they drop on the floor gets absorbed by this mat.

Very Easy To Clean: As far as ease of cleanliness goes, this is one of the easiest dog doormats you'll ever be cleaning.

Vacuuming to clean it from the dirt your dog gets on it from its paws is a breeze, and giving it a wash every now and then and leaving it to dry outside in the sun is even easier.

Nap Time: The material this dog doormat is made from is such high quality that many dog owners report that their dogs even like to sleep on them at times. Seriously, this is how comfortable this material feels like to dogs!

iPrimio Micro Fiber Pet and Dog Door Mat

Non-Slip Design: Right off the bat, one of the first (and one of the most impressive) things you'll notice when giving this dog doormat a try is its non-slip design.

Because of the waterproof liner included in the overall design of this mat, this does an excellent job in preventing any water absorbed by the mat from leaking all the way to the bottom, making its way to your floor and causing a slippery situation that you obviously don't want happening.

Impressive Absorption Ability: When it comes to absorption ability, this option from iPrimio and our #1 pick above are quite hard to beat.

A GSM absorption rate of 3000 is nothing to take lightly, which is sometimes a 5X to 10X higher absorption rate than what other dog doormats on the market are able to offer.

How Do I Know What Determines The Best Doormat For Dogs?

Unlike regular doormats you and I would buy for use by people like ourselves, the best doormat for dogs is often judged by different criteria than those that determine a good doormat for human beings.

Here are some of the most important issues you should be aware of and be on the lookout for when buying a doormat for your dog.

Proper Size: One of the first issues you should take into consideration before purchasing any dog doormat is proper size.

Any doormat for dogs you bring home should sit properly in your doorway and should not be smaller in size than your dog(s) that will be using it.

Obviously enough, if a dog doormat doesn't fit in your doorway then that's not going to work, and if a dog doormat is smaller in size than your dog then it won't absorb all the dust, debris, mud and water your dog may get with them from outside the house.

Dog doormats are often available in different sizes to accommodate different sized dogs, so make sure you get your measurements in check beforehand.

As a general rule of thumb, the larger sized dog doormat you can get and fit in at your doorway, the better and more effective it will be in ridding your dog of any dirt before they make their way inside the house, so don't be afraid to go with the largest sized dog doormat you can fit even if you have a significantly smaller sized dog - it just leaves smaller room for error and increases efficiency big time.

Puppy Begging

Durability: What good is a dog doormat that's going to start tearing off after a week or two from the date you bought it?

How durable a dog doormat is is actually one of the most important criteria that sets apart a high quality doormat for dogs from one that's poor in quality.

Proper Absorption: Aside from durability, the next most important criteria which dog doormats should be judged by is their ability to properly absorb whatever your dog brings inside the house when coming back from outside.

That includes any dust your dog gets with them from outside the house that gets stuck on their paws and feet, any water they may get into contact with doing whatever, and so on.

If a dog doormat fails to absorb whatever your dog manages to bring along with them from outside the house and they end up ruining your carpets and furniture, then the dog doormat hasn't served much of it's purpose now, has it?

Of course, what kind of absorption you need from a dog doormat is going to differ quite a bit depending on whether it's just dust and debris your dog gets along with them, or it's also water and mud they bring along as well.

For this reason, the best doormat for dogs is almost always going to be made from microfiber, since microfiber has the ability to absorb and dry water your dog brings along around 5 times faster than other, non microfiber dog doormats.

Comfort: The best dog doormats will always be made from only the highest quality material that also happens to be the most comfortable for your dog's paws whenever they step on one.

Telling comfortable doggie doormats from uncomfortable ones is actually much easier than you may think it is.

As a general rule of thumb, if your dog tends to sleep or nap on the doormat at times and doesn't seem to avoid wanting to be near it, then it's safe to say that the dog doormat you've got feels fairly comfortable to them.

Eye Candy: While this is certainly not a requirement or criteria by which the quality or effectiveness of a dog doormat should be judged by, how eye pleasing it is and how well it blends in with the rest of your household remains, nonetheless, an important criteria for many dog owners.

Easy To Wash: Top quality dog doormats will make it as easy as possible for you to wash them, which means you don't have to do it manually by hand, you can just put them in a dishwasher and leave them outside to dry under the sun afterwards.

If you put a dog doormat in a compatible washing machine and the doormat gets shredded into pieces, then it's not high quality.

Dog between blankets

Fast Drying: Speaking of cleaning, any dog doormat you end up investing your money in should be a fast drying one, which is a criteria we took into consideration when choosing our top 5 options in the list of the best dog doormats mentioned above.

All Seasons: The best dog doormats will do their job just fine no matter which time of the year it is that you're thinking of making use of one.

Whether it's summer time and you plan to have one placed outside the house to stay under the sun, or it's winter time where the rain gets heavy and it may even snow, the best dog doormats will hold their ground just fine under whatever environmental circumstances they may be put through.

Multiple Use: With a creative dog owner, the best dog doormats won't be limiting you to using them in your doorway - on the contrary, given a little bit of creativity from your side, you can make use of these products in many ways more than one.

How Do I Know If I Need To Get A Dog Door Mat?

In case you were sitting on the fence and wondering about whether you really need to be adding a dog doormat to your household or you're pretty fine without one, here's a nice little shortlist that summarizes who really needs to be getting a doormat for dogs and who doesn't.

Climate & Environment: Do you just happen to live in a climate and environment where it tends to get pretty dusty very often? If so, then you'll really need a dog doormat and it'll prove to be a very handy purchase in no time.


Outdoor Activity: Is your dog more of the outdoors type and doesn't like to chill out indoors for the most part of their days? If so, then a dog doormat is a must in order to absorb all that dirt your dog brings in with them from the outdoors to the inside of your house.

Car Usage: You're not limited with making use of a high quality dog doormat just at home, you can also easily make use of one in your car as well, which is especially useful for individuals who tend to take spend quite a significant amount of time on the road with Fido.

Whether you've got a designated space in the backseat area of your car that your dog resides in during a road trip, you've got an SUV and your dog makes their way in and out of it through a ramp and you want to keep it clean, or many other scenarios that may involve a dog and a car, the point is that high quality dog doormats don't have to be limited to house usage, you can also make brilliant use of one in your car as well.


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