Best French Bulldog Harness (2023’s Top 5 Picks)

French Bulldog Harness

Looking for just the right harness for your French Bulldog because they're giving you a hard time staying put and not going left, right and all over the place when you take them for an outdoors activity such as a walk outside the house?

Worry not, as this curious behavior is is just the personality of your French Bulldog showing itself to you and Fido being comfortable in their own skin, and is exactly why you being here searching for the best French Bulldog harness is just what you need to be doing.




Ruffwear Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness for Dogs
  • Two leash attachment points
  • With aluminium attachment rings
PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness
  • Used to reduce or eliminate leash pulling
  • Adjustable fit and prevents choking
Puppia Soft Dog Harness
  • Features neck adjustability
  • Rubber Puppia label
Eco Bark Maximum Comfort Padded Vest
  • Light-Weight Polyester with Ultra Padded Mesh
  • Non-Breakaway Emergency Release Clasps
PetBuckle Pet Seat Belt Harness for Pets
  • For pets under 20 pounds
  • Installs with seat belt loop

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Why Should I Buy A Harness For My French Bulldog?

Still on the fence about buying a harness for your French Bulldog instead of using something like a leash or collar?

This list discusses some of the most important reasons why a top quality harness for your Frenchie is absolutely necessary, and much more beneficial than something like a leash or collar.

French Bulldogs on the Street

Pulling, Pulling, And Then Some More Pulling: If there was ever a dog breed out there that's known to pull on a leash and is hard to control, it's going to be the French Bulldog.

Much of this ties back to the fact that French Bulldogs are very curious creatures that like to explore anything and everything they notice in the environment around them, which means they'll always want to go places they shouldn't be going (or you don't want them going to, at least) when outside the house.

And, for any dog out there that pulls, a harness wrapped around their bodies is a much, much safer option than something like a leash or collar wrapped around their neck area which can easily lead to an injury with just one strong pull.

Considering the fact that a bulldog is a physically powerful dog that tends to weigh upwards of 60 lbs, pulling like that with the entire emphasis being around their neck area is very dangerous and could very well lead to fatal injuries.

So, to remain in control of your Frenchie at all times when in the outdoors, a harness that focuses on their stomach and chest area is a much safer and much more effective option all around.

Breathing Difficulties: Another thing that French Bulldogs are notorious for is their breathing difficulty problems, as they tend to suffer from a medical term called Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome.

French Bulldog Harness

That's just the way that French Bulldogs were born, it's much more difficult for them to breathe properly in comparison to other dog breeds out there with wider nostrils and air passages.

And, this makes a harness all that much more of a necessity rather than a leash or collar wrapped around their neck area which will only make it even more difficult for them to breathe at times, which is especially true if you're taking your French Bulldog outdoors for some physical exercise, be that light, moderate or vigorous.

A comfortable harness that properly fits and wraps around their body area (on their chest to be more exact) is a much better option than a leash or collar that will almost certainly worsen their breathing difficulty problems.

What Criteria Determines The Best Frenchie Harnesses?

The following list mentions some of the most important criteria you should keep in mind and look for in a dog harness in order for it to be as suitable and convenient as possible for your French Bulldog.

Proper Size: First thing's first, any dog harness must be able to perfectly fit a dog as small as a French Bulldog in order to be considered as one of the best harnesses for Frenchies.

You'll want to get a proper fit harness for this dog for two reasons, the first being that if it's a bit loose on them they'll easily slip out of it and you'll find that you have to keep on putting it back on them time and time and time again, and the second being that if it's a bit tight then you'll give them an even harder time breathing properly than the breathing difficulties this breed already has going on.

Proper Material: High quality material is a must when looking at any harness for your French Bulldog, or else you're going to be throwing money down the drain.

An example of high quality material that such harnesses should be made from is leather, which your Frenchie will be more than fine and comfortable wearing for prolonged periods of time.

Generally speaking, avoid having your French Bulldog (or dog of any other breed for that matter) wear a harness made from material such as Nylon, as they won't be able to wear it for prolonged periods of time at once without feeling uncomfortable and getting all sorts of skin irritations.

Any harness you have your French Bulldog wear should also have proper padding to it in order to serve as a layer between it and your dog's skin/bones.

The highest quality harnesses out there will almost always have multiple padding layers to them, most often being two or three padding layers.

Discourages Pulling: Because French Bulldogs are pullers by nature, as we've already discussed in the previous section right above this one, a suitable harness for them would be one that was specifically designed to discourage pulling.

This makes it a much easier, hands-off job for you so that you don't have to discourage them from pulling yourself and can focus on other, more important tasks while with your Frenchie outside the house.

French Bulldog

Easy To Wear: A very important criteria that french bulldog harnesses must have, something that isn't quite as important when it comes to other dog breeds, is how easy it is to put on.

Frenchies tend to make a fuss out of the smallest details, and will give you a hard time if you have to put a harness over their head in order for them to properly wear it.

If you want to get this job done with minimal fuss, get a harness that your Frenchie can step into instead, which you then snap into place after they've walked into it.

This just makes the entire job much easier for both you and your dog, especially if you make frequent use of the harness and it's a daily occurrence.

Easy To Carry: A very useful feature you should always look for in any harness you get for your Frenchie is a handle which you could hold, carry them up and move them anywhere you want to.

Handles like this usually come in very handy during trips to the beach where you may want to have your Frenchie take a quick dip in the water and quickly move out, during walks outside the house where they may show their stubborn side and stop responding to your orders as much, and so on.


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