Best Raised Dog Bed Reviews (2023’s Top 5 Picks)

When it comes to shopping for the best dog beds for Fido, you're going to come across a very wide variety of different types of dog beds that will ultimately leave you confused if you haven't done the necessary research and determined beforehand which type of dog bed you're most interested in purchasing.

Out of all the different types of dog beds being manufactured and available for purchase on the market, raised dog beds (or elevated dog beds, as some people like to call them) are by far one of the most popular types of dog beds there are today.

And, since you're here reading this article today, you're probably interested in learning more about raised dog beds, what they exactly are, what advantages they offer you as a dog owner and your dog over a normal dog bed and, most importantly, what the best raised dog beds being sold on the market today are.

So, to kick this long piece off, let's have a quick look at what we firmly believe are the 5 best elevated dog beds being manufactured and sold in today's doggy world.

Our List Of Top 5 Raised Dog Beds Of Today - (Updated List For 2023)

Top Pick: Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed
Pick #2: Frisco Steel-Framed Elevated Pet Bed
Pick #3: K&H Manufacturing Original Pet Cot
Pick #4: Hugs Pet Products Elevated Pet Bed
Pick #5: Pawhut Elevated Dog Bed




Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed
  • Elevates more than 7 in. off the ground
  • Made out of a breathable high density polyethylene fabric
 AmazonBasics Elevated Cooling Pet Bed
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Can hold a maximum weight of 150 pounds
K&H Manufacturing Original Pet Cot
  • Made of waterproof, 600 denier fabric
  • Non-skid rubber feet
Hugs Pet Products Elevated Pet Bed
  • Lightweight
  • No tools required 
Pawhut Elevated Dog Bed
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Resistant to mold and mildew

*Note: The links in the table above, as well as several links in the remainder of the article below, will take you to over to Chewy and Amazon where you can find out more information about the products, such as current prices and customer reviews.

Top 5 Raised Dog Beds Of Today

Pick #1 - Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed

Very Durable: Whether you're planning to make use of an elevated dog bed inside the house or you're planning to take it with you outdoors for frequent trips with Fido, this elevated dog bed from Gale Pacific is one of the most durable among its peers.

In general, you can expect this unit to last you a few years before you have to replace it, and for the very little price you're paying for such value, this is one heck of a bargain.

Withstands All Weather Conditions: Not only is this elevated dog bed one of the most durable of its kind on the market today, but you can rest assured that this thing will hold its ground very well and won't break down even in some of the most messy of weather conditions.

Supports 100 Lbs: People with some of the largest dogs at home aren't left out, as this elevated dog bed supports dogs that weigh up to a whopping 100 lbs.

This dog bed can also perfectly support multiple dogs using it all at once, on condition that their combined weight does not exceed 100 lbs.

If you've got multiple dogs at home that all weigh less than 100 lbs when combined, this thing can be a playing field for them as well as a dog bed.

 AmazonBasics Elevated Cooling Pet Bed

Extra Weight: Our #1 pick above is able to perfectly hold dogs that weigh up to 100 lbs in weight with its large sized version.

If this weight limit proves to be insufficient for your dog, Amazon Basics have got you covered.

This elevated dog bed is able to support dogs that weigh up to 130 lbs with its medium sized version, and dogs that weigh up to 150 lbs with its large sized version.

Now that's some serious weight we're talking about!

Ridiculously Easy To Put Together: For those of you like me who aren't exactly "mechanically gifted", you'll be glad to know that putting this unit together in order for your dog to use it is ridiculously easy and can be completed in a matter of minutes by the most novice of users.

K&H Manufacturing Original Pet Cot

Specifically Designed For Hot Temperatures: If you're looking for the best elevated dog bed for summer time or climates where it tends to get fairly hot, this is a serious option for you to consider.

Thanks to the mesh center this elevated dog bed has, this feature ensures that your dog remains cool at all times and the material they're seated/laying down on doesn't add to the overall hot temperature, even during the more heated summer days.

What Criteria Determines The Best Elevated Dog Beds?

When it comes to determining which elevated dog beds being manufactured today are worthy of being called the best elevated dog beds, and which ones are average at most, here's a list of criteria and features that'll come in very handy during your shopping process.

High Quality Material

One of the first criteria you're going to want to make sure is met with any elevated dog bed you buy for your pooch is that its legs and frame be impossible for your dog to destroy.

For this reason, you'll notice that our top picks for the best elevated dog beds are made of some of the highest-quality and most durable material a dog bed can be made of, most common of which are hard steel and high quality aluminum.

Such material ensures that your dog is going to find it a terribly hard job to rip off these crucial parts of their raised dog bed, an event that would otherwise prove costly for you since this unit will be rendered useless if its frame/legs are destroyed and you'll have to get a replacement instead.


Some raised dog beds are way too firm and give your dog the feeling that they're sleeping on wood, while other raised dog beds are excessively soft and give your dog just as weird of a feeling when using them.

The best raised dog beds will often lie somewhere in the middle, achieving a sweet spot in terms of comfort.

Sturdiness & Firm Positioning

In order for any elevated dog bed to be as safe as possible for your dog to use and minimize the risk of slight or serious injury affecting your dog, it must be able to hold its ground very well and in a very firm manner at all times.

When getting on and off their elevated beds, some dogs like to do so by jumping on and off, a process which may shake the bed to a large degree and make it fall if it isn't sturdy enough.

For this reason, the manufacturers of the best elevated dog beds most often make use of rubber feet in order to ensure that the bed remains in place and holds its ground very well even if your dog were to jump on and off it whenever they feel like doing so, as the rubber part will prevent the bed from sliding on the floor and will help it remain in firm place.

Perfect Height

In order for any elevated dog bed you buy to be the best for YOUR dog, it must be standing at the perfect height that suits the needs and meets the capabilities of your dog.

One raised dog bed standing at a certain height may be excellent for one dog but may be very unsuitable for another dog.

This is why you have to make sure that the raised dog bed you buy for your dog is one that they're able to very comfortable get on and off whenever they'd like to without having to exert too much physical effort or need you to help them get on and off safely.

Elevated dog beds that are too high for your dog to comfortably get on and off by themselves will pose a great risk of injury and can worsen existing joint problems to a great degree.


Of course, and this goes without saying, any raised dog bed you invest in for your dog should go very well with the decor wherever you decide to put it in.

Why Should I Get A Raised Dog Bed?

The following is a list of the most notable advantages you, as a dog owner, and your dog as the bed user will be getting if you ultimately choose to invest in any one of the best raised dog beds mentioned in the top 5 list above.


Imagine having to sleep on the floor on a mattress that's running a bit thin and has your body feeling the floor underneath, not the most comfortable of ideas, right?

Well, many dog beds being manufactured and sold nowadays are exactly like that, they have your dog feeling way too close to the floor and in much more contact with it than they would have liked.

This is exactly why just like you and I are much more comfortable sleeping on our beds that are raised off the floor to a certain extent, our dogs are also much more comfortable sleeping on elevated dog beds that are raised off the floor to a certain extent as well.

Arthritis & Joint Problems Relieved

If your dog suffers from any sort of joint problems, arthritis, hip & elbow dysplasia, etc .. then having them sleep on a raised dog bed could be extremely helpful to them.

When your dog sleeps on a regular dog bed that is in direct contact with the floor, no matter what surface we're talking about here, there's immense pressure being exerted on your dog's joints then and there.

Since any extra pressure exerted on the joints of dogs that suffer from such joint problems is the last thing you want to happen, and whether that be due to old age or physical problems that have affected your dog in a young age, investing in an elevated dog bed for Fido to sleep on will relieve their joints from a lot of the stress that was being exerted on them due to laying down on the floor and being in direct contact with it.

Even if your dog doesn't suffer from arthritis or any sort of joint problems as of right now, investing in a raised dog bed for them to sleep on is an excellent way to avoid such problems from happening in the future.


The best raised dog beds will almost always be portable ones as well, making it a piece of cake for you to move them from one place to another around the house according to where your dog feels like sleeping at the time. Very heavy elevated dog beds that make it a hassle for you to move around aren't worthy of your money.

Excellent For Outdoors Usage

Have you ever thought about having your dog sleep on their regular ground bed anywhere in the outdoors? Obviously not, since it'll get dirty no matter where you put it and you'll have to do some serious cleaning and washing afterwards.

An advantage a raised dog bed gives you over a regular dog bed is the fact that you can make perfect use of it for your dog in the outdoors, since the only thing that'll be coming in direct contact with the ground in the outdoors is the elevated dog bed's legs.

This way, if you're ever planning to take part in outdoors activities with your dog such as hiking, camping or the like, you can take their elevated dog bed along to the trip with you and let them take a short nap if need may be.

Enhanced Air Circulation

During summer days when the temperature can get a little bit too tough to handle, having an elevated dog bed can go a long way in helping your dog keep feeling cool and beat the summer heat. How exactly is that so, you may ask.

Well, the way elevated dog beds were designed and because they stand at a certain height off the floor, air will be circulating much easier around, above and most importantly under your dog, something they won't experience with a dog bed that comes in direct contact with the floor.

Safe During Cold Winter Times

Besides the fact that elevated dog beds tremendously help your dog cool off during hot summer days because of the height they have off the ground, this height also plays a very important role in keeping your dog away from the extra cold in seasons where the temperature greatly decreases.

During winter time, you and I won't like it at all if we had to sleep on the floor because of all the cold that passes on to our bodies, and the same holds true for our dogs as well.

A dog bed that comes into direct contact with the floor will have cold temperatures passed on to your dog no matter what it's made of or how thick it is, while a raised dog bed that has 4 feet making it stand tall and not come into direct contact with the ground will ensure no cold is passed on to your dog from the floor.



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