Pedigree Dentastix Review – (Is It Worth The Hype?)

Pedigree Dentastix

42 – That’s the number of teeth your dog has. That gives you forty-two reasons to care for your dog’s dental hygiene. 1 – That’s the percentage of dog owners who brush their dog’s teeth. Only. 1. Percent. THAT’S IT!

Dental hygiene for our pups is too often overshadowed – by what? Well, other health factors that we put the spotlight on.

Examples of these are their vaccinations, regular check-ups, heart worm and flee treatments, exercise, nutrition and play.

In many cases grooming even takes priority. And a lot of dog owners are guilty of only including teeth brushing and cleaning as part of the grooming process – which is not a day to day occasion.

If not doing so already, veterinarians suggest implementing a daily home care routine for your dog’s dental hygiene. We brush our teeth daily, right? Ideally, it should be the same for your pup. The difference is, we learned as toddlers not to fight the process. On the other hand, brushing a dog’s teeth is not always enjoyable…

In fact, it’s almost never enjoyable. If you’ve ever tried it you know what I’m talking about! We are often met with resistance. A whole lot of it.

Though, don’t fret just yet. Luckily for us dog owners, there are a lot of alternatives to the grueling activity. One of these wonderful alternatives is Dentastix Pedigree, a yummy treat for your canine that improves their oral health.

If you’re part of the 1% of dog owners that brush your pup’s teeth, I applaud you! If you’re part of the 99% who do not, this informative buying guide can teach you bunches. We’re going to cover:

  1. WHY your dog’s oral health is important
  2. WHATDentastix Pedigree is and how you (and your pup) can benefit from it
  3. HOW Dentastix Pedigree works

We will also report on the PROs and CONs you ought to consider when purchasing this product.

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Top Dentastix Options Of Today – (Updated List For 2019)

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PEDIGREE Dentastix Large Dog Treats ​PEDIGREE Dentastix Large Dog Treats
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PEDIGREE Dentastix Small/Medium Dog Treats ​PEDIGREE Dentastix Small/Medium Dog Treats
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Pedigree Dentastix 51-Treat Variety Pack ​Pedigree Dentastix 51-Treat Variety Pack
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PEDIGREE DENTASTIX Toy/Small Dog Chew Treats Pick #5: PEDIGREE DENTASTIX Fresh Biscuit Large Treats for Dogs ​PEDIGREE DENTASTIX Fresh Biscuit Large Treats for Dogs
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Why? The Importance Of Oral Health In Dogs

It’s critical that you understand that your dog’s oral health reflects the health of their vital organs – as is the case in humans. We may not have the incisors and jaw strength that they do, but when it comes to dental hygiene, our pups are more like us than meets the eye.

If neglected long enough, serious complications and diseases of several organs can manifest. In fact, an average of 80% of dogs suffer from some sort of periodontal disease before their third birthday!

The American Medical Veterinary Association confirms this statistic and elaborates that severe problems in the heart, liver and kidney could show forth if periodontal disease is not treated rapidly. In fact, it is so severe that permanent change could take place in the muscles of the heart.

Pretty scary, huh? This is why taking care of your canine’s teeth should be of equal importance with their nutrition, check-ups and even their wardrobe! Am I the only one at fault here?

On a serious note, paying no attention to your dog’s oral health leads to bacteria infesting their gums, teeth, and tongue. In serious cases, the bacteria travels from your canine’s mouth to their bloodstream and can cause their kidneys, brain, liver and heart to experience dysfunction.

If the bacteria reaches the heart, potential heart failure is a very real possibility.

This is no exaggeration and is due to the bacteria in the mouth being able to pass through the blood-brain barrier. Being able to do so means that any vital organ is up for grabs. Veterinarian Jan Bellows further explains the gravity of such a situation and how it could escalate to incurable organ damage.

I can speak for all of us dog owners when I say that I would never want my dog to have to undergo such a distressing condition. Above all, when it’s due to my disregard for implementing an at home oral health regimen.

We want what’s best for our pups. Brushing their teeth daily is what’s best – but it’s not a realistic target for many of us. The next best thing would be to implement a product like Dentastix Pedigree into their day-to-day schedule.

What Is Dentastix Pedigree?

What exactly is Dentastix Pedigree? They are malleable chews that aid in upkeeping the dental hygiene of your canine – And, if you couldn’t gather from the name, they are sticks.

But, they are sticks with a special designed x shape. The X shape of the Dentastix was specifically intended to tackle adverse bacteria, plaque and tartar.

What could be a better alternative to manually brushing your dog’s teeth than giving them lip-smacking treats specifically designed to tackle plaque, tartar and bacteria? Virtually nothing.

On top of those benefits, these chew treats take it easy on your canine’s gums. This aids in their oral well-being and curves a lot of potential costly veterinary fees. This is unlike raw hide chews which can cause the gums and teeth of your furry buddy to take a hard-core beating.

Dentastix Pedigree dog treats is a worthy choice for those who choose not to be met with a wrestling match and high-speed chase throughout the house whenever they grab the doggy toothbrush!

How Does Dentastix Work?

If you want to experience a visual of what giving your canine these treats is like, check out this YouTube video below – It’s very enlightening.

Ingredients: I like to know the ingredients in anything that I give my dog to eat. You probably do too. Here is a link to the complete list of ingredients, FYI the list is packed with vitamins, especially A and C.

The element most worth mentioning is the reason that Dentastix works so well! An enzyme tailored to combat bacteria on the teeth gums, tongue, and wipe away that plaque and tartar.

Enzymatic System: With rough natural chews and bones for dogs, chemistry is not at play. Those types of bones and chews depend only on the chewing motion to clean the teeth.

Not with Dentastix! Dentastix fuses the chewing motion with chemistry – an impenetrable combination.

The enzymatic system present in Dentastix is an antiseptic combined with x design previously mentioned. Together, with chewing, the trio factor creates a diehard system that whitens your dog’s smile and prevents the onset of periodontitis.

Pros Of Dentastix

Multiple Flavors: Options! We are all fond of them and so are our canines. The three Dentastix zests available on the market are:

  • Original
  • Fresh 51
  • Beef

This gives you a selection to purchase a couple and see which flavor your canine is the biggest fan of. The best part? You can enjoy your pup giving you affection without having to worry about stinky breath!

Convenience: Another positive is convenience – all you have to do is give Milo one stick a day. If your dog is petite, and you find that one stick may be too much, you can easily break one into smaller fractions. What could be easier?

Cost-Time Effectiveness: Another reason to commit to a home care oral hygiene routine is cost. The list of secondary effects that could occur if the bacteria from your canine’s mouth enters the blood stream cost an awfully pretty penny to treat at the vet’s.

It will cost you a couple bucks and an ounce of your time to purchase Dentastix Pedigree. Nonetheless, it is an investment that could save thousands when looking at the bigger picture.

Cons Of Dentastix

Not A Replacement:Dentastix is not a replacement for teeth cleanings at the vet and brushing your dog’s teeth altogether – no chew on the market is. However, they do COMPLEMENT and STRENGTHEN oral well-being for your canine.

It doesn’t hurt that pretty much all canines agree that Dentastix are delicious.

Not for Petite Dogs and Puppies: Unfortunately, if your pooch is under 5lbs or is still a loveable puppy under 6 months, Dentastix is may not be the best option for them. Mainly because one stick may be too oversized and pose as a potential choking hazard.

Doesn’t Last: There are several home oral care chews on the market that your dog can gnaw on for at least fifteen minutes to half an hour. Dentastix chews are bendy, they’re not hard, meaning your dog is probably going to devour it in a matter of five minutes or less. For some of us, that may not be a drawback, but it is for others which is why it is being mentioned.

Symptoms Of Oral Complications You Should Always Be On The Lookout For

If your canine is experiencing any of the following symptoms, it’s time to schedule a visit at the vet specifically tailored to their dental hygiene.

  1. Pain
  2. Swollen or red gums
  3. Bad breath
  4. Loss of appetite (as chewing is painful to them)
  5. Increased drooling

After necessary professional treatment at the vet office, it is not only wise but an obligation to continue an at home care treatment! This cannot be stressed enough.

Wrapping Up

Our smiles are important to us, the smiles of our canines should be too. Let’s face it, we all wish we had a treat that didn’t cause our dentists to lecture us!

It’s time for the 99% of us who neglect the oral well-being of our canines to take responsibility and action.

You know the saying that an apple a day will keep the doctor away? For our canines, one Dentastix a day could keep periodontitis away 😊


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