Annamaet Dog Food Reviews: Best Dog Food Brand Without Recalls?

Annamaet Dog Food ReviewsAnnamaet Dog Food Reviews

Usually, there’s some level of trust and confidence that comes with knowing that your pet food supplier has been around for several decades, made some great products (with no recalls), and is headquartered in the USA, right?

Annamaet, a family-owned and operated dog food brand, fits well into this description. Since 1986, their sole goal has been to create holistic pet food out of premium ingredients.

Have they succeeded? Absolutely yes.

As much as the company makes fewer products than their competitors, Annamaet prides itself in having consistently delivered complete and balanced diets free from low-quality ingredients such as artificial ingredients, unhealthy grains, and by-products.

Now let’s see what you can expect from them, what makes their diets special, and then finish off with Annamaet dog food reviews.

What To Expe​​​​ct

Annamaet’s diets are made to suit the various nutritional needs of pets in different life stages as well as the individual needs of specific breeds. Expect to come across original formulas (made with whole grains) and grain-free products.

What’s more, they have recipes for overweight dogs, small breeds, and active/working breeds. So far, they offer a total of fourteen different dry dog food formulas.

Annamaet Aqualuk formulas, in particular, stand out from the rest because they are made with cold water fish, an ingredient that has fetched lots of love from pet parents as evident in Aqualuk dog food reviews.

That aside, the brand offers a variety of nutritional supplements and grain-free treats for dogs. Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t offer any wet food products at this time.

What Makes Annamaet Dog Food Special?

Other than using naturally-sourced ingredients, Annamaet’s approach to formulating recipes is holistic. You will also be glad to know that Rob Downey, the company’s president, brings to the pet-food making process experience and knowledge gained from years of research in canine nutrition and exercise physiology.

You can learn more about this in the brand’s introduction video below, plus additional information about Annamaet Dog Foods.

Meanwhile, to ensure their diets are safe and of high quality, the company observes strict standards when it comes to processing and manufacturing.

One other thing that drew me to this brand is their insistence on the use of human-grade ingredients such as fish, meat, fresh fruits, whole grains, and vegetables. What’s more, no artificial additives, useless fillers, and other low-quality ingredients.

Therefore, your pup will only be getting wholesome nutrients, which is basically what every dog needs to stay healthy and live longer.

I also want to mention that, to date, the company has not had any recalls, which is a sign that what they offer is of great quality, safe, and reliable. Even better, the brand already has partnerships with organizations that recognize their positive impact in the pet industry.

Annamaet Dog Food Reviews: Top 5 Options To Consider

As I promised earlier, here are five Annamaet dog foods I was able to identify as the best based on user experience, chats with fellow pet parents and consultations with vets:

1. Annamaet Grain-Free Lean Low Fat Formula Dry Dog Food

 Annamaet Grain-Free Lean Low Fat Formula Dry Dog Food

What makes this formula special is that it’s constituted to have high protein while maintaining a low-fat content. It contains half the fat level of other Annamaet grain-free dog food formulations.

With a maximum fat content of 9%, and a minimum fat content of 7%, this dog food works well as a weight management formula. Although this dog food has reduced fat content, it is still sumptuous with plenty of natural meaty flavor.

The first ingredient is chicken meal which provides lean animal protein for healthy muscle development.

Contrary to most doggy parents’ perceptions, chicken meal actually packs more protein due to its dry nature in comparison to fresh chicken which has a higher moisture content.

In addition to high-quality animal protein, your dog’s bones stand to benefit from the generous content of naturally occurring glucosamine and chondroitin present in the chicken meal.

Also, the meal includes herring meal which not only adds to the taste but is also a rich source of omega-3-and-6 fatty acids which promote healthy skin and a glossy coat.

Field peas, lentils, and potatoes see to it that your dog receives plenty of energy. Besides, these carbs are highly digestible and are further helped along with veggies such as spinach, carrots, and lettuce.

Another special thing about this formulation is it’s very versatile as it can be used for weight management and be fed to large breed puppies, dogs that are anemic, and those with pancreatic problems. As always, consult with your vet first to know if it’s the right diet for your dog.

2. Annamaet Encore 25% Dry Dog Food

Annamaet Encore 25% Dry Dog Food

What I find amazing in most of Annamaet’s formulas is versatility. Encore is no different as it contains 25% high-quality animal protein, making it ideal for both large breed puppies and standard sized puppies.

For doggy parents who have had to nurse their buddies due to allergies caused by wheat, soy or corn, this formula brings great comfort as it is 100% grain-free. With such a recipe, you do not have to worry about grain-related allergies.

Real chicken is the first ingredient and is complemented by fish for healthy muscle development.

Most dogs are quite active and require loads of energy. Thanks to brown rice, which is highly digestible and a rich source of carbs in this recipe, your dog will have a decent supply of energy to enable her to play all day.

Everyone loves a smart dog and to make that possible, Annamaet added DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) to this formula. It helps in cognitive development and to reduce inflammation anywhere in the body.

Please note that if your dog is allergic to chicken, this meal may not be the best for her.

3. Annamaet Manitok Red Meat Formula

Annamaet Manitok Red Meat Formula

Dogs, just like human beings, have taste preferences. Some dogs may prefer the taste of white meat such as chicken and fish while others salivate at the slightest thought of red meat such as lamb.

The good thing is that Annamaet has an extensive line of flavors to suit every dog’s palate. Manitok is a tasty formula that most dogs will love.

The first item on the ingredient list is red meat from deboned lamb and lamb meal fortified with herring meal. Both are rich sources of animal protein, which is important for optimal muscle growth.

Usable carbohydrates that are digestible have been achieved by the addition of lentils and field peas. This also means fewer issues when it comes to problems like constipation and stomach upsets.

The diet is balanced out by the inclusion of veggies and fruits such as carrots, spinach, and cranberries. Generally, your pooch is bound to love the wholesomeness of this recipe, unless she is allergic to fish or fish products.

4. Annamaet Glycocharge Dog Powder Supplement

Annamaet Glycocharge Dog Powder Supplement

The idea behind Glycocharge is to help your little buddy recover faster after strenuous activity such as exercising, hunting or sheep herding.

Glycocharge is a supplement and comes in the form of dried powder. You can give it to your pooch after mixing it in warm water or you may opt to give it as frozen treats. Both options have the same energizing results.

So how does Glycocharge work? Think of it as a muscle recovery booster after the gym, aerobics, or a run.

After a strenuous activity as I mentioned above, giving your dog Glycocharge within 30 minutes after the exercise or activity will recharge her muscles strength fully within 24 hours. This muscle recharge is much faster than if your pooch didn’t take any supplements.

Glycocharge contains glycogen, which is basically fuel for muscles during intense muscle activity. It is important to emphasize that Glycocharge is a supplement and therefore does not replace the normal daily routine of your dog’s meals.

5. Annamaet Grain-Free Salcha Poulet Formula Dry Dog Food

Annamaet Grain-Free Salcha Poulet Formula Dry Dog Food

Salcha Annamaet is formulated with appetizing ingredients such as chicken meal and duck meal as the main animal protein sources. This not only makes the meal tasty but also serves to promote healthy bones due to naturally occurring glucosamine and chondroitin.

For dogs that are prone to stomach and skin sensitivities, this formula becomes a viable option as it is grain-free. Instead of grains that can be hard to digest in some pooches, carbs are provided for with lentils and field peas, which are very digestible.

The protein level in this recipe is reinforced by the inclusion of salmon meal which also provides ample Omega-6.

Normally, the skin and coat say a lot about the health of your dog. Omega-6 combines well with Omega-3 from flaxseed to form a rich profile of fatty acids that nourish your dog’s skin and coat. This helps her to look great on the outside.

What’s more, this recipe is balanced out by the inclusion of veggies and fruits, including carrots, parsley, and cranberries. You have absolutely no excuse to not get your dog some today.


Clearly, Annamaet isn’t as popular as other dog food brands with big marketing budgets. But one thing is for sure–pet parents who are paying attention to ingredients and quality dog food are beginning to realize that Annamaet is one of those best-kept secrets.

With most formulas being grain-free, Annamaet variety becomes a viable option for your pooch, especially if it has grain sensitivities.

I especially like the fact that the ingredients in Annamaet’s recipes are rich in essential nutrients and that the brand has more than a decent variety to choose from. Reliable Annamaet dog food retailers such as stock just about any recipe you may require from this brand.

Go ahead and place your order today and you will find even more great things to be proud of.


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