Eukanuba Dog Food Review: Is It Worth The Hype [or Not]?

Is Eukanuba a good dog food?  You’ve probably noticed the fast-growing market of dog food products in the US. Some are genuine and worth their price, others are nothing but a waste of money.

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Now if you take the nutrition of your pet(s) seriously, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind sparing some time to learn more about the many dog food products and brands available today. After all, this is a sure way to figure out whether a product or brand deserves a chance with your pet.

Well, the focus of my review today will be Eukanuba, a well-known dog food brand that offers a variety of food options designed to meet the different needs pets have.

Their recipes are tailored to the size of your dog, activity level, life-stage, health problems, and breed, among other aspects, a fact that makes their products versatile enough to accommodate just about any pet parent.

Let’s briefly look at what the brand offers. Later on, I’ll also share reviews of what I found to be the best Eukanuba dog foods.

What Can I Expect From Eukanuba?

When it comes to life-stages, Eukanuba makes recipes for puppies, adults, and seniors. Size-wise, they have formulations for your small, medium, and large breed.

Regarding the different forms dog foods come in, you have an option to choose either dry, wet or treats.

If your dog has a special health problem associated with joints, skin, weight control, or digestion, the company has a formula designed specifically for her situation.

They also have a wide variety of formulas made specially for specific breeds such as Labradors, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Chihuahua, just to name a few.

In the video below, a Eukanuba expert discusses the multiple food options available from this brand, correct amounts to feed your pup, what to avoid and look out for, and a lot more. Watch and learn:

Is Eukanuba A Good Dog Food?

It’s now over forty years since Eukanuba began making dog foods and guess what, they’ve remained loyal to the nutritional philosophy grounded in the fact that dogs are carnivores. That’s why they formulate their diets with premium quality animal proteins such as lamb and chicken sourced from the US, Europe, and New Zealand.

On, over 80% of customers have great things to say about the quality ingredients and tasty flavors Eukanuba products come in. However, lack of grain-free options and use of ingredients such as corn, soy and wheat by-product meals doesn’t seem to sit well with some pet owners, given their association to allergies in dogs.

Nevertheless, most of the grains used such as sorghum and rice are easily digestible and nutrient-rich, not to mention there’s plenty of other useful ingredients such as fruits,  vegetables, and fish oil, all of which aim at making your dog healthier.

Also, in the event you are not satisfied, the 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee has you covered.

So far, Eukanuba recalls have only happened three times, the first one being the 2007 melamine pet food recall that affected multiple pet food brands. In the following instances, the recalls were a result of potential salmonella contamination. Thankfully, no diseases related to this contamination were reported.

Eukanuba Dog Food Reviews: 5 Best Options To Consider

I’m a big fan of dog food brands that formulate affordable quality recipes that meet the special needs of just about any pet. Eukanuba seems to be doing a lot better than other brands with regards to this, a fact that got me spoilt for choice. But at the end of the day, I was able to narrow my best options to five.

Let’s check them out.

1. Eukanuba Premium Active Adult Dry Dog Food – For Working and Sport Dogs

Eukanuba Premium Active Adult Dry Dog Food

Working and sports dogs nutritional needs are slightly higher due to the nature of their heightened physical activity on any given day. Eukanuba Premium Active Adult Dry Dog Food is engineered to meet this specialized need for optimal performance.

With a mix ratio of 30% protein and 20% fat, you can be sure that your athletic buddy is supplied with plenty of protein and fats that will keep him in a great condition.

Top on the list of ingredients is real chicken, a quality protein that supports lean muscle growth and aids in quicker muscle recovery after a hard day’s work.

Two things a sporting dog requires to function optimally are stamina and endurance. The 20- percent fat provides the much needed fuel for endurance activities such as constant running and leaping while hunting or herding sheep.

For any athlete, a strong and healthy bone structure is crucial for high performance. Well, it’s no different for a working dog. To take care of that, this recipe is formulated with generous portions of glucosamine and chondroitin for strong bones and joints.

Also present in the formulation is omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil. They aid in maintaining healthy skin and a luxurious coat on your furry buddy.

Another observation is that the formulation is nutritionally balanced. Cornmeal and brewers rice provide the carbs needed to make this recipe whole. Plenty of fiber from dried beet pulp also ensures easy digestion.

Unless you pooch is allergic to chicken or has any gluten sensitivities, consider this well balanced, high-performance formulation a suitable option for your sporting or working dog.

2. Eukanuba Small Bites Adult Chicken Formula Dry Dog Food

Eukanuba Small Bites Adult Chicken Formula Dry Dog Food

Successful maintenance of your adult pooch definitely requires a formula that is crafted around his/her nutritional needs using quality ingredients. This is what inspired the creation of Eukanuba’s Small Bites Adult Chicken Dog Food formula.

Real chicken tops the ingredient list and as a quality protein, it helps to promote and maintain lean muscle mass.

Your small dog is also going to have an easy time chewing and swallowing these bites as the kibble is small-sized and designed in a way that your dog can pick it up with ease. Also, the kibble density is crafted in a manner that is comfortable for smaller jaws.

Small pooches have a small stomach, and as such, it is recommended that you feed them small doses of quality kibble at a time.

Another special thing about this formulation is it contains a specialized fiber system. Dry beet pulp, a probiotic in this system, sees to it that the food is highly digestible and quickly absorbed. On top of that, it promotes a healthy digestive tract.

Of the many minerals vital to dogs, no one will dispute the importance of calcium. Eukanuba Small Bites Adult Chicken Formula contains adequate levels of calcium, making it perfect for maintaining strong bones and joints.

As a pet parent who cares about the nutrition of their little dog, this is one healthy formula you shouldn’t deny her.

3. Eukanuba Weight Control Dry Dog Food – Small Breed

Eukanuba Weight Control Dry Dog Food - Small Breed

Additional unwanted weight is as difficult to lose in dogs as it is in humans. In most cases, you’ll need to consult with your vet in order to come up with a workable plan.

Part of the plan may include diet and exercise and that’s where Eukanuba Weight Control Dry Dog Food could come in. As you can guess, the diet is crafted to prevent unnecessary weight gain and can also work to help your overweight pooch shed some pounds.

So what is so special about this formulation? First, this dog formulation has the ability to deliver all the nutrients your small breed buddy needs without the extra calories.

Real chicken is the foremost ingredient, its function being to provide your pup with the right amount of quality protein for lean muscle growth. Compared to most of the Eukanuba dog foods, the fat content for this formulation has been reduced by 33 percent to make it ideal in managing weight gain.

Controversial arguments aside, chicken by-product meal is actually a source of calcium and just what your pup needs to maintain stronger bones and joints. Another reason calcium is vital is that the extra weight in small breeds may lead to other complications such as hip dysplasia.

Also, the formulation is highly digestible and the presence of probiotics, such as dry beet pulp, helps to enhance absorption and provide fiber for frequent and quality bowel movement.

The addition of fish meal and flaxseed means the recipe is rich in omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, both of which are key in maintaining a healthy and luxurious coat.

Essentially, this formulation provides all the necessary nutrition elements your pooch requires, just without the extra fat. Together with frequent exercise, this diet should get your pooch back to a normal healthy weight. But first, check with your vet.

4. Eukanuba Adult Dry Dog Food (Chicken Paulet) – Large Breed

Eukanuba Adult Dry Dog Food (Chicken Paulet) - Large Breed

Naturally, the diet of your large breed dog needs careful consideration owing to both their physical size and skeletal frame. Eukanuba Adult Dry Dog Food For Large Breeds is a much-needed relief because it’s formulated to address just that.

The inclusion of chicken by-product meal, which is a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, makes the formula essential for healthy bone development and smooth joints.

Large breeds, although lovable, can be quiet ravenous with massive appetites. To keep your hound happy and healthy, they need a formula that packs a punch with the right ingredients. The kibble of this formula is slightly bigger allowing for easy pick up by your pooch.

What’s more, the recipe contains adequate fat levels that compliment other energy sources such as cornmeal and whole grain sorghum. Whole grain barley, as well as dried beet pulp, provide the much-needed fiber for better digestion as well as overall gut health.

Your dog’s immune system also stands to benefit from the formulas blend of antioxidants that include rosemary extract, minerals, and multivitamins.

Do you know what could be better for your adult large hound?  Yes! A dog food formula that works for him. If possible, get this formula for him right away.

5. Eukanuba Puppy Dry Dog Food Chicken – Large Breed

Eukanuba Puppy Dry Dog Food Chicken – Large Breed

Puppies come in all sorts of sizes with all manner of needs. Large breed pups are amazing to have, but you best be prepared with the right dog formula that will attend to all their somewhat special nutritional needs.

Just like large breed adults, large breed pups also need the right nutritional ingredients that can keep up with their growth spurts and high energy for play. Eukanuba Puppy Dry Dog Food has all the right ingredients for large breed pups to grow healthy and happy.

Real chicken is the chief ingredient and as a quality source of protein, it aids your pup in developing lean muscle. Fat content is noticeably adequate and reinforced with carbs such as corn meal and brewers rice to provide the much-needed energy for play time.

Given that large breed pups are still in their formative stages, it is imperative that their skeletal frame develops properly. The presence of optimal levels of glucosamine and chondroitin see to it that your pup develops healthy bones and joints.

Equally important for young large breed pups is the intake of DHA, which is a building block for proper brain development.

DHA also helps your puppies to be more responsive to training. An optimal level of DHA is contained in this Eukanuba formulation for large breed pups to ensure proper cognitive development.


There’s no doubt that a healthy and balanced diet is for the most part what will help your furry friend to live longer, and be healthier and happier.

Eukanuba evidently understands that and what’s even better is they continue to pioneer dog formulations that cater to the specific needs of a dog.

Special need formulations such as a diet that allows your overweight, small breed pooch to lose weight, speak of Eukanuba’s ability and nutritional understanding when it comes to dogs and diets.

Furthermore, their formulations, including those not in this Eukanuba dog food review, continue to rake up higher ratings and positive reviews from pet parents across the world.

Rather than keep doubting whether they have a perfect diet for your furry friend, follow the buyer links in the Eukanuba reviews above. You will most probably find the right formulation for dog as there are several varieties under these recipes.


  1. My sweet fur baby is almost 15 years old. She has eaten Euksnubs since she was weaned from her mother. She has been a healthy girl so I know I chose the correct brand of dog food. In the beginning she was on the small breed Eukanuba puppy food, then moved to the adult small breed Eukanuba. Now she is on the senior small breed Eukanuba. Highly recommended from this black miniature poodle owner!


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