Best Dog Car Hammocks – (2019’s Top 5 Dog Seat Covers)

For those of you reading this who have been dog owners for quite a while now, you know first hand just how precious time spent in the car on a ride with your dog right there by your side feels like.

Whether it's a quick ride around the neighborhood for a breath of fresh air for you and your pup, or a long trip out of town that you'll need to dedicate a good portion of your day to, a ride along with your pooch is a magical feeling in and of itself.

However, and as much as you and I may look forward to going for a ride with our dogs in the car, the same can't exactly be said about the car itself!

If our cars could speak, especially the interior car seats, they would be saying something like "Oh not again! Hasn't your dog already done enough damage to me the last time?!".

When sitting on your car's seat, dogs don't exactly just sit there doing nothing, oh no - they like to make their presence known and leave a mark of their own! 🙂




NAC&ZAC Waterproof Hammock Pet Seat Cover
  • ​Waterproof
  • Machine washable
  • Clear silicon nonslip backing
BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover for Cars
  • ​Convertible between hammock or standard bench
  • Heavy-duty waterproof polyester
  • Built-in Velcro Openings
TaoTronics Dog Seat Cover for Cars
  • ​Slip-proof
  • ​Waterproof and scratch-proof
  • Stain-proof
BarksBar Pet Front Seat Cover for Cars
  • ​Tripled Layered Waterproof
  • Quilted pattern
  • Machine Washable
AmazonBasics Waterproof Car Bench Seat Cover For Pets
  • ​Made of 100% polyester
  • Spot clean only

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Best Dog Car Hammocks & List Of Best Dog Seat Covers

If you were to take a look at some of the best dog seat covers in today's market, it's not a coincidence that you'll find one very common feature a lot of them have - they either come in hammock form or in usual form but with a hammock-convertible option.

Why is this so? Well, these things plain out work, and do one heck of a job as well!

For this reason, and because we've had such an incredible experience using dog car hammocks ourselves, dog car hammocks will be dominant in this list of the best dog seat covers.

Whether you've got a car, a truck, a UFO (okay, not a UFO, we got a little carried away there), this list of the best dog car hammocks is all you're going to need to know about when looking for the best dog seat covers that money can buy.

Pick #1 - NAC&ZAC Waterproof Hammock Pet Seat Cover

NAC&ZAC Waterproof Hammock Pet Seat Cover

Perfect Even For Big Dogs: Even if you have some of the largest dogs out there that don't exactly "take it easy" when in your backseat and you're afraid you're going to buy a dog seat cover for your car only to have it damaged after a while, this pet seat cover is as durable and heavy-duty as these things get.

Many dog owners have been using this for years on end without any physical damage being dealt to it yet even from large and powerful dogs.

Very Easy To Take Off And Install Again: When the trip with your dog is over and you're back home again and want to take this dog seat cover out of the car since you don't need it in there for now, taking it off and re-installing it whenever you want to is incredibly easy.

Side Flaps: While other dog car seat cover manufacturers will have you going out and buying side flaps separately so you can use them with your dog car seat, this one has side flaps built in with it, saving you money and ensuring seat side protection at all times as well.

No Sliding/Moving Out Of Place: This new version was specifically designed in order to greatly minimize any chances of the dog seat cover moving out of place or slipping while you're driving with your dog in the backseat. New material included ensures a very firm grip.

Water Proof: Arguably one of the most important (if not THE most important) aspect dog owners look at when buying backseat covers for their dogs, this one from NAC&ZAC is 100% waterproof - try throwing anything at it, you'll love the outcome.

BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover for Cars

Heavy Duty Polyester: BarksBar pride themselves for the fact that they've used some of the highest quality and most durable Polyester with this dog seat cover, something which customers have clearly noticed as far as durability is concerned.

Two Spacious Pockets: One thing we love about this dog car seat cover is the fact that it's got two very convenient and spacious pocket holes at the front side, which you can make brilliant use of when going long trips with your dog and need to take items for them along the way (think toys, bottles, snacks, treats, a leash, etc ..).

Instead of scattering your dog's stuff all over the car, you can make brilliant use of these pockets and store these items in there. All in all a very unique touch and useful addition.

Zipper: Part of the overall design this dog seat cover comes in is a zipper in the middle of it, something some dog owners look for in a dog seat cover while others try to avoid.

If you look for something like this, then this is the product for you, while if you try to avoid something like this in your dog car seat covers, then stick to our #1 recommendation above, as that one does not come with a zipper in the middle.

TaoTronics Dog Seat Cover for Cars

Impressive 4 Layer Design: This dog seat cover is made up of an impressive 4 layers of fabric put together into one product, with the first layer being an oxford fabric layer that helps keep this cover in place at all times, the second layer being a cotton layer to help make your dog feel as comfortable as possible being seated on this cover for long periods of time, the third layer being a 100% waterproof layer that helps keep your backseat safe in case any liquid-related incidents might happen, and the fourth layer being a PVC layer that helps keep this cover in firm place in case you have it on a leather seat.

Scratch Proof: This dog seat cover is a very good candidate for anyone that has a relatively heavy scratcher in their dogs, as one of the reasons this dog seat cover was specifically designed with the 4-layer feature we talked about above is to remain durable and scratch-proof, even if it comes up against dogs that want to keep going at it forever.

​Pick #4 - BarksBar Pet Front Seat Cover for Cars (Best Front Dog Car Seat Cover)

BarksBar Pet Front Seat Cover for Cars

Front Dog Car Seat Cover: Since the top 3 picks we've talked about above are all designed to be covers for your car's backseat area, we've decided to dedicate this subsection to let you know about the best car seat cover for dogs if you want your dog to ride in the car right next to you in the front passenger seat.

We've already included a dog car seat cover from BarksBar in this list as our #2 pick, but this one is for those who are interested in getting a dog car seat cover for the front seat instead of the back seat area.

Why Do I Need The Best Car Seat Cover For Dogs?

Here are some of the most important reasons why investing in the best dog car hammock will do both you and your car a world of good.

No More Hair All Over The Car Seat

If you've ever had your dog spend time in your car on one of the seats, you've experienced first hand the horror that is having to clean up after their hairs that have fallen all over the place.

The thing is, your dog's hair doesn't fall into one specific spot, they fall in random places which you'll have to discover yourself, and good luck with that!

And don't even get me started on those nasty hairs that fall in the gap area of the seat, those alone will have you feeling like you've completed an intense workout after you're done cleaning in there!

You can tell by now that I've had first hand experience in dealing with pet hair in my car, and it's not fun - trust me :-).

If you invest in any one of the dog seat covers mentioned in the list above, you'll see for yourself just how much hair these things can catch and allow you to dispose of ridiculously easy.

As Good As New

Every time your dog sits on your car seat for a certain amount of time during car rides, the car seat's situation will deteriorate and your dog's presence will soon take its toll on its condition.

Cost Saver

When your car seats begin to deteriorate in condition because of the way your dog handled them in the car, especially when it comes to frequent tears and holes caused by your dog's claws and nails, what does that translate to?

Extra costs that you could really do without, especially if they begin to add up on a frequent basis because of "fouls" your dog does here and there from time to time and after every repair process.

The best dog car hammocks will ensure that you don't have to incur these extra costs on repairing your car seat's condition every now and then.

Not Just For Dogs

When you invest in any of the dog car hammocks we've mentioned above in our list of the best pet car seat covers, you really aren't only protecting your car seats from any accidents or mishaps that may happen with your dog, you're also protecting your car seats from similar issues that may occur with anyone else that's riding in your car as well.

The best dog car hammocks will also be able to protect your car seats from accidents that may happen with young children in the back such as vomiting, potential food or drink stains because of company you have in the car for whatever reason, and the like.

The takeaway here is that the best dog car hammocks will protect your car seats from a million and one things, not just your dog.

Injury Free

One reason we especially prefer dog car hammocks over any other kind of seat cover for dogs is the fact that dog car hammocks are able to insure that your dog will remain injury free throughout the entirety of the ride.

How is this made possible? Well, with a normal dog backseat cover installed in your car, there's always the risk of your dog falling to the floor if you had to abruptly bring the care to a stop, make a sudden unexpected turn or something else similar happened on the road.

However, and since a dog car hammock will be covering the floor area, if or when you bring the car to an abrupt stop or you make an unexpected turn on the road and your dog were to fall on the floor, they'll fall into the hammock and will not hit the floor, avoiding the risk of serious injury in the process.

Convenient Barrier

If your dog likes to get out of the backseat area into the front seat area where you are, or mess around by peeking their head through the gap between the two front seats and playing with you while you're driving, a dog car hammock as a backseat cover will do an excellent job in separating the backseat area from the front seat area, which will send a clear message to your dog that they should stick to their designated area.

Granted this won't always work perfectly well, as some dogs will just do whatever they can to jump over from the back to the front, but this design will nonetheless be a barrier that will stop the majority of dogs out there from fooling around in the car.

What Makes The Best Pet Car Seat Cover?

Before actually going out there and buying a seat cover for dogs in order to install in your car, you should know what criteria is most important when it comes to determining the best seat covers for dogs, and what exactly separates them from the rest of their peers on the market.


One of the most important criteria by which you should be judging a seat cover for dogs is how comfortable it actually feels for dogs to use it.

You could spend money on the most sophisticated dog seat cover with all the bells and whistles and features you could ever think of, but one thing's for sure - if it's not a comfortable for your dog to sit on, it's definitely not worth your money.

Stays In Place

Besides the dog seat cover actually being comfortable for your dog to be on for extended periods of time, another very important criteria by which you should be judging these products is how well they stay in place when the car is moving.

If the dog seat cover you've got installed in your car moves out of place bit by bit when you're driving the car, this will require that you keep on putting in back in place time and time, over and over again. Obviously such a dog seat cover isn't worthy of being called one of the best, as things will get very tedious real fast.

For a dog seat cover to be considered as one of the best in its category, it should be able to stay firmly put in place and not move out of place when you're driving around with your dog seated on it.

Perfect Fit

One thing you have to keep in mind is that the best dog car seat for YOUR car may be different than the best dog car seat for someone else's car, because of the vast differences in cars being compared and the different size needs.

Any dog car seat you invest in should cover the entirety of your backseat and not leave one inch uncovered, for that will beat the purpose of such a purchase and will keep the risk of seat damage at a high level.

It should also be a perfect fit for your car's backseat, not too large and not too small, for one will ruin your car's interior aesthetics (which is just a bummer, really) and the other will keep the risk of car seat damage at a high level.


This criteria is a no-brainer, the best seat covers for dogs will be ones that are made from high quality, durable material that won't break down a week after purchase when your dog starts scratching and chewing away at them.

Imagine spending good money on a seat cover for your dog only to have them dig holes in it after a short while - definitely not what we're looking forward to!


The best dog seat covers are waterproof covers that will not allow any sort of liquid to make its way into your car seat, even if you were to throw a bucket of water at them.

Compare that to a situation where your dog were to drop any liquid on the backseat, whether that be urine due to an accident, water they're drinking from a bottle, drool they get all over the backseat when they're sleeping back there, etc .. all of these situations will make it exceptionally hard for you to clean your backseat and get it back to look as good as new.

And that's not even mentioning the nasty smells and bacteria that are associated with liquid making its way into your backseat - yikes!

A waterproof dog seat cover will also ensure that your backseat area is fully protected in case your dog gets carsick and vomits, since you can easily remove the waterproof dog seat cover, give it a wash and re-install it, but it's going to be a very big hassle cleaning after your dog car seat cover if it wasn't waterproof.


The best seat covers for dogs will be ones that can easily be washed whenever the need arises.

A non-washable seat cover for dogs will beat the purpose if what you're trying to do is keep your car looking fresh and clean at all times, since you'll be stuck with something that runs the risk of getting dirty any time and not allowing you to clean it up in order to make it look good again.

Easy To Install And Remove

The best seat covers for dogs are ones that make it as easy and fast as possible for you to install them in your car in the backseat area whenever you want to take your dog along with you on a ride, and remove them from the backseat area just as easy when you're not taking your dog along with you and want to get that valuable space back again for someone other than your dog to be in the backseat.


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