Best Dog Crates For Pitbulls (Top 5 In 2023)

The Pitbull is a breed that’s often in the midst of controversy. Some swear by their undying loyalty and affection and others claim they are “aggressive”. There may be differing opinions concerning their temperament but one thing that all Pitbull owners and critics can agree on is their strength!

Time and time again the Pitbull ranks as a top five contender in jaw strength competitions.

That said, it comes as no surprise that a crate is a challenge that most Pitbulls do not welcome with open arms, at least in the beginning. It takes them a bit of time to adjust and may take a few trials before finding a crate that can withstand the jaw strength and intelligence of your Pitbull.

Put simple, a weak crate is no match to this breed. If you're actively looking for the best dog crates for Pitbulls then do not worry, there are crates on the market that can and will endure the blend of their strength and intelligence, so let's have a quick look at them, shall we?

Best Dog Crates For Pitbulls - (Our Top 3 Options For 2023)

Top Pick: Zinger Winger Aluminum Dog Crate
Pick #2: Impact Dog Crate
Pick #3: ProSelect Empire Dog Cage




Zinger Winger Aluminum Dog Crate
Zinger Winger Aluminum Dog Crate
  • Lockable Slam Latch
  • Durable Silver Hammerstone Finish
Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate
Impact Dog Crate
  • Marine grade slam latch
  • Made in the USA
ProSelect Empire Dog Cage
ProSelect Empire Dog Cage
  • 20-Gauge Steel Cage
  • Hammertone finish

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Information You Should Know Before You Buy A Pit Bull Crate

Crates Align With Natural Canine Instincts

As many dog owners know, crates align with the natural instincts of your canine.

How so? Well, canines descend from the wolf and wolves love dens. Crate training mirrors a canine’s nature to seek refuge in a lair. This is because the crate is enclosed on all sides except for the entrance.  

That said, it’s certain that not all crates are created equally, even those that do claim they are “Heavy Duty”.

A crate is an investment, as is the time it takes to train your canine. No dog owner wants to invest in a crate that’s not well suited for their dog!

The result would likely be the canine escaping from the crate, destroying the crate or suffering from the conditions of the crate, such as having the crate collapse on top of them, something that happens a lot.

The bottom line is that we dog owners often leave our homes whether it be for work, school, running errands or travel.

Crates allow our canines limited accessibility to our homes when we’re away, which ultimately keeps the number of disasters to a bare minimum. For many pitbull owners, crates are an essential part of the experience.

What This Article Is Going To Be Covering

To recap, the Pitbull breed is in the top five of all breeds for their bite strength, measuring at 235lbs per pressure to be exact.

Fun fact: They are consistently beat in their bite per pressure by Rottweilers and German Shepherds. But, 235lbs per pressure is enough to chew through plastic and bend even the strongest of metals, if the canine is determined enough.

In this article, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about purchasing the correct crate for your Pitbull, even if they're prone to anxiety. Here are the three specific details we’re going to weigh in on:

  1. The top three qualities to consider when buying a crate for your Pitbull
  2. The three crates we believe are best for Pitbulls in the current market
  3. PROS and CONS of each of these three crates

Features To Look For In A Pitbull Dog Crate

The three top qualities to consider when buying a crate for your Pitbull is the size of the crate, the material it’s made from (be it plastic, metal, aluminum or galvanized steel) and how simple it is to clean.


Concerning crate dimensions there is a fine balance between enough space and too much space.

Why? The crate needs to be big enough for your canine to stand, turn around and be comfortable. But, it should not allow them the space necessary to target a corner of the crate for soiling purposes – this would ultimately defeat a major part of crate training.

If the crate is too small, it will result in your canine being uncomfortable and could even cause anxiety. For dog owners with a pitbull puppy that’s growing, targeting the correct size could be a difficult task, but there are many durable crates on the market in various different sizes.


Material and structure of the crate MATTERS, especially when it comes to a pitbull that’s determined to ESCAPE the confines.

If your canine has the will to escape – they will do everything to try. It’s just a matter of which crate is going to withstand the attempts.

You know your dog better than anyone, only you know how far they will go to breakout of a crate. Take this knowledge into consideration when deciding which crate to purchase.

1) Plastic

These crates are great if you’re a dog owner who often travels with their canine, as these crates are permitted on airlines.

Realistically though, a Pitbull can easily chew through plastic and/or get out of the crate. If you’re a Pitbull owner, crates made out of plastic are not recommended. 

2) Metal (Wired)

This a far more realistic option for a Pitbull owner. The durability and portability of metal crates is hard to beat. 

Most fold and are structurally sound. Though, if your canine is an expert escape artist there is reason to worry.

Some Pitbulls separate the corners of the metal crates (that are not welded) with their teeth and put their head through the space. Their body follows, resulting in a successful bolt out of the crate.

3) Heavy Duty

Heavy-duty crates are the most structurally sound. They can handle even the most expert canine escape tactics.

Most of these crates are made of galvanized steel, with all parts being welded. The ones that are made of aluminum, on the other hand, are composed of aircraft quality aluminum.

When it comes to your Pitbull, these crates are indestructible and will keep your canine safe when you’re away.

The dog owners who should consider the purchase of a heavy-duty crate are the ones whose canines have successfully escaped a wired metal crate. If your dog can escape one wired crate, it can escape all wired crates.


Crate cleaning is necessary! Some crates are far easier to clean than others.

Since it’s inevitable that at one point or another your canine will have an accident inside the crate, it’s important to take into consideration how easy or difficult the crate will be to clean.

Some crates have removable trays under the crate flooring for convenience, but many do not.

Top 3 Indestructible Crates For Your Pitbull

These are the three crates that can repeatedly withstand 235lbs + of jaw pressure without the metal bending, as even the toughest wired crates will.

The “Con” for these three crates is that they can cost a pretty penny. But when you do a cost analysis, investing in one indestructible crate is often less expensive than investing in multiple wired or plastic crates that end up getting destroyed.

And this does not include any material possessions demolished after a successful escape attempt!


Zinger Winger Aluminum Dog Crate


This is the crate of crates for dogs that are savvy in escape methods.

It’s composed of aircraft grade aluminum, and the constructive part of this type of aluminum is that it’s 66% less heavy than steel. Meaning, that the crate can be assembled and handled by one person in a short amount of time.

The cool thing is that this crate comes in many sizes and with many additional optional features – such as adding wheels, a second door, a floor mat, side handles, etc. You can virtually design a crate specific to your Pitbull's exact needs this way.

There are small holes throughout the crate for increased air circulation so that your pup doesn’t suffer from any negative effects from heat as well.

Also, for those of you that are relentless when it comes to being able to travel with your canine, this crate is airline approved. The creators go so far as to claim that this crate truly lasts a lifetime. 


If seeing all your canines’ movements is important to you, you may want to consider a different crate as the visibility is not the best.

The crate has small holes throughout both sides, the front and larger ones at the entrance. You will not be able to see your Pitbull on all sides the way you would be able to with the Pro Select Empire.

Here's a video that shows you what the Zinger Winger Dog Crate looks like in real life.
Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate

The aesthetic style of this crate is comparable to the Zinger, at first sight. But there are major differences once you have a more up-close look.

One, is that this crate is collapsible, so it can be put up and taken down in a matter of seconds. The Zinger, on the other hand, comes in separate pieces and takes longer to assemble.

This crate takes up less storage space, due to it being collapsible. When it ships it comes assembled because the metal, including the corners and all sides, are welded together.

The door of this crate is also very different compared to other Heavy-Duty crate doors. This specific door comes with extra slide latches, all of which are made of stainless steel.

The creators of the crate, designed it specifically for dogs with anxiety in mind. The hardware is covered and designed in a way that the canine cannot get a grip on or chew through any parts of the door or metal.

The creators also claim that the design of the holes causes an illusion of direct visibility, which decreases symptoms of anxiety.


One could argue that the visibility could be better. The holes are just not comparable to visibility like that of the ProSelect design.

Also, some dog owners who have purchased this crate have had complaints that not all airlines will ship this crate. So yes, it’s airline compliant, but check with your specific airline before assuming they will accept the crate.

Here's a video for you to see what the Impact High Anxiety crate looks like in real life.

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

The cool thing is that this cage is on wheels, making it easier to move around the house. It’s also light enough for one person to assemble.

The visibility for a heavy-duty crate is at the top of its’ league, a category it excels at far higher than our 2 options mentioned above.

You will be able to see your canine’s movements on all sides, through spaced bars rather than ventilation holes.

Below the flooring of the crate, there's also a tray that’s easy to remove and clean, should your canine have an accident.


You shouldn’t keep this crate in this sun, because the metal can get scorching hot!

Another thing is that dog owners that own this crate periodically complain about noise. When their canine is moving about, the crate has a little tendency to rattle.

The rattle can be an annoyance, especially if you crate your dog at night.

Here's a video that shows you what the Pro Select Empire Dog Cage looks like in real life.

Wrapping Up

In short, the Zinger is a more suitable option for you if your Pitbull has Houdini like strategies when it comes to escape, The Impact for those Pitbulls who suffer from anxiety, and the ProSelect for Pitbull owners who want top visibility in a heavy-duty crate for their dogs.

The bottom line is that every pitbull is different and every dog owner has a different lifestyle and need for the crate.

Some pitbulls have naturally more energy or anxiety than others and some are far more determined to escape a crate than other. When purchasing a crate, remember that the size, the material of the structure and how easy it is to clean should be the top qualities considered – but the ultimate trait to consider is the personality of your Pitbull.

Last but not least, an important note must be made about crate training your Pitbull.

When crate training, a canine should not have sessions last longer than five hours. Unfortunately, statistics recently published by PETA found that a large majority of canines who are crated spent upwards of twelve hours in a crate at one time.

This is not healthy. Yes, crates resemble dens, but even wolves in the wild do not spend even close to this percentage of their time in a lair. Use crates in moderation and for effective training purposes, rather than caging purposes that only end up damaging your Pitbull's mental wellbeing. 


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