Best Dog Stroller Reviews – (2019’s Top 5 Picks)

The best dog stroller reviews? Really? Strollers for dogs is now actually a thing?

Yup, you bet it is! Dog strollers are relatively new in the doggie market, but dog owners around the world have taken a liking to them really fast because of how convenient they are and how they can make day to day lives much easier.

Strollers nowadays are no longer solely used for young babies who haven’t developed the ability to walk on their own yet, strollers are now being used for pets who may benefit from them for many different reasons we will be discussing in this article in just a little bit.

Before we get into the details about everything you need to know about dog strollers before you buy one of these items, let’s have a look at what we believe are the top 5 best dog strollers available on the market today.

Our List Of The Top 5 Dog Strollers – (Updated List For 2019)

Top Pick: Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet StrollerPick #2: Paws & Pals Jogger Folding Dog StrollerPick #3: VIVO Four Wheel Pet StrollerPick #4: BestPet All Terrain Pet StrollerPick #5: ​IRIS Dog & Cat Folding Stroller




Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller ​Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller

Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller

  • ​Easy-locking No-Zip entry
  • ​Panoramic view window
Paws & Pals Jogger Folding Dog Stroller Paws & Pals Jogger Folding Dog Stroller

OxGord Elite Pet Stroller

  • ​Ventilation Mesh Screen Windows
  • ​Retractable Waterproof Rain Hood
VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller ​VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller

VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller

  • ​Mesh windows
  • ​Holds up to 30lbs
BestPet All Terrain Pet Stroller BestPet All Terrain Pet Stroller
  • ​Front and Rear Entry
  • ​Large storage basket
IRIS Dog & Cat Folding Stroller IRIS Dog & Cat Folding Stroller

Outward Hound Walk N Roll Pet Stroller

  • Full zip top enclosure
  • ​Lockable brakes

*Note: The links in the table above, as well as several links in the remainder of the article below, will take you to over to where you can find out more information about the products, such as current prices and customer reviews.

Best Dog Stroller Reviews – (TOP 5 Doggie Strollers & Carriages)

Pick #1 – Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller

Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller

No Zipper Hassle: As you can already tell by the name of this pet stroller, this is the perfect option for any dog owner that is fed up with using dog strollers that come with zippers – and oh boy are we many!

Zippers on pet strollers can, many times, make it an absolute pain having your dog or cat get inside or out at any given time, and Pet Gear have done an amazing job in avoiding this problem with this dog stroller thanks to the latch system they’ve put in place that makes it incredibly easy for you to lock and unlock in a second.

“Air Ride” Impressive Tires: The type of tires found on this dog stroller (called Air Ride tires) are just the type we like to see when looking for the best pet strollers, since they’re some of toughest, most durable and most easily-strolling tires you’ll come across in any other stroller on the market today.

Whether you’re dealing with the smoothest of terrains in the most beautifully designed neighborhood, or you’re dealing with the roughest terrain that makes it hard for you and I to even walk on, customers have reported time and time again that this dog stroller has passed all of these tests with flying colors, much thanks to the solid wheels.

3 Dogs All At Once: If you’ve got 3 small sized dogs at home (ideally, each weighs 15 lbs or less), this stroller is spacious enough inside to fit all 3 of your pooches in all at once, with them still having enough room to feel comfortable and move around freely.

Panoramic View: One thing we absolutely love about this pet stroller, and a feature that sets it apart from many of its competitors on the market, is the panoramic view it gives your pet the ability to enjoy while inside.

While the majority of pet strollers out there will only give your pet the ability to enjoy the view in front of them, Pet Gear have designed this stroller to give your pet the ability to enjoy the view in front of them, on their left and on their right, all while your pet is inside the stroller and it’s closed via the latch system in place.

Although this feature may not seem like anything groundbreaking, it goes a long way in making the trip a much more enjoyable one for your dog inside their stroller.

Pick #2 – Paws & Pals Jogger Folding Dog Stroller

OxGord Elite Pet Stroller

Lightweight But Sturdy: Standing at only 13.6 lbs in weight, this is one of the most lightweight yet sturdy pet strollers on the market today, a feature we always like to see since not everyone can carry around heavy weights all the time, especially when you add the weight of your pet(s) inside as well.

Don’t underestimate this dog stroller because of how lightweight it is, it’s stood the test of time very well and has proven to be much more durable than pet strollers on the market that are twice its weight – ones that are also supposed to be made from “top shelf materials”.

3 Wheel Or 4 Wheel: Depending on your needs and what kind of surface or terrain you’re planning on using this dog stroller for, Paws & Pals give you the choice of either getting this dog stroller with 3 wheels or with 4 wheels, hence taking out the “one size fits all” answer out of the equation.

No Slipping Out: If you’ve ever tried using a dog stroller before when outside the house, and depending on the design of the dog stroller you’ve been using, there’s a good chance that you’ve always been afraid that your dog may slip out because they’re feeling like it, hence putting their safety in much danger and requiring you to put them back in.

Well, the good news is that the way Paws & Pals have designed this pet stroller, there’s absolutely no chance of your pet escaping (for a lack of better term, not that they feel like they’e in prison inside their stroller) mid-journey except if you were to unzip it and let them out (or if they were to decide to destructively chew their way out, to which you will obviously immediately take notice and action to stop).

Pick #3 – VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller

VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller

Multiple Entry & Exit Points: While the majority of pet strollers being sold on the market today only feature one or two areas at most where your pet can make their way in and out of the stroller, Vivo have designed this pet stroller with 3 areas where your pet can make their way in and out with as much ease as possible being the end goal in mind.

Even though the entry and exit areas have to be opened and closed via a zipper, the zipper mechanism with this pet stroller is one of the better ones found on the market and won’t give you much of a hard time making use of them.

Excellent For Accessories On The Way: If you have small sized accessories you want to take with you on the way but have no where to keep hold of them and don’t want to have to carry them with your hands while also having to stroll your pet at the same time (multitask overload, anyone?), Vivo have got you covered with features such as cup holders and a small basket right at the bottom of the unit where you can place items such as a water bottle, your dog’s leash, etc ..

Proper Ventilation: Vivo have gone the extra mile with this pet stroller as far as ensuring proper ventilation for your pet at all times while inside, a very simple feature that many pet stroller manufacturers out there surprisingly slack off on in today’s market.

Pick #4 – BestPet All Terrain Pet Stroller

BestPet All Terrain Pet Stroller

Very Unique Design: One of the most unique aspects about this pet stroller that sets it apart from its competition on the market is its unique leopard skin design.

Now, I know a few people within my circle of contacts that go absolutely crazy for products that have a leopard skin design to them, so if you’re one of these people and aesthetics is a huge factor you consider when buying anything, then this might just be the one for you!

Very Easy Assembling/Folding Process: Assembling this unit to get it up and running is an extremely easy process to get done, and folding it in order to store it away until further use or opening it back up again after it was stored away only takes a few seconds to get done.

Useful Rain Cover: This pet stroller has a very nice looking and efficient rain cover/rain bonnet to it so you won’t have to panic if you’re still outdoors and it starts to rain and you don’t want your pet to get even the least bit wet.

Pick #5 – IRIS Dog & Cat Folding Stroller

IRIS Dog & Cat Folding Stroller

Specifically Designed For Small Pets: If you’re looking for a pet stroller that was specifically designed only for small pets, then this pet stroller from Iris is a very good option for you to consider buying.

However, and with that being said, we always recommend going with something a little larger (such as our #1 pick above) since you don’t want to have to buy another pet stroller when your dog grows in size with time, nor do you want to be deprived from the advantage of being able to fit in multiple small dogs all in at once inside a pet stroller that’s usually larger in size.

Padded Seating: In order to ensure the utmost comfort for your pet when being seated inside this stroller, Iris have included extra padding inside this unit so you avoid having your dog feel as if they’re seated on “thin ice” that becomes very uncomfortable after a short while.

Why Should I Invest In The Best Pet Stroller?

So, in case you’re wondering why exactly you need the best dog stroller for Fido, here’s a shortlist of some of the most common reasons why dog owners think about investing in such equipment for their furry buddies, and some of the most important advantages that both you and your dog will be getting from this investment.

When Dogs Get Tired

For many dogs out there, even the slightest form of physical activity in the outdoors such as walking for a certain amount of time can get very tiring real fast.

Whether you’ve got an overweight and out of shape dog that you’re trying to have slim down on some of that extra fat they’re holding, a small breed dog that gets tired much faster than larger breed dogs that do the same physical activity or whatever else the reason may be, some dogs will just get tired in mid-activity and won’t be able to continue along with you.

In such a case, what do you do? Well, if you invested in any of the best dog strollers we talked about in the list above, you can get them back home safe and sound while having them sit/sleep in the comfort of a dog stroller instead of having to carry them back home with your two arms.

Dog Mobility Problems

Not only can you make tremendous use of a dog stroller for Fido whenever they get tired and you’re still out and about, you can also make tremendous use of a dog stroller in cases where your dog has mobility problems and isn’t able to move around as freely/comfortably as they once used to.

Whether that’s because your dog is still recovering from surgery they recently underwent, still feeling the repercussions of an injury they recently suffered, suffering from joint problems such as arthritis or hip/elbow dysplasia, etc .. all these problems and many more may severely hinder their ability to freely and comfortably move around like they once used to do.

For dog owners who don’t want to have to leave their dogs at home just because they aren’t able to walk along to wherever destination you may be going, investing in a dog stroller solves the problem.


Dog strollers are also able to give you the added benefit of keeping your pet safe at all times when outdoors doing whatever you took them out with you for.

When having your dog walk side by side with you anywhere outdoors, whether you do this with them tied to a leash or not, there’s always the risk of something bad happening to your dog with all the vehicles coming and going around.

By having your dog seated in a comfortable dog stroller and you being 100% in charge of where they go, this risk is greatly minimized – well, unless a mistake is done on your part.

Feeling Of Protection

Speaking about safety, the best dog strollers will tremendously help your dog if they have any sort of fear of the outdoors. Some dogs have a phobia when it comes to seeing cars whiz by past them on the street, other dogs become very scared when they have to make their way on a sidewalk that’s packed with pedestrians, etc ..

In any of these cases, strolling your dog in any of the best dog strollers mentioned in our list above will have them feel very safe and protected inside with you having their back, all while slowly helping them out in breaking their phobia bit by bit.

What Criteria Determines The Best Dog Stroller?

Before going ahead and investing in a dog stroller for your furry buddy, you should know about a few criteria that play a big role in determining whether a certain dog stroller is the best choice for you or not, as what may be the best dog stroller for your needs and usage may differ from what may be the best dog stroller for someone else’s needs and usage.

Wheel Type

One of the first features you should be looking at in a dog stroller is what kind of wheels it has, as the type of wheels on a dog stroller you need may differ from the type of wheels on a dog stroller someone else needs depending on surface and terrain.


This goes without saying, you’re going to want to invest in a dog stroller that will prove to be durable and last you a few years before you have to buy a replacement for it. And, when we talk about dog stroller durability, we don’t mean that a dog stroller still be completely functional after a couple of years of making use of it once a month, we mean that a dog stroller still be completely functional after a couple of years of making use of it even on a daily basis, even on some of the toughest terrains that are known to take their toll on dog strollers fast. Of course, you can expect to pay a higher price-tag for the more durable and robust dog strollers on the market, but it will be an investment that will pay you back in spades down the years.


What kind of ride would it be for your dog in a pet stroller if it doesn’t feel comfortable? One that they never want to take part in ever again, of course. This is why how comfort and how cozy it actually feels for your dog to be inside the dog stroller is a huge factor you have to take into consideration before you buy one of these units. Certain dog stroller models have much more features that add to the overall comfort and cozy feeling your dog is able to experience inside their stroller, and if you decided to go with any of our top recommendations above, you can be sure that your furry buddy will be getting those features.

Weight Limit

The first thing you should ever check in a dog stroller before you buy it is the weight limit it supports, since all other features, bells and whistles won’t mean anything if it can’t actually support the weight of YOUR dog.

Dimensions & Measurements

Right after you make sure that the dog stroller you’re considering buying can fully support the weight of your dog, you have to make sure that the measurements/dimensions are on point as well, since this will make all the difference in ensuring that your dog won’t get squished inside their stroller because of small space.

The pet stroller shouldn’t be way too spacious for your dog inside, but it also shouldn’t be very limited in space for them to the extent where they feel uncomfortable. If your dog is able to move around without hitting any part of the stroller inside and stand up comfortably, then you’re good to go.


Because storage space around the house is something that’s becoming more and more scarce by the day in today’s world, the best dog strollers will be collapsible dog strollers – meaning you’ll be able to easily fold them when not actively using them and store them away someplace where they take up minimal space until the next time you decide to make use of them again.


Since you’ll already be strolling the weight of your dog wherever you’re planning to take them, you don’t need your dog stroller to be extra heavy in and of itself, since that will make it especially hard for many dog owners out there who don’t exactly have enough physical power in them to be strolling such heavy weights all the time. The best dog strollers will be made of lightweight material but will, at the same time, be sturdy enough to hold their ground very well while you’re out and about with Fido.

Weather Conditions

Depending on the climate of the area you live in and how the weather tends to be most of the time, you may or may not need specific features in your dog stroller that will protect your dog at all times. For those of you who live in areas where it almost never rains, you don’t necessarily need this, but for those of you who live in areas where it does rain, any pet stroller you buy must have anti-rain features that will save your little buddy from getting wet while you’re on the way back to the car or on the way back home.


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