Best Flea Collars For Cats – (2019’s Top 5 Cat Flea Collars)

One of the most common problems cat owners face and don't know how to deal with the right way is fleas and ticks, especially new cat owners who don't have much experience under their belt when it comes to dealing with felines and caring for them the way they should be taken care of.

If you're one of those people facing a hard time figuring out what you should do to get rid of your cat's fleas and ticks, then worry not, we've put together the following list of what we firmly believe are the top 5 best flea and tick collars for cats available on the market today for you to have a look at.

Our List Of The Top Flea Collars For Cats

Top Pick: Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar
Pick #2: ​Sentry PurrScriptions Dual-Action Flea & Tick Collar 
Pick #3: Only Natural Pet EasyDefense Flea & Tick Cat Collar
Pick #4: BioSpot Active Care Flea and Tick Collar for Cats
Pick #5: Hartz Ultraguard Plus Flea & Tick Cat Collar



Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for cats
  • Works instantly
  • Lasts as long as 8 mos.
  • Neutral smell
Sentry PurrScriptions Dual-Action Flea & Tick Collar
  • Adjustable
  • Lasts 4 mos.
  • Water resistant
Only Natural Pet EasyDefense
  • All-natural and safe
  • Non-toxic ingredients
  • Protects for 3 months
BioSpot Active Care Flea and Tick Collar
  • Breakaway collar
  • Unscented
  • Lasts 7 months
Hartz UltraGuard Plus Breakaway Flea & Tick Collar
  • Water resistant
  • Kills flea eggs
  • Lasts 7 months

*Note: The links in the table above, as well as several links in the remainder of the article below, will take you to over to where you can find out more information about the products, such as current prices and customer reviews.

Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for cats

Out of the 5 flea collars we mentioned in the list above, we've chosen the Bayer Seresto flea and tick collar for cats as our #1 pick, as we believe it's miles ahead of its competition in today's market.

However, and with that being said, we do encourage you to also take a look at the other 4 flea collars for cats, since you may have specific needs that you find there and not in the Bayer Seresto flea and tick collar for cats.

It's just that after the research we did for this article and according to the criteria that goes into determining what flea collar is best for cats, the Bayer Seresto flea and tick collar was the clear winner by a long shot.

So, for those of you asking "do flea collars work for cats?" and "are flea collars safe for cats?", let's have a look at what this cat flea collar can offer your little one.

Instant Flea Killer: This is by far the fastest and most efficient flea and tick collar for cats you could get your hands on today, as we've seen it time and time again where cat owners report that they noticed this unit starting to take care of the ticks and fleas on their cat's body within an hour of having their cat wear it.

8 Month Protection: With this cat flea collar, you'll be getting a unit that can effectively fight off and protect your cat from flea and tick development for a very impressive period of time lasting 8 months, meaning that's 8 months of ease-of-mind without you required to even touch your cat's collar for anything.

You won't be getting a cat flea collar that effectively kills fleas and ticks for the first 2 months and does a very inefficient job for the remaining 6 months in a downward slope, this collar remains equally effective in killing flees and ticks throughout the entire 8 months from start to finish.

No Nasty Smell: With many cat flea collars being sold on the market today, you often experience the problem of nasty smell coming from the unit because of certain ingredients involved.

With this collar, you won't even notice any smell since everything's odorless.

Very Safe: What kind of recommendation would this be for a cat flea and tick collar without the best safety features being present?

If, for any reason, your cat manages to get this collar attached to something which results in your cat becoming trapped, this collar is built to immediately release in such a case and set your cat free.

This is an absolutely critical aspect that should be present in any flea and tick collar out there, since the last thing you want is your cat's life being put on the line because they got into something that caught their collar and are choking because of this.

Easily Adjustable For Different Sizes: No matter what size your cat is, this flea and tick collar has been proven to work just fine on cats of all different sizes because of its adjustability feature that allows you to cater to the needs of your cat.

Whether you have a small sized cat that weighs something like 5 lbs, or you have a cat that stands 3X that weight and stands at 15 lbs strong, cats of all sizes can wear this collar without any notable problems.

Lightweight: This cat flea collar is one of the most lightweight ones you'll find on the market today, yet this does not mean one bit that you're getting a trade-off between lightweight and quality.

While other collars will have your cat feeling bogged down because of how heavy they are on your cat's tiny body, this collar ensures that your cat can go on with their day to day lives very comfortably without even feeling that the collar is there.

Why Should I Put A Flea And Tick Collar On My Cat?

If your cat has fleas and ticks, exactly why should you have them wear a flea and tick collar? Can't you just leave your cat be and all will be fine? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is a big NO.

I think it's safe to say that all of us here would love to have the privilege of leaving our cat's problems to solve themselves on their own, but it doesn't work that way.

If you leave your cat unattended when fleas and ticks are developing on their body, big problems will happen, and we've noted the ones you have to know about below.

Health Risks: Untreated fleas and ticks that develop on your cat's body will pose great health risks if left unattended. As a matter of fact, annual statistics show that a large number of cats die because of untreated fleas and ticks.

How? Sometimes, these fleas and ticks that develop on your cat's body carry very dangerous and fatal diseases with them, ones they can easily infect your cat with. And, in such cases, you won't be left with much to do when it's unfortunately too late to take action.

So, eliminate the risk of any parasites such as fleas and ticks that develop on your cat's body eventually leading to fatal consequences by spending an insignificant amount of money on the best flea collar for cats mentioned above as our #1 pick - the peace of mind you'll get knowing that your feline is safe and sound is worth 100x the investment.

Less Stress For Your Cat: Many cat owners find that flea and tick collars like our #1 pick above are an absolute blessing for cats that get easily stressed out more than others, since you no longer have to have your cat go through repetitive treatment processes on a monthly basis in order to get their ticks and fleas taken care of, and all you have to do is a one-time task of having them wear a collar and, you're done.

Anyone reading this who has attempted to get rid of their cat's fleas and ticks problem with drops will know the stress I'm talking about here.

No Allergies: Many other cat flea and ticks treatments out there, such as topical flea treatments for cats, will have your little kitty develop skin allergies, rashes, irritation that causes excessive licking, sores, etc ..

A top quality cat flea collar like our #1 pick mentioned above will ensure that your cat experiences none of these side effects.

A Quick Note About Cat Flea Collars & Chemicals

No natter what kind of cat flea collar you're looking to get for your little furry buddy, it absolutely must be 100% chemical-free.

Not only are these chemicals that are present in some cat flea collars harmful to you and the environment around you, but they can also sometimes be fatal to cats.

Any sort of chemicals left behind as a result of the method of operation of the cat flea collar in hand means that there's a huge risk that these chemicals will greatly harm your cat's skin or, even worse, your cat may choose to lick these chemicals and get very sick as a result.

And, not to mention the fact that any sort of harmful chemicals left behind as a result of the method of operation of the cat flea collar in hand puts your health in great danger whenever you come into contact with your cat for whatever reason that may be, and we all know how much we cat lovers like to snuggle our kitties!


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