Best Citronella Bark Collar (2019’s Top 5 Citronella Dog Collars)

Looking to buy a bark collar for your dog but aren't very comfortable with the idea of using something like a shock collar for dogs?

As we've explained in the piece we wrote (linked to in the previous sentence above) about shock collars for dogs where we dissected this subject from start to finish and left no stone unturned, dog shock collars are very controversial - some people swear by them and claim that they're very safe when used the right way, while other people are very disturbed at even the mention of these items.

Supposing you fall under the category of people that aren't comfortable using a shock collar on their dogs in order to stop barking and other unwanted behavior, then this article about the best citronella bark collar on the market today is just what you need to see right now.

But first, let's have a quick look at our top 5 recommended citronella barking collars available on the market today.




PetSafe Citronella Anti-Bark Spray Collar
PetSafe Citronella Anti-Bark Spray Collar
  • ​Water resistant
  • ​Designed for dogs over 6 lb.
Downtown Pet Supply Citronella Spray Anti-Bark Collar
Downtown Pet Supply Citronella Spray Anti-Bark Collar
  • ​Fits dogs 6 lbs and u
  • ​​60 day Manufacturer Warranty
JK TECH Rechargeable Pet Citronella Anti Bark Collar
JK TECH Rechargeable Pet Citronella Anti Bark Collar
  • ​Rechargeable Sprayer Collar
  • ​Eco-friendly
DOGTEK No Bark Citronella Spray For Dogs
DOGTEK No Bark Citronella Spray For Dogs
  • ​Fits neck sizes up to 24 inches
  • ​1 year limited warranty 
Aberg Best Chargeable Anti-Bark Citronella Spray Collar
Aberg Best Chargeable Anti-Bark Citronella Spray Collar
  • ​Rechargeable Battery
  • ​For dogs 6 months of age minimum

*Note: The links in the table above, as well as several links in the remainder of the article below, will take you to over to where you can find out more information about the products, such as current prices and customer reviews.

The Best Citronella Barking Collar

For those of you reading this and are in a rush, have a look at our top pick for the best citronella barking color available on the market today, as well as why exactly it was chosen as our top pick.

Top Pick - PetSafe Anti-Bark Citronella Spray Collar

PetSafe Citronella Anti-Bark Spray Collar

Soft Spray Bursts: Whenever this collar's microphone picks up on your dog's barking, a gentle and soft spray of citronella is applied in order to distract your dog and stop them from barking. A soft and gentle spray is something dog owners appreciate way more than a hard spray that has a clearly felt impact and may cause physical pain to your dog.

Adjustable Fit - Perfect For Dogs Of All Sizes: This citronella bark collar from PetSafe isn't limited for small sized dogs, medium sized dogs or large sized dogs, it's suitable for dogs of all sizes since the unit comes with an adjustable collar that you can either choose to tighten or loosen up to accommodate your dog's size, needs and comfort.

Enough Time Before Refill: Some citronella dog collars on the market will have you re-filling the unit like crazy and very frequently, since it can only perform a small amount of sprays before the unit runs out of citronella and you have to perform a re-fill.

However, this citronella dog collar can perform a total of around 25 to 30 sprays before you have to re-fill it, which is more than enough time passing by in between re-fills so you won't have to feel that it's becoming a more tedious and repetitive task than you would have liked.

Reliable Sound Sensor: The sound sensor on this unit is one of the more accurate ones on the market, meaning the only barks this unit will pick up are ones coming from your dog.

While it's not perfectly accurate all the time, it's much more accurate than other citronella dog collars out there and instances of this unit confusing the barks of other dogs around as those coming from your dog are rare.

Scented & Unscented Refills: If, for any reason, you don't want to administer scented citronella sprays to your dog in order to get them to stop barking with this unit, then PetSafe also give you the option of using unscented citronella refills in order to use instead.

Very Lightweight: If you're looking to buy a citronella dog collar for your small breed dog that's tiny in size, you'll be glad to learn that what your dog will be wearing around their neck won't weigh more than 100 grams.

Dog owners of tiny pups that weigh 9 lbs, even 7 lbs and 6 lbs, have reported that their small dogs wore this unit perfectly fine without it causing any complications or discomfort.

So, whether your dog is a 6 lbs little fella or weighs well over 100 lbs, this citronella dog collar will do the trick just fine in all different cases.

What Exactly Is A Citronella Dog Collar?

Before we carry on with all the information you need to know about citronella bark collars, let's first cover what these dog collars are exactly.

In short, citronella dog collars are spray dog collars that work to deter your dog from performing certain frowned-upon behavior (such as unnecessary barking) by spraying citronella on their face whenever the collar unit senses that your dog is doing such behavior.

Unlike dog shock collars that rely on certain vibrations or low-impact shocks delivered to your dog in order to get them to stop whatever unwanted behavior they're doing, citronella dog collars aim to achieve this goal in a way many people see as much more humane.

In the end, a little bit of citronella sprayed on your dog's face will cause slight discomfort at best, something which eventually does the trick and develops a correlation in your dog's mind that barking for no reason (or doing any other unwanted behavior) will result in this uncomfortable experience.

No physical harm will be inflicted nor pain will be felt by your dog upon use of a citronella spray collar.

What Criteria Should I Look For In The Best Citronella Dog Collar?

Microphone Quality: When it comes to buying the absolute best citronella dog collar for Fido that will prove to be most effective in doing what it's supposed to do, microphone quality is probably the most important issue you have to be sure about before you go ahead and purchase any one of these products.

The best citronella dog collar will be able to perfectly distinguish between your dog's barking and that of any other dogs around it so it emits citronella only when YOUR dog barks.

Suppose your dog is wearing a citronella dog collar and is playing with other dogs in the park. Now suppose one of these other dogs happens to be an excessive barker and the microphone of your dog's citronella bark collar interprets it as a bark from your own dog, prompting citronella to be sprayed on their face.

What will be achieved here? Nothing but sending mixed messages to your dog and "punishing" them for something they didn't do.


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