Best Indestructible Dog Crates – (2023’s Top 5 Picks)

Looking for the best indestructible dog crates available on the market today?

You may be a relatively new dog owner that's new to crate training and want your first experience to go as smooth as possible, you may have a dog that's giving you a tremendously difficult time staying in their crate while you're doing everything right from your end, you may have a fairly powerful dog that your afraid will chew their way out of their crate the second they decide to, and the list goes on and on with a dozen other possible reasons why you're here looking for the best heavy duty dog crates of today.

For whatever reason that may be, you're here looking for the best indestructible, heavy duty and escape proof dog crate that you can get your hands on in today's market, and this list has you covered with our top 5 recommended options.

Our List Of The Top 5 Indestructible Dog Crates - (Updated List For 2023)

Top Pick: ProSelect Empire Dog Cage
Pick #2: SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Crate
Pick #3: Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate
Pick #4: BestPet Heavy Duty Pet Crate
Pick #5: EcoFlex Pet Crate/End Table




ProSelect Empire Dog Cage
  • Made specifically for powerful or aggressive dogs
  • Dual door latches with floor grate
SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Crate
  • 20% lighter
  • Welded rivet construction
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant floor grate
  • Four rolling casters
BestPet Heavy Duty Pet Crate
  • Heavy duty door latch 
  • Removable tray
EcoFlex Pet Crate/End Table
  • One latch door
  • Made of ecoFLEX

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Best Indestructible & Heavy Duty Dog Crates - A Closer Look Into Our Top 2 Options

Now that we've taken a quick sneak peak at the 5 best heavy duty dog crates in today's market, let's have a closer and more detailed look into our top 2 indestructible dog crates in this list and why they made it onto our recommendation list.

(Pick #1 - All Round Best Option) - ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

Strongest: If you're looking for the strongest, most durable chew-proof dog crate out there on the market today by a long shot, you've found it.

While the other options mentioned in the list above were indeed manufactured with the properties of chew-proof dog crates and escape-proof dog crates in mind, none have stood the test of time and have proven to be as effective as this dog crate.

Have a look at some of this cage's properties and take a guess for yourself whether the most powerful and heaviest of chewing dogs out there can successfully have a go at it (to which the answer is a straight up no, by the way).

  • 3/4 inch frame
  • 20 gauge steel
  • 1/2 inch diameter steel tubes
  • Stout dual door latches
  • Hammertone finishing

So, to put it short, if you've ever had a dog that's managed to chew/destroy their way out of other kennels made from plastic, metal or the like, they stand absolutely no chance getting through this unit no matter how much they try.

In fact, dog owners constantly report that their heavy-chewing dogs gave up trying to get through this unit after the first or second ever attempt.

No Rust: One of the main concerns that come up whenever the subject of dog crates made from steel is brought up is rust.

However, this is definitely not an issue to worry about with this unit, as ProSelect have specifically designed this dog crate with top quality, rust-resistant steel and Hammertone finishing.

Very Easy To Move Around: Because this dog crate is a very heavy one that weighs around 75 pounds (34 kgs), ProSelect have done an excellent job with adding 4 wheels at each side of the base of this unit in order to make it much easier for anybody to move it around the house as they see fit.

And, because this unit has been so sturdily built, the unit will not move around at all when stationary because of the wheels, even if your dog were to rapidly move around inside. For extra safety purposes and to further ensure that this unit stays in place, 2 of the 4 wheels can lock.

Furthermore, you can also easily take the wheels off if you don't like to have them on the unit or don't really need them, but keep in mind that this is one heavy unit that you'll find greatly difficult to move around without the wheels.

(Pick #2 - Runner Up) - SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Crate

SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Easy To Enter/Exit: One positive aspect you'll notice right away when taking a look at this heavy duty dog crate from SmithBuilt Crates is how easy they've made it for your dog to enter/exit this unit by making use of either the side or top doors that come along with it.

Easy To Move Around: Also, and just like our #1 pick above, this dog crate comes with 4 wheels that are meant to make it very easy for you to move it around, 2 of which can be locked and all 4 of which can be removed if you feel the need to.

Easy To Clean: Since ease of cleaning is a factor that must be taken into consideration when determining the top heavy duty dog crates, this SmithBuilt heavy duty dog crate is one of the easiest ones available on the market today for you to clean.

Besides the floor grate present at the bottom of this unit, there's also a removable metal pan that keeps hold of your dog's mess and makes it much easier for you to clean after your pet's potty accidents and make sure that they are kept in the cleanest environment possible.

The removable metal pan can be taken out, cleaned and inserted back in in very little time and with minimal physical effort required on your part.

Why Do I Need the Best Indestructible Dog Kennel?

While some dog owners may get by perfectly fine by using other types of dog crates, such as a soft sided dog crate, other people will learn the hard way that the only type of dog crate that suits their dog is an indestructible dog crate.

So, how do you know whether or not an indestructible dog kennel is the perfect choice to go with for your dog? Let's have a look at the most common reasons dog owners look to buy indestructible dog crates nowadays.

Excess Power: While other light duty dog crates have a good chance of standing the test of time with your dog if you've got a small fella at home, the same can definitely not be said if you have a powerful dog that you're planning to buy a crate for.

A powerful dog inside a dog crate made from fabric can easily destroy their way out of it the second they decide they've had enough, something you definitely don't want to happen.

Excess Chewing: Similar to the point about powerful dogs destroying their way out of a dog crate we talked about above, an excessive chewer can also easily chew their way out of a dog crate made from fabric if they were determined enough to do so.

So, getting your excessive chewing dog a chew proof dog crate instead is a much better idea and much wiser investment. Surely the thought of having to buy a new dog crate as a replacement for the old one your dog has torn into pieces only a week or two after purchase isn't the most pleasant of thoughts, right?

Injury-Free: The best heavy duty dog crate will ensure your dog's safety and wellbeing while they're inside at all times.

Think about a low quality metal dog crate for a while, and imagine your dog chewing away at that metal and trying to get out in whatever way they can.

If the metal/wire dog crate you have at home isn't heavy duty enough and isn't an indestructible one, there's a great risk that your dog may severely injure themselves while trying to get out.

For example, what if your dog manages to split a few wires open here and there? Can you guarantee that they wont injure any part of their body by coming into contact with this now pointy metal?

What Factors Should I Consider Before Buying an Indestructible Dog Crate?

If you've set your mind on buying an indestructible dog crate for the many benefits you and your dog will enjoy by having one at home, here are some important factors you should consider before making a purchase.

Material & Build: What kind of material is the dog crate you're thinking about getting for Fido made of?

Are we talking thin wires/metal that your dog can manage to break apart from one another after a certain period of time trying?

Or are we talking strong, thick steel that will never break apart no matter how much your dog tries to have a go at it?

Obviously, we're looking for something more like the latter in an indestructible dog crate.

Placement & Location: One of the most important issues you should think about beforehand when buying an indestructible dog crate is where you plan to have your dog use it, as placement and location may mean one indestructible dog bed is perfect for dog owner A, while it's not much of a good choice for dog owner B.

Do you plan on keeping the crate at home with your dog inside until you get back? Or do you plan on taking your dog with you, while they're inside their crate, in your car?

Wherever you plan on having your dog be placed inside their indestructible dog crate, you have to make sure that the whole unit will have adequate space to properly fit.

Adequate Space & Comfort: Speaking about a proper fit, any indestructible dog crate you get for your dog absolutely must have adequate space inside for them to remain comfortable and not feel too "squeezed in".

However, and just like you shouldn't get an indestructible dog crate where your dog is too short on space inside, you also shouldn't get an indestructible dog crate where your dog has excess space inside to move around too freely.

Ideally, the best indestructible dog crate for your dog will give them the ability to comfortably stand up without having to kneel down or risk hitting their head in the ceiling, sit/lay down comfortably in a horizontal fashion without having to climb with either side of their body on either side of the crate, and turn around comfortably without any part of their body hitting against any side of the crate.

A dog crate shouldn't feel like your dog is being squeezed into a can of sardines, and it also shouldn't feel like your dog is given a 5 star hotel room to wander around in, as either one of these two cases will mean that we're beating the purpose of making use of a dog crate in the first place.

For this reason, you should carefully check the size requirements for your dog that the manufacturers provide with each of the different size options they offer for their indestructible dog crates, as this will save you on later finding out that you've bought a unit that turned out to be too small or too large for your dog.

Cleaning Difficulty: How easy will it be for you to clean the dog crate you're thinking about getting for your dog?

This is a very important factor to consider in case your dog has never had crate training before and the possibilities of them having a potty accident inside are very high.

The best indestructible dog crates will have surfaces that make it very easy for you to clean in case your dog has an accident inside.


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