Best Dog Carrier Sling – (2023’s Top 5 Dog Slings)

When you're out of the house doing whatever you have to do for the day, whether you're out running a few errands, doing some shopping, visiting a friend or just taking up on your daily exercise routine, you often find your self with no choice but to have to keep your little pooch at home until you get back.

However, and for many different possible reasons, the problem is that keeping your pet at home isn't always an option you can simply do, especially if they're going to be there all alone until you get back.

This is why many different useful pet products have surfaced on the market as of late, such as dog strollers if you want to stroll your little fella along with you wherever you're going, dog bike trailers if you want to have them safely tag along with you on your bike, and the subject of today's article, dog carrier slings.

As we've covered down to the smallest of details in the respective articles about the best dog strollers and best dog bike trailers mentioned in the paragraph above, the following list covers our top 5 recommendations for the topic of best dog carrier slings available in today's market.




FurryFido Reversible Pet Sling Carrier
  • Reversible design
  • Soft cotton cloth material
i’Pet Hands-free Reversible Small Pet Sling Carrier
  • Soft Cotton fabric and Polyester
  • Machine washable
Alfie Chico Reversible Pet Sling Carrier
  • Feature safety collar hook
  • Machine washable
HITOP Pet Sling Carrier Bag
  • Cotton + Polyester
  • High capacity (5 kg)
Inviktus Oxford Cloth Sling Pet Carrier Bag
  • Adjustable strap
  • Oxford cloth

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Best Dog Carrier Sling Reviews - A Closer Look Into Our Top 3 Picks

Pick #1 - FurryFido Reversible Pet Sling Carrier

FurryFido Reversible Pet Sling Carrier

Impressive Weight Limit: If you were to compare this dog sling carrier to other models available on the market, you'll find that this one has an impressive weight limit to it, making it capable of supporting dogs up to 15 lbs in weight.

Dogs that weigh 16 lbs in weight may also be able to safely use this dog sling carrier, if we take the manufacturer's word for it.

While the majority of dog sling carriers you'll come across will tend to range somewhere around 10-11 lbs of weight supported, it's nice to see that some of the heavier small dogs out there have something designed for them as well.

Wide Shoulder Strap: One specific feature we loved about this dog sling carrier is the fact that it has a wide shoulder strap to it and not a narrow shoulder strap that many pet sling carriers seem to have to them nowadays.

The problem with narrow shoulder straps that come with dog sling carriers is that your shoulder tends to fatigue after a relatively short time while carrying your dog, simply because all of your dog's weight is being focused on one small area on your shoulder.

Meanwhile, a wide shoulder strap means that your dog's weight is spread across a large area on your shoulder, which makes it easier for you to handle and significantly increases the time before your shoulder feels fatigued.

High Quality Material: High quality material that dog sling carriers are made from play a huge role in determining how good they actually are, and FurryFido took this issue into serious consideration when designing this carrier sling.

This dog carrier sling is made from the finest soft cotton you'll ever come across, meaning it won't agitate your dog's skin even if they were to remain inside for a relatively long period of time.

Safety Features: To ensure your pet remains safely put in place inside their carrier sling at all times and doesn't make their way out all of a sudden (something which could place their life in great danger), FurryFido included a safety belt that comes with two latches you can use to wrap around your pooch and make sure they are safe as can be.

Not Just For Dogs: This dog carrier sling isn't only reserved for the support of dogs, it can also support a whole host of other pets if you wanted to take any of them along with you wherever you go.

Be it your dog, your cat, your rabbit or whatever other pet you have at home that falls under the supported weight of this pet carrier sling, you can rest assured that it will work just as well.

i’Pet Hands-free Reversible Small Pet Sling Carrier

Easy To Wash: One of the most important features in a pet sling carrier is how easy it is to wash it whenever the need may be, and Bro'Bear gets a 10/10 from us as far as this issue is concerned.

Made from some of the finest cotton fabric and Polyester out there, this pet sling carrier can be washed in a washing machine, left to dry off for a while and used again in no time whenever your dog (or any other pet you use it with) gets it dirty for any reason that may be.

And this is not some cheap, low-quality Polyester material we're talking about that some other dog sling carrier manufacturers tend to use in order to save on costs, we're talking about high quality, thick Polyester that actually does what it's supposed to do.

Be careful though that you must wash this item with cold water if you're planning on doing so with a washing machine, as hot water may very well lead to altering its size.

Takes Up Minimal Space: When not actively making use of this pet sling carrier outside the house with your dog, you can easily flatten it out store it away somewhere where it barely takes up any notable space.

Alfie Chico Reversible Pet Sling Carrier

Adjustable Length: If our #1 and #2 picks above didn't quite offer what you were looking for because of their lack of adjustability, then this pet sling carrier from Alfie is the perfect option for you because of its adjustability feature.

Because of the adjustable shoulder strap that comes with this unit, you're able to work with it both ways to have the carrier hang at a suitable height from your shoulder, whether it's hanging a bit too low if you're on the short side of height or a bit too high if you're taller than average.

Why Should I Invest In A Dog Carrier Sling?

So, why exactly should you invest in one of the best dog carrier slings we mentioned in the list above? Why not go with something like a dog backpack carrier or a dog stroller instead?

While all of these products (and many others as well) are very helpful and useful indeed, they may not be the best options for all dog owners alike, and a dog carrier sling may be more beneficial to you (and/or your dog) in certain cases we'll be covering in the following list.

Hands-Free Option: Because dog carrier slings work in a hands-free mechanism where they attach to your shoulder for support, this means that dog carrier slings are an excellent option for pet owners who want to take their litttle buddies out of the house with them but aren't able to do so with something that requires hand work (such as a dog stroller) because their hands are occupied with other stuff.

So, whether you're occupied by having to walk your other dog around by holding on to their leash, talking on the phone with someone and have to focus or whatever else may be requiring your utmost attention, a hands-free option like a dog carrier sling for you to carry your little one around is very convinient for many dog owners.

Even if you're not necessarily carrying anything around with your hands or don't have them occupied with other stuff, you may just prefer the luxury of being able to carry your dog around with a dog sling carrier that's able to attach to your shoulder without much effort, the same way I much rather carry my laptop around outside the house with a laptop sling bag instead of having to carry it with my hands.

Injury: If your pet has suffered any kind of physical injury that's preventing them from moving around comfortably without aggravating it, or is recovering from surgery and needs to get all the rest they can and stay away from physical activity as much as possible, a dog carrier sling is an excellent and safe option that allows you to carry them around without worsening their situation.

Fatigue: A dog carrier sling is also an excellent option for you to go with if you want to carry your dog around outside the house because they get tired very easily and real fast.

Some dogs, especially smaller sized dogs, tire out real quick whenever it comes to physical activity, even if it's only a relatively short walk outside the house.

For such dogs, a dog carrier sling is the perfect option to carry them with you as soon as their bodies give out.

Affection & Bond: When you're strolling your dog down the street in their little doggy stroller, or when you're riding away on your bike with them attached in their little doggy trailer at the back, do you really feel an affection or a bond during that time?

Chances are your answer to that question was a no, because the fact of the matter is that something like a dog sling carrier that attaches to your shoulder and has your dog right there next to you to the extent of physical contact and holding them up close to your chest proves for a much more affectionate and bonding-like experience.

What Makes The Best Dog Sling Carrier For Me?

Because of the fact that not all dog sling carriers out there are manufactured alike, the best dog carrier sling for "dog owner A" may be a bit different than the best dog carrier sling for "dog owner B".

Here are a couple of the most important factors you have to take into careful consideration before you invest in a pet sling carrier so that your decision inevitably turns out to be a wise one.

Size & Weight Limit: The first two specifications you should have a look at right off the bat when it comes to any dog sling carrier out there on the market are size & weight limit.

A dog sling carrier that's too large for your dog is just as ineffective as a dog sling carrier that's too small for your dog, both won't be able to properly serve their purpose.

This is why the best and most comfortable dog sling carrier you can get for your pup is one that has just enough space for them inside to sit it and be safe.

If there's too much room for them in there, this is just as bad as a dog sling carrier that has too little room for them inside.

As for the weight limit, you have to make sure that any dog sling carrier you're going to be purchasing is made for dogs that weigh more than your dog does.

If you get a dog sling carrier that supports dogs that weigh less than your pooch does, it won't last you longer than try #1.

Adjustable Length: Depending on how tall you actually are, you may or may not want to look at buying an adjustable dog sling carrier because of the fact that some of the models out there may hang a bit too low if you're on the shorter side of height.