Best Indestructible & Chew Proof Dog Bed Reviews In 2019

Indestructible dog beds

If you’re currently searching for the best indestructible dog bed to get for your furry buddy, then it’s either one of two situations you’re passing through as we speak.

  1. The dog bed you used to have at home for Fido has been torn apart like there’s no tomorrow by your dog for some reason.
  2. You’ve done your research beforehand and have determined that an indestructible dog bed is a much better option than a regular dog bed that leaves you with the risk of being “out of function” as soon as tomorrow comes.

Either way, you’ve done the right decision by deciding to look for the best indestructible dog bed reviews, which is exactly what you’ll be discovering in this article.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to know about the best indestructible dog beds available on the market today for you to buy, which is why we’ve done all the necessary research to come back with the following list of the best 5 indestructible dog beds you should know about in today’s doggie world.

For now, let’s take a quick sneak peak at a table that summarizes our top 5 best indestructible dog beds that we believe you should know about.

Our List Of The Top 5 Indestructible Dog Beds – (Updated List For 2019)

Top Pick: K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Aluminum Cujo CotPick #2: Kuranda Chewproof Walnut PVC Dog BedPick #3: K9 Ballistics Original TUFF BedPick #4: GoDog BedZzz With Chew Guard TechnologyPick #5: Slumber Pet Toughstructable Bed




K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Aluminum Cujo Cot (Pre-Assembled) K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Aluminum Cujo Cot
  • ​Aluminum Cujo Cot
  • ​Durable rip stop ballistic fiber
Kuranda Chewproof Walnut PVC Dog Bed ​Kuranda Chewproof Walnut PVC Dog Bed
  • ​High strength PVC frame
  • ​Elevated/Raised orthopedic design
K9 Ballistics Original TUFF Bed ​K9 Ballistics Original TUFF Bed
  • ​Super durable Ripstop Ballistic Material
  • ​Lightweight, fluffy, channeled polyester mattress
GoDog BedZzz With Chew Guard Technology ​GoDog BedZzz With Chew Guard Technology
  • ​Chew Guard Technology
  • ​Soft, high pile plush with a cushioned bolster border
Slumber Pet Toughstructable Bed ​Slumber Pet Toughstructable Bed
  • ​Thick polyfill cushion
  • ​100% nylon cover

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Best Indestructible Dog Bed Reviews – (Top 5 Chew Proof Dog Beds)

Unlike other dog beds that are labeled as chew proof dog beds but start to fall apart after a week’s worth of rough play from your dog, these chew proof dog beds will hold strong even with the largest, most powerful of dog breeds you can hit them with.

Even though no chew proof dog bed out there on the market is able to make it impossible for any dog to deal damage to it, there are some chew proof dog beds that are able to greatly minimize the risk of this happening than others.

We’ve weeded out all the fakers from the market (and oh boy is there a ton of ’em!) and have come back with the following list of legit options that will actually give you your money’s worth when shopping for a chew proof dog bed for your dog.

Pick #1 – K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Aluminum Cujo Cot

K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Aluminum Cujo Cot (Pre-Assembled)

Most Chew Resistant: If you’ve got a heavy chewer at home that worries you about being able to rip through their bedding in no time, then challenge them to try to dent a single hole in this dog bed – you’ll love the outcome of it.

Out of all the chew proof dog beds we’ve researched (and we’ve gone through around a 100 of these things), this one comes out as the clear winner when it comes to making it impossible for even the heaviest of chewers to cause damage to it.

After all, this chew proof dog bed is made from some of the most durable material you’ll ever find a chew proof dog bed made out of, and that’s Ripstop Ballistic Nylon cover.

K9 Ballistics aren’t joking when they call this chew prof dog bed their “toughest built chew proof dog bed to date”.

The manufacturers of this chew proof dog bed make it very clear that if you’ve got a medium chewer at home, then you don’t actually need to buy this specific option to deter them from damaging it – you’ll be just as safe buying something less heavy-duty, with the best alternative being this K9 Ballistics Original TUFF Bed, saving you more than half what you would have paid for the Aluminum Cujo Cot dog bed that was specifically designed for heavy chewers.

Very Safe: In the very minimal instances that customers reported certain material of this chew proof dog bed starting to give away because of their dog’s chewing, scratching, etc .. the same customers were very happy because their dog wasn’t able to chew off any parts of the bed and potentially swallow them.

As we’ll be talking about in a section below, one of the most important factors that goes into determining which chew proof dog bed is the best is whether or not dogs can chew off certain material from their bed and potentially swallow them, leading to great risks on their lives as a result.

Very Sturdy Frame: The aluminum frame that holds the Ripstop Ballistic Nylon cover that your dog will be sitting/sleeping on is a very well designed frame that holds the cover together real well.

Pre-Assembled (Time Saver): The manufacturers of this chew proof dog bed have made it as easy as possible for you to put it to immediate use right after purchase, with as least manual work required from your side to get it functioning.

It’s already pre-assembled upon delivery, only requiring you to put in a few screws here and there before it’s ready for your dog to start using.

Pick #2 – Kuranda Chewproof Walnut PVC Dog Bed

Kuranda Chewproof Walnut PVC Dog Bed

Impressive Weight Limit: This Kuranda chewproof dog bed has an impressive weight limit to it, supporting dogs that weigh up to a staggering 125 pounds.

If your dog is lighter than 125 pounds, then you’ve got nothing to worry about at all, as this dog bed will be perfect for their size.

However, if your dog is heavier than 125 pounds, then Kuranda recommends that you look at their heavier duty chewproof dog bed that supports heavier dogs. Some of their dog beds support dogs that are up to 250 pounds in weight – talk about impressive material!

With that being said, some people have reported that this chewproof dog bed has been able to hold their dogs that weigh around 170 lbs just fine, and other customers have reported that multiple dogs they have at home use this bed at the same time, totaling around 180 pounds in weight when combined.

However, this is a risk you’ll have to take on your own if you decide to do so – we’re only pointing out this very interesting finding.

Pick #3 – K9 Ballistics Original TUFF Bed

K9 Ballistics Original TUFF Bed

Yup – we’ve got two chew resistant dog beds from K9 Ballistics on this list of the best indestructible dog beds, and although this specific option isn’t as good as our #1 pick from K9 Ballistics above, it nonetheless remains one of the best indestructible dog beds on the market today.

Excellent For Light To Moderate Chewers: If you’ve got a small breed or medium breed dog at home and you don’t want to overspend on something way more chew-resistant that was designed for heavy chewing, large breed dogs, then this chew proof dog bed is definitely something for you to consider.

However, if you’ve got a relatively more powerful dog at home that’s able to deal more damage to their beds, then definitely don’t buy this option – our #1 or #2 picks above will suit you much better.

Why Do I Need An Indestructible Dog Bed?

First thing’s first – yes, there really is such a thing as a chew proof dog bed, and thankfully it’s not a scam to screw dog owners out of their money.

So, why exactly do you need an indestructible dog bed at home for your dog to make use of? Won’t a regular dog bed do just fine?

Let’s have a look at the most important reasons why an indestructible dog bed is almost always a better and safer option to go with.


A dog on the bed

If you have ANY prior experience as a dog owner, you’ve experienced first hand just how much dogs like to chew, scratch, bite, rip apart, dig, you name it .. the point is, dogs like to do these things with WHATEVER they manage to get their paws on sometimes.

If your dog decides for any of a million and more reasons to act destructively around their bed, you’re more than likely going to have to go out and buy a new one for them before the end of the day, because it’ll be rendered useless by the time they’re done.

Now sure, you may have a small breed dog at home that won’t be able to do as much damage as a large breed dog at home would be able to do, because of the difference in physical power between the two, but you’d be very surprised at what a small breed dog is capable of doing when they put their mind to it!

And this holds very true when it comes to destroying their bedding, be that by nails or by teeth.

Cost Saving

This goes hand in hand with the subsection we discussed above about durability, as you’ll only need to buy one durable, indestructible dog bed for a very long time before you have to replace it again, as opposed to having to buy destructible dog beds that will need replacing very frequently and will do nothing but throw your money down the drain.

What Criteria Makes The Best Indestructible Dog Bed?


When it comes to just how tough an indestructible dog bed is, this is the ultimate test that determines whether the product in hand is worth being deemed as one of the best indestructible dog beds or not.

However, it must be clearly stated that not all indestructible dog beds are alike as far as toughness goes.

If you were to have a look at some of the higher priced indestructible dog beds that will set you back around 300$, you’ll notice that these were designed to withstand “attacks” from some of the largest, most fierce chewing dogs there are.

On the other hand, if you were to have a look at some of the lower priced indestructible dog beds that will set you back around 60-100$, you’ll notice that these were only designed to be chewproof against “attacks” from small breed dogs or medium breed dogs that are medium power chewers at best.

So, to wrap this up, how tough an indestructible dog bed needs to be in order to be deemed as the best indestructible dog best may differ from one dog owner to another based on different needs that are determined by the destructive capabilities of the dogs using these beds.


dog with tongue out

When talking about the best indestructible dog bed, you obviously want one that’s tough as toughest can be, but you also want to get one for your dog that doesn’t compensate one bit on comfort.

You can buy the toughest of indestructible dog beds for your furry buddy, one that won’t get destroyed in a year even if they were to go at it all day long, every day of the year, but all of that will be done in vain if your dog doesn’t feel comfortable on the bed, as they will simply do their best to avoid sleeping/resting on it.

And who wants to spend all that money on a high quality indestructible dog bed that their dog will end up avoiding wanting to use? It’s just counterproductive.


When searching for the best indestructible dog bed, affordability is a very important factor.

Yes, the cheap dog bed will probably be a purchase you’re going to regret making after a while, when you realize that paying cheap money buys you a low quality dog bed, but you also don’t have to pay an arm and a leg (like some companies are charging nowadays) for a high quality, chew proof dog bed.

There’s a golden middle ground between cheap and ridiculously expensive, one that the manufacturers of the best indestructible dog beds carefully take into consideration.

Wide Size Variety

Obviously, when searching for the best chewproof dog bed, you’ll want to have the choice of being able to choose from a wide variety of different sizes, in order to choose one that’s the most appropriate for YOUR dog.

A “one size fits all” indestructible dog bed is never the answer and will never get our recommendation when it comes to the list of the best indestructible dog beds.

What Features Should You Avoid When Buying An Indestructible, Durable Dog Bed?

Just like there are certain features you have to look for in the best indestructible dog bed, there are also a few common features here and there that you’re much better off avoiding in an indestructible dog bed.

If you find any of these features in the dog bed you’re currently studying, it’s best that you look for another option.

Chewing Hazards

Dog Laying

Many dog beds include certain parts in their overall design that pose a huge risk on your dog’s safety if they decided to try their best to chew them off and potentially swallow them.

These parts include, but are not limited to:

  • Zippers
  • Buttons
  • Straps

The best indestructible dog beds won’t have items like this that your dog can easily chew on and rip off, primarily taking your dog’s safety into consideration before anything else.

This is exceptionally important if you’ve got a teething puppy at home, since teething puppies will want to chew on anything they can get their teeth on all day long in order to relieve gum pain and soreness (something we talked about in this article about the best chew toys for teething puppies).

Cot Indestructible Dog Beds VS Cushion Indestructible Dog Beds

When it comes to the most popular types of indestructible dog beds being bought by dog owners today, there are only two types you should really know about: cot indestructible dog beds and cushion indestructible dog beds.

Cot indestructible dog beds are those like our #1 and #2 picks above, meaning they have a table-like design with legs that keep your dog raised to a certain level off the floor when they’re sitting on it.

On the other hand, cushion indestructible dog beds are exactly what they sound like, a cushion-like bed for your dog that’s been designed to make it as hard as possible for certain dogs to rip apart.

Tips To Reduce Your Dog’s Destructive Behavior In Addition To Getting An Indestructible Dog Bed

In addition to getting an indestructible dog bed which will practically eliminate the risk of your dog tearing their bedding into pieces and prompting you to go out and get a new one for them, there are a few tips you can implement into your day to day life in order to minimize the urge your dog gets to exhibit destructive behavior.

Exercise & Physical Activity

In the community of dog owners, it’s a well known fact that a tired dog (tired because of adequate amounts of exercise they’re getting) is a well behaved dog, while a dog that isn’t getting the necessary amounts of exercise they need to be getting will be a destructive dog that tries to release all the extra build up of energy inside this way.

This is why if you want to minimize the chances of your dog trying to shred, scratch and dig holes in their beds, it’s extremely important that you ensure your dog is getting all the exercise they need to be getting on a day to day basis.

Even if you’ve invested in an indestructible dog bed, that doesn’t mean that you’re off the hook when it comes to these responsibilities we all share as dog owners.